View Full Version : Redesigning Krune: (WARNING, Waking Rune Spoilers)

The Mad Hatter
2016-01-03, 04:38 AM
Attention all applicants to my thread, turn back now.


Hey there, all. So, I'm DMing a Play By Post version of The Waking Rune, a notoriously difficult module used for Pathfinder Society. It remains one of my favorite mods to this day, and though I have both DMed and played it, both were Pathfinder Society instances.

Seeing as my thread will not be Society, and many restrictions Pathfinder Society places upon player characters and monsters will be removed for the mod, I'm asking you all for some help in creating and writing tactics for one of the most powerful wizards to have ever walked Golarion.

Krune, the Runelord of Sloth.

Already a powerful force on his own, but without the players dealing with the many limitations of Pathfinder Society, he'll need to be bigger, badder, and much more intelligent. We are dealing with a Runelord and his minions, after all.


Shall we rebuild him?

Here's a pdf to the module online, and I'm ready to work it all out, but I've never built my own homebrew at this kind of level. Help me out?

The Waking Rune: (http://cporter.net/rpgs/books/Dungeons%20&%20Dragons/3E/Books/3rd%20Party/Pathfinder/Pathfinder%20Society/Season%204/S04-26%20The%20Waking%20Rune.pdf) There's the link.