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2016-01-11, 01:08 AM
My intention is to define a system that
will take away some of the GOD like powers that caster can have and reserve those powers for the actual deities...

The concept is inspired by E6.

This is the goal for MD (Magic Divided)

This will be what you would call house ruling or homebrew:

Spell levels 0 to 4 are unchanged

Spell levels 5 to 9 are for deities only...

Deities can learn new spells of any level.
A deity can at his and the DMs discretion,
sometimes temporarily bestow the use of select high level spells on to a very loyal subject.

Non deities only get new spell slots but
are unable to cope with the magical energies
that are required to actually learn a new spell whose level is 5 or more... non deities are still allowed to use higher spell slots for preparing meta magic enhanced version of lower level spells (spells that are normally between levels 0 and 4)..

When a non deity would normally learn a new spell above level 4, they instead learn a combination of lower spells which levels total the level the new spell would have had.... see this list:
Level 5: instead you learn 1 level 1 and 1 level 4 spell
Level 6: instead you learn 1 level 2 and 1 level 4 spell
Level 7: instead you learn 1 level 3 and 1 level 4 spell
Level 8: instead you learn 2 level 4 spells
Level 9: instead you learn 1 level 1 and 2 level 4 spells

Classes with fixed spell lists such as warmage may learn from closest class at DM discretion. .. such as a warmage learning wizard spells.

In addition, a non deity can not summon anything that is able to cast spells that uses up spell slots that are higher than level 4.

Upon becoming a deity, a spellcaster is able to select what low level spells he or she wants, in order to gain higher level spells...

For example, a deity may forget 2 spells of level 4 in order to learn a level 8 spell...

But a deity may never know more high level spells (levels 5 and up ) than what he would have had under the normal d20 rules.

This should pull down the tier on casters until they get to the point where they for some reason becomes deities (epic levels?).

How would such a system affect the tier system and would it hinder the game breaking problems of high level spellcasting? After all the deities in a game are normally controlled by the DM.