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2015-12-21, 02:31 PM
Hi there.

I always wanted to run a Paranoia mini-campaign.
I like the premise of the game, the setting, the feeling.
However i really don't feel like learning (and explaining to my group) what seemed to be a complex rules system just to play a couple quick sessions.

I tried reading the game rules (Paranoia XP), but they felt complicated and less story-based than i wanted.

Has anyone tried running a "Paranoia light" game, keeping the tone/setting/feel but without using it's mechanical system? Something like a rules-light system, even d&d?

Maybe there's a rules light paranoia version somewhere?

2015-12-21, 02:33 PM
It is very easy to run a Rules-Light version of Paranoia.

Step 1) Own the Paranoia rulebook.

Step 2) DO NOT let any other players read the rulebook.

Step 3) Run the game however you want. The rules are above their security clearance. Only Traitors want to know the Rules.

2015-12-21, 02:36 PM
Any number of reasonably rules light systems would work just fine for Paranoia, and the setting can be ported easily. I personally would lean towards a very minimalist Fudge, but there's other options.

2015-12-21, 02:40 PM

Apocalypse World+Paranoia= Good Times.

You may have to familiarize yourself with the first, but it's a pretty simple system so it shouldn't take long. (That, and it's fun all on its own.)

The Bureacolypse hack can be found here:

2015-12-22, 01:23 AM
It's also worth noting that the actual rules changed before, during, and after the xp edition.

The rules are not consistent across editions. The joke is. That's what's important.

Use any system you want that can handle the mutant powers and encouraging the players to betray each other in funny ways.

Edit: Tell you what, try this. It's a ultralite version on the edition after the xp edition.
Keep the usual naming and cloning schemes, I don't think those changed much. Each victim, er I mean player, has 9 'stats'. Service Section, Secret Society, Mutant Power, Schmoozing, Violence, Mechanics, Computers, Biology, Engineering. Make the player roll 3d6 for each stat. Discard one roll because the clone's score in their Service Sector is really their clearance color. Add one point to the 4 lowest scores, subtract one point from the four highest scores. Roll on your favorite tables for mutations, secret societies, and service sectors. Fill out all the stats on the character sheet except the number for the mutant power and then hand the sheet back to the player.

Either define a list of skills under the stats or just let the player pick two to be good at and one to be bad at. Any time the clone uses a stat roll a d20 against the skill, if it's one of the things they are good at +5, if it's one of the things they are bad at -5. You can add the mod to the skil and roll under or add the mod to the die and roll over, your choice. Never tell the player their mutant power score.

Figure out how you want shooting and explosions to work (car crashes and radiation may be important too). Everyone has five points to spend on any roll, + or -. They get another point every time they make people laugh.

That ought to be enough to start playing. Have fun.

Kurald Galain
2015-12-23, 05:44 AM
Has anyone tried running a "Paranoia light" game, keeping the tone/setting/feel but without using it's mechanical system? Something like a rules-light system, even d&d?


Have the players write down four stats: Physical, Social, Mental, Mutation. Have them put the numbers 4, 8, 12, 16 with these stats in any order. Then let them pick any kind of supernatural ability as mutation. Checks are made by rolling 1d20 and getting your number or lower, so e.g. if you try to convince someclone and have a Social of 12, you have to roll 12 or below. If you have a laser, you can make a Physical roll to hit someclone, with three hits required for a kill; more clever methods will yield faster kills. Failing a roll badly may backfire, particularly a mutation roll.

That's it. It plays fast and focuses on what's important in Paranoia.