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Erik the Green
2016-01-13, 01:29 AM
I would appreciate the Playground's opinion on a spell I have been working up for a light/Prismatic oriented sorcerer. I'm not sure I have it benchmarked right, though I think I have taken into account Solid Fog being L4, the characteristics of the Prismatic line from Spray to Sphere (though Deluge seems to me to be an odd one out, there), and possibly Binding Chain of Fate (a L9 from Faerun).
Prismatic Vortex
Sorcerer/Wizard 8-proposed
Close or Medium?
20' radius spread
1 round/level
Ref neg & special
SR = Y
This spell produces a strobing, spiraling rainbow-colored vortex of solid light that traps and attacks any creature in the area of effect that fails to avoid its schlooping into existence. Anyone trapped has their movement reduced to 5 feet regardless of mode and will be effected by a Prismatic effect each round, per the usual table except that red, orange and yellow do not allow a save for any creature that failed the initial Ref save. Stuck is stuck. Also, violet instead applies a Dimensional Anchor effect that continues until the Vortex terminates even if a creature manages to get out the hard way.
Flying creatures that fail the initial Ref save are held more or less motionless in the air, but do not fall to the ground.
Stripes of the Vortex can be cancelled by spells that would cancel the appropriate color of a Wall or Sphere. Disjunction or a Rod of Cancellation destroy a Vortex entirely, but antimagic, dispel magic, and greater dispel magic have no effect on the Vortex.
Does this do too much, is the level right, and should the range be medium or just close? It doesn't work on anything with freedom of movement, anything too big like a dragon, or anyone who has instant translocation unless they get anchored in the first round, so...
Thanks in advance- EtG