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2007-06-09, 09:26 AM
Is there a chameleon-like humanoid (as in bipedal, not the 'type') race, or do I have to homebrew my own?

Similarly, what about an agile/climbing lizard race (ala Gecko, as opposed to the Iguana or Monitor-like Lizardfolk)?

2007-06-09, 10:19 AM
There´s a Lizardfolk subrace in MM3, Poisondusk IIRC, that has a few similariteis with the chameleon. Thri-keen as well.

Neon Knight
2007-06-09, 10:50 AM
I thought Thri-Keen were insectoid.

2007-06-09, 10:51 AM
Your best bet for a chameleon-like human type is the Changeling from Eberron. Not exactly lizard-looking, but the concept is there.

Or, at least, I think it's there. I'm not sure if that's what you meant by chameleon-like.

2007-06-09, 10:53 AM
He probably means like an actual chameleon-person, like with the tongue and googly-eyes.

The Glyphstone
2007-06-09, 10:56 AM
Maybe a human with some Vile Deformity feats from BoVD?

Fleshwarper levels could get the eyes, through the Elder Secret (Secret of the Beholder) class features.

2007-06-09, 10:57 AM
Well, my thinking led me to the changeling, since I thought he was looking for the "blending into one's surroundings," part of the chameleon, and not necessarily the physical appearance thereof.

2007-06-09, 12:54 PM
A changeling could totally look like a bipedal chameleon. Or at least, a human in a convincing chameleon mask, which is all a humanoid chameleon would look like anyway.

2007-06-09, 01:32 PM
Poison Dusk Lizardfolk from the MM3 get a bonus on hiding from chameleon skin, and I think they have a racial climb speed as well. They're small sized though, and have LA +1.

2007-06-09, 01:51 PM
Looks like these Poison Dusk Lizardfolk are what I'm looking for.

I was after an agile, hidey type of lizardman, 'cos I've never really liked the tough, swimmy type of lizardman (just how I see lizardfolk as a rule).

MM3 you say? I'll have to look into picking up a cheap copy from somewhere (funds are rather limited at the moment).

Thanks guys! :smallbiggrin:

2007-06-09, 06:36 PM
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