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2015-11-09, 12:34 AM
I am going to be setting up a game soon that starts in a modern setting but travels through a veil into a fantasy setting.
This particular juxtaposition calls for a special template, which I will called awakened. In addition to the players gaining the advanced template once they actually cross over the veil (to close the gap in their limited abilities with a 15 pb for the modern world), they will BEGIN as level 0, classless people who all are special in that they are magically sensitive and subconsciously able to sense various effects regarding the veil to which most 'normals' are unaware of.

Awakened. +0
Knowledge( Occult ) is always a class skill for you, furthermore you get a +2 bonus.
Choose A single cantrip-equivalent from the following list. You are able to use this cantrip at will with a caster level equal to your level.
If you are level 0, it has a 50% chance of failure.

Conceal Thoughts
Detect Psionics
Fortify, Lesser
Sense Poison
Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Read Magic
Enhanced Diplomacy
Know Direction
Detect psychic significance

Essentially, when selecting a suitable level 0 spell, it must be one that if cast here on modern Earth would not be able to be used to conclusively prove the existence of magic. Therefor anything that deals damage, does harm, or generates a perceivable effect that could not easily and continuously be chalked up to something else is not allowed. An example of what is allowed is lullaby, since it gives a penalty but does not actually put the target to sleep.


Is this fitting of a Lv 0 template? Is it too little?

Dusk Raven
2015-11-09, 03:24 AM
Seems interesting, though I do have a couple questions.

If you're going to give your players the Advanced Template, which gives them a natural armor bonus in addition to a good bonus to all abilities, then why only give them 15 points for Point Buy? Why not give them more points, thus letting them customize a bit more?

Also, how in the world do you start at level 0 in Pathfinder? I'm curious about that.

2015-11-09, 02:44 PM
The 15 pb is meant to better reflect the modern, realistic world.. such as ours, where people are not altogether fantastic.
The advanced template is meant to bring them up to the level of power befitting the fantasy world the modern world characters will be going to.

Level 0 is something I made up. You get racials, 2+int skill points (with no skills being class unless supplied by race), with 3 HP+con mod.

When you become level 1, you get any extra skill points your class would provide, some become class skills, and your HP raises to be maxed for your hit die.

Level 0 is assumed to be proficient with anything given by racial traits and with simple weapons. In addition, they get access to their 1st level feat early, and they do get 2 traits.

Starting wealth is decided by wealth bracket. Destitute(0g), Poor(3g), Average(10g), Wealthy(100g), and Extravagant(1000g). A level 0's starting wealth is equal to the wealth/mo value of their bracket. Average is the default. Destitute is a Major Drawback and gives an extra feat, but gives no starting gold. Poor is a drawback and gives an extra trait but only 3 starting gold. Wealthy is a trait, and Extravagant is a feat. I am aware that there is a trait called Rich Parents that gives 900g but it gives this amount only once. I'm going to have their pre-fantasy world wealth accrue for a year before they leave it behind, making them worth their drawback/trait/feat/etc positions.

Any other questions?