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2015-11-08, 02:00 PM

From the blasted battlegrounds of Acheron, the bladelings are a xenophobic race that has learned not only to survive in the brutal plane, but to thrive. Thanks to the demands that the lowermost layer of their home plane places on their spiked shoulders, the bladelings have developed a social order that is closely tied together, and has iron discipline as one of its most important tenets. As a result, law and order is held close by the majority of bladelings, but compassion is not. The majority are the same alignment as Acheron.

The majority of bladelings dwell in the City of Shadows, Zoronor, but there are a substantial number that travel the planes looking for fame and fortune. One of the most renowned is the huntress Adamok Ebon, who is feared for her unyielding tracking and lives to hunt the most dangerous game.

Clerics are prevalent among the bladelings. Many worship the blood forest, and as a result, the blood forest has now become sentient. The majority worship an unknown power, and they will not speak of this upon pain of death. As for the Factions, The Mercykillers have the philosophy that most appeals to the bladelings, and the Guvners often use bladelings as the muscle in their faction when there is a need to crack some skulls.

A bladeling looks like a human with metallic skin and stand on average 6 foot tall. A bladeling is covered with spines, and have eyes that glow with a light, and few beings are willing to meet the full on stare of a bladeling. Their blood is viscous and black.

The bladelings have a fiendish look, which some scholars propose is due to the race being birthed in the bowels of the Nine Hells, then embarking on a migration to Ocanthus many eons ago. Since that time, the bladelings have adapted to their new home.

Bladelings have a hard time dealing with other races, considering them unreliable and weak, and many races have a hard time dealing with the lack of compassion and the order of the bladeling mind. It is rare that a bladeling trusts a member of another race completely. Their superstitiondoes not help.

As a Bladeling, you have
Ability Score Increase Your dexterity rises by +2 and your strength by +1
You have a base speed of 30ft
You are medium sized
You have Darkvision up to 60ft
You have a +4 to natural armour. Your hide is tough and can withstand more punishment than other humanoids. Due to the spikes on your body, you are unable to wear armour.

Tempest of Blades Once per day, you can violently expel shards from your skin in a 15ft cone, dealing 3d6 points of piecing damage to any creature in the area (DC10 Dexterity saving throw for half). After this attack, you lose the +2 natural armour until it regenarates 24 hours later.

Gift of Acheron you have resistance to cold and fire damage, and you are immune to acid attacks.
You can speak common and infernal

2015-11-08, 03:57 PM
Ridiculously overpowered. 2 resistances, an immunity, and +4 natural armor? +4 NATURAL ARMOR? That's absolutely ridiculous.

2015-11-08, 04:57 PM
I agree JNA that it is overpowered. So I have som suggestions on what to do to make it less overpowered.

Natural Armor: When unarmored you have an AC of 14 + your Dexterity modifier, you are unable to wear armor because of your spiked body.
Gift of Acheron: You gain resistance to Fire, Cold or Acid
Tempest of Blade: You can expel shards from your skin. As an action you shoot shards at all creatures within 15 feet of you, who have to make a Dexterity save (8 + proficiency bonus + dexterity modfier) if they fail they take 3d6 point of piercing damage, half if they suceed.
Using this ability reduces your unarmored defense as follows.
First use: 13 + your Dexterity modifier.
Second use 12 + your Dexterity modifier.
Third use: 10 + your Dexterity modifier.
After you have used this ability the third time, you must complete a long rest to regain all expended uses. During so also resets your unarmored defense to 14 + your Dexterity modifier.