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2016-01-07, 03:14 PM
Hey Playground,

I'm putting together a class loosely based on the warlock, the purpose of this class is to make a sort of "demonic/infernal knight" I'll post what I have. I would love to hear some of your thoughts on it. I'm aiming for it to be a tier 2-3 class.

additional details (I'll add to this as I think of them or you point them out)
D&D 3.5
I'll be play testing this in an evil solo campaign

Pact Knight

D10 HD

BAB Full

Ref Low
Will High
Fort High


Bluff (cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Intimidate (cha), jump(str) Knowledge arcana (int), knowledge the planes (int), Profession (wis) Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (int), Use Magic Device (cha)
skill points at 1st level (4+Int modifier)x4
Skill points at Each Additional level 4+Int modifier

Weapon and armour proficiencies
All light, medium, and heavy armour, shields (but not tower shields), simple and martial weapons. A Pact Knight incurs no arcane spell failure chance from wearing any armor or shields. However, a multiclass pact knight who has access to other arcane casting abilities will still incur an arcane spell failure chance when utilizing these abilities whilst in any armor or using any shield.

Eldritch Channel
(as eldritch blast but with weapons (or unarmed strike), not a touch attack, and no action to cast (can be cast with iterative attacks)

1d6 at first level and an additional 1d6 every 2 levels thereafter (3, 5, 7, etc.)

additional damage from eldritch channel is still subject to spell resistance

Invocations (as warlock, no blast shape invocations may be taken)

Dark Grimoire

At 1st level the Pact Knight receives the ability to perform ritual magic. Ritual magic is a form of magic unique to the Pact Knight. As the Pact Knight gains levels he gains access to a wider variety of ritual magic spells. Pact Knights gain access to these spells by level, a 1st level Pact Knight may cast 1st level rituals, a 3rd level Pact Knight may cast 2nd level (5th for 3rd, 7th for 4th, and so on).

Pact Knight Grimoire 1
cast time 1 hour per target HD
save no
material cost (target HD)x100 gold
component V, S, M
spell resistance no
Check Spellcraft DC 10+Target HD
The pact knight creates a summoning circle and draws forth a creature appropriate to his pact (see Pacts). This spell exerts no control over the summoned creature however the circle does trap them. They may move about within the circle but they may not damage it in anyway. However, if the spellcraft check failed by 5 or more the creature is summoned but the circle does not trap them in anyway. A Pact Knight may never summon a creature with more than double their own HD. A Pact Knight may maintain the circle (keeping the summoned creature trapped) for up to their levelx3 in days, each additional day the circle is maintained costs 100 gold in additional material components.

Unending Darkness
Pact Knight 3
components V, S, M
Cast time 8 hours
save none
spell resistance no
As darkness but with the following exceptions
The darkness starts at 20’ at first level doubling every two levels thereafter ( 40’ at 3, 80’ at 5 and so on up to a maximum of 1.9 miles at level 19. This darkness is permanent but may be dispelled by a light spell being cast on its point of origin by a higher level caster (or through the use of dispel magic with the point of origin of the spell being within the range of the dispell. The Pact Knight can always see through the darkness.

Dark Visions (name is WIP)
Pact Knight 4
cast time 8 hours
this spell functions as clairaudience/clairvoyance with the following exceptions
this spell may target a location or a person/object which are known to the caster (they must have previously seen the person or thing)
the person/place/thing need not be on the same place of existence as the caster
Arcane Focus: Any reflective surface prepared for the spell (costing at least 1000g)

Dark Whispers
Pact Knight 5
Functions as legend lore but with these variations
when casting this spell the dm should secretly roll a percentile, there is a 10% chance that one of the tales about the thing in question is a lie, this lie should be misleading and likely place the caster in danger.

Pact Knight Grimoire 7
cast time 7+ days
save will delays
material cost (target HD)2x100 gold
Range touch (within 50’ of the spells origin)
components V, S, M
spell resistance no
Each day the target makes a will save against the spell. After the target has failed a total of 7 will saves the become entirely loyal to the caster. Their alignment changes to match the casters. Only a wish or miracle spell can dispel this effect. If the target dies and is brought back to life the spell is not lifted, they remain loyal to the caster. Once this ritual has begun the target may not move more than 50’ from the spot where the ritual began. This spell does not grant the target immunity from thirst or starvation and they must still be provided with food and water throughout the duration of the spell at least enough to keep them alive. A caster may never control more than twice their HD in enslaved creatures, furthermore no single creature may possess more HD than the casters HD-1. If the caster attempts to enslave creatures outside of this restriction the ritual will fail and the material components will be lost. This is a mind-affecting spell, any abilities which make a target immune to mind-affecting abilities will make them entirely immune to this ritual.

Pact Knight 8
cast time 24 hours
functions as clone but with these variations
The created clone is not inert but rather is possessed by some form of evil entity, the primary goal of this entity will always be to kill the creator. No effect can remove this entity or change its mind. The clone only takes 1 month to mature (unlinke clone). If the creator dies the evil entity is ejected and the creator’s soul enters the clone unless the caster is killed by the clone. In which case the clone gains total free will and is safe from ever being ejected.

Pact Knight 9
cast time 1d4 days
Functions as discern location with the following variations
When the casting is completed roll 1d10 on the table below, according to your pact, these creatures will be summoned at the target's location. These summons will act according to their own nature but have a natural enmity to your target. These creatures are brought permanently to the material plane short of another spell sending them to a different planes.



2d20 dretch
1d3 beblith
1d3 herzou
1 Nalfeshnee
2d8 Vrock
2d4 retrievers
2d4 glabezu
1 Kelvezu (MM2)
1d3 marlith
1 balor

4d20 lemure
2d8 chain devils
2d8 hellcats
2d8 erinyes
2d8 bone devil
1d3 malebranche (FCII)
2d8 barbed devil
1d3 horned devil
2d8 ice devil
1 pit fiend

ideas for ritual spells: extradimensional space, extradimensional travel, long range curses?, teleportation (circle), nightmare, magic jar, control weather, trap the soul, Gate, temporal stasis, Soul Bind, wish (?!)

Protection by the Other
A 2nd level pact knight receives an untyped bonus to his saves equal to his charisma modifier

Damage Reduction
As a warlock

Deceive Item
As a warlock

Profane Resistance
A 8th level pact knight receives a spell resistance equal to 7+his pact knight level

at 13th level this spell resistance increases to 9+his pact knight level

at 18th level this spell resistance increases to 11+his pact knight level
Energy Resistance
As a warlock

Imbue Item
As a warlock

2016-01-08, 04:17 PM
I'm seeing a lot of these ritual spells I create are appropriate at higher levels but I'm having trouble thinking of more low level rituals. This may just be an intrinsic combination between this idea and the base D&D magic system but I would love some ideas if anyone can think of any.