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2016-01-04, 04:05 AM
I will attempt to post some D20 sci fi weapons in this thread,
I will start with a battle claw and perhaps post additional
sci fi weapons later if anyone should find this useful:


hydralic battle arm claw with small gun:

Damage 4D6 slashing
4D6 bludgeoning
8D6 electricity
Critical (19-20/x4)
Weight 32 lb
Hitpoints 50
Hardness 50
Size Medium
Requires Strength 18+
One-handed, Bionik: replaces most of an arm,
When used in a grapple attempt, all of the users grapple checks are multiplied by 2
Price 15000 gold pieces OR slips of latinum

Small Gun
Damage 4D6 piercing
Critical (19-20/x4)
Weight 1 lb
Hitpoints 5
Hardness 5
Size Small
Range 60 ft
Rate of fire is single
Each magazine holds 100 bullets
This small gun is designed to fit on to another weapon such as a battle claw or a sword,
the trigger is then designed to enable it to fit where-ever needed (such as on the handle of a sword),
swords with this attachment are commonly known as gunswords,
some can also be triggered by a nerve impuls or similar.
In each round of melee combat,
this weapon may be used to fire a single shot
at the users opponent.

Price 300 gold pieces OR slips of latinum

Magazine for small gun with 100 bullets, price: 20 gold pieces OR slips of latinum

Total price for the claw is 15300 gold pieces OR slips of latinum


Powered suit of armor
AC 9
DR 4/-
Max Dex 8
Speed 30
Hardness 20
Hitpoints 50
Weight 240 lb
The armor needs to recharge for 4 hours every 48 hours to maintain its DR 4/-
Price 19320 gold pieces OR slips of latinum


Two handed Gun sword

As greatsword for medium sized charecters, price 50 gold pieces OR slips of latinum

Total price is 350 gold pieces OR slips of latinum