View Full Version : Removing bonus action attack from everything except two weapon fighting 5e

2015-11-25, 10:04 AM
So main reason twf sucks is that everyone else and their granny gets bonus action attacks so my idea is to remove it from other feats and classes and replace it with some other boon. For example path of berserker could get a "while raging you can make a brutal strike twice per short rest, when a brutal strike hits add 1d12 damage to the attack this increase to 2d12 at 11th level and 3d12 at 15th" this would remove the horrid exhaustion drawback of berserker and give added damage at will while raging which would fit a berserker well imo.

Now I were wondering if you fine folk at the forum had any good replacement perks instead of bonus attacks for the feats that grants them? :) could ofc just make the feats half feats but that would both be boring and putt people off compared to getting some cool ability for the different styles.

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2015-11-25, 10:44 AM
My own suggestion for the two handed weapon feat is to remove the cleave bonus attack and instead add a resource for cleave, just an example short rest recharge can use it as many times as con mod minimum once and this text "when making an attack you can use a savage cleave charge to do the same damage to an enemy adjacent to the one you hit, the charge is not consumed if you miss" then you in theory still get a extra attack but a set number of times. It also reduces amount of attack rolls and makes combat faster.