View Full Version : Breaking Down the Sapphire Hierarch

2007-05-28, 10:09 PM
I've been looking over the Sapphire Hierarch PrC in the Magic of Incarnum and I want to make it more universal. So here are some changes, but I still do not know what to do about replacing the consult ability (which I thought was stupid as you still have to pay XP).

Sapphire Templar
Alignment becomes:
Any (requires the proper alignment domain)

Smite changes as appropriate

Favored of the Eidolon becomes Incarnum Passion:
Law - +4 vs. Chaotic or transmutation effects
Chaos - +4 vs. Lawful or abjuration effects
Good - +4 vs. Evil or necromancy effects
Evil - +4 vs. Good or conjuration effects

Consultation ability becomes:
Chakra binds advance as per meldshaping class

2007-05-28, 10:26 PM
Since when is enchantment the "good" school, mental domination is about the most evil thing you can do.

2007-05-28, 11:00 PM
Well I couldn't think of anything that is good-like. There's only illusion, divination, conjuration, and evocation left. Maybe conjuration?

2007-05-28, 11:01 PM
Considering conjuration gets the healing spells, it would be the good school, for the same reasons necromancy is the evil school.

2007-05-28, 11:02 PM
Alright. How is everything else?