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2007-06-13, 04:51 PM
I've decided I'm going to have a character of mine take Leadership soon. The only problem is he's a Hexblade. I have the PHBII and used the Dark Companion variant from that book. Would a Dark Companion be considered an animal companion or familiar for the -2 leadership score penalty? I don't think it would because the Dark Companion is an extension of your will, but I'm not sure.

2007-06-13, 04:57 PM
By the RAW, no, you wouldn't. But I would rule that it does, as I believe it is similar enough to still apply. I think most GM's would lean that way as well.

There are, however alot of questions for your DM if you are taking Leadership. Like whether you get to write up your cohort, or if your DM writes one up according to your general desires, or if you actually RP the recruiting process. I have had GM's rule that Cohorts use the 'elite array', some that have me roll up the character, and some that give me point buy (usually less than my PC). I've even had GM's that rule that all NPCs from leadership must take NPC levels only.

Like I said, if you're taking leadership, you really need to work out the details with the GM.