View Full Version : Developing a unique system for magic and special abilities within my own game system.

2016-01-05, 05:06 PM
The way I have things set up, characters have two resource pools:

Mana represents the mental strength and willpower needed to cast spells.

Aura represents the spiritual strength and resolve of the character.

Mana is present in all characters and gives everyone the capacity to learn and cast spells with time and practice; it's derived from their Will Stat, and recovers through rest.

Aura is a divine power present only in a few characters; it only increases by gaining levels, and recovers by making courage rolls.

Aura can be used for a range of things like physical enhancement(Strength, Speed, Stamina), performance of superhuman feats(jumping to or from great heights, eventually flight), mental enhancement(rapid mana recovery, empowering spells), and even its own supernatural powers at higher levels(like mentioned above, flight; aura blasts, etc). It's intended to be as useful to warrior types as it is to spellcasters, perhaps more so.

Aura could be thought of as "heroic willpower" as my friend put it, since it is not really present in useful amounts in low level characters.

Few questions I'm thinking of:
What role might Courage(a core attribute in this system) play in Aura recovery, and why?
What might be some specific applications of Aura, or should the applications be defined more loosely to allow for greater creativity?
How are aura related abilities learned?