View Full Version : Idea for story climax

2015-11-19, 09:16 AM
I just need idea for a story climax. Please ignore rules or system or "players would never do that" or whatever.

The setting is a fantasy western-ish slightly based on the good, the bad, the ugly. At the climax of the game, these three gunslingers have a three way fight in a ruined town. A good bounty hunter with rifle, a psycopathic assassin with pistols and hidden knives, and a swindler and con-artist that dual-wield guns and hide various stupid non-lethal tricks under the coat.

They'll fight and wreck the town for a while, until the climax of the fight where they're pretty much will see each others in the open and have a classic three-way quickdraw.

I want the con-artist to win by somehow cheating or using trick in this climatic moment.

Any idea what cool scene to set up in this climax? I mean, feel free to set up the environment for the fight or whatever. The setting is fantastic, but the important thing is, I want the con-artist unexpectedly win, not using brute force, or arcane magic but by mundane cheating/trick/swindles. Hopefully it's someting cooler than shouting "look behind you, it's a three-headed monkey!" :smallbiggrin: