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Red Wizard of Thay

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To become a Red Wizard, you must meet the following provisos –

Mulan and from Thay – You must be a citizen of Thay or one of its enclaves, and you must be from the Mulan ethnic group. On joining the Red Wizards, you shave your head and any body hair off, and are tattooed with arcane symbols.
Any Nongood – most of those on Toril that hear the name “Red Wizard” immediately conjure up an image of a mage that is scheming, power hungry and cares for little beyond mastery of Arcana in the field of his study and himself. That image fits a great deal of Red Wizards, though there are a number who don the robes and are far more interested in study of their school of magic than the pursuit of power.
As for interactions, the nations of Algarond, Thesk, Rashemen and Mulhorand have lived through 500 years of Thayan transgressions, so when talking to people from these nations, do not expect them to have a favourable opinion of you. In addition, the majority of people in the Realms that have heard of Thay see it as a dangerous place which breeds evil, so don’t expect a favourable reaction in many places if they identify you as a Red Wizard
Red Wizards Apprentice – You must be an apprentice of a Red Wizard, either in the nation of Thay or one of its many enclaves in Toril.
Wizard - Of a magic school (Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy and Transmutation) that can cast 3rd level Arcane spells.
Skills – Proficiency in Arcana
Intelligence – 16

Hit Dice – 1d6 per Red Wizard level
Hit Points per Level – 1d6 + constitution modifier per Red Wizard level.
Tool Proficiency – Painters supplies, Calligrapher’s supplies (Tattoos), Alchemist Supplies.


Enhanced Specialisation, Specialist Defence




Tattoo Focus, Increased Savant




Increased Tattoo Focus.


Increased Specialist Defence.


Scribe Tattoo


Increased Tattoo Focus


Increased Specialist Defence


Instant Arcana

Enhanced Specialisation – You must choose a school of magic other than the one you specialise in. You can never learn spells from that school of magic again, though you can still cast any spells you learned from that school prior to donning the red robes. It is best not to reveal your barred school to a Red Wizard that is specialised in that school. They may take it personally.

Specialist Defence – At 1st level as a Red Wizard, you have advantage on Charisma saving throws against spells of the School that you specialise in. At 5th level, you have advantage on Wisdom saving throws against spells of the school you specialise in, and at 9th level, you have advantage on all Wisdom, Intelligence and Charisma saving throws against magic spells and spell like abilities of the School that you specialise in.

Spellcasting – You gain spell slots and spells per day as per existing Wizard Class. So for example Nehir, an Abjurer (barred class necromancy) with 5 levels of Wizard and 4 of Red Wizard, casts spells as a 9th level Wizard.

Increased Savant – For spells of your school, it takes a quarter of the time and gold to copy a spell of your school into your spellbook.

Tattoo Focus – You are tattooed with arcane symbols when you become a Red Wizard. These are on the head mostly, with the arms, chest and back also areas for tattooing.

At 3rd Red Wizard level, you are able to add half your proficiency bonus rounded down to your spell attack modifier to spells you cast from your specialist school. For example, Nehir, at Level 5 Wizard/ Red Wizard 4, has a spell attack bonus of 10 (Proficiency bonus +4, Intelligence +4 and half of proficiency bonus +2) to spells from the Abjuration school.

At 6th level, you can add half your proficiency bonus rounded down to your spell save DC to spells from your school, and at 8th level when maintaining concentration on a spell from your school, you have advantage on the saving throw.

Scribe Tattoo – At 7th level, you are able to scribe Red Wizard tattoos on initiates, and induct them as Red Wizards.

Instant Arcana – At 10th level, you select two spells from your school. As a bonus action, you are able to cast one of them on your turn.

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2016-01-23, 09:48 AM
Hi, this is my attempt at a Red Wizard prestige class, based off the 3.5 Class. This is my first PC for 5e.

Critique on

- Features for the Red Wizard Class
- Incorporation of Features from PHB Wizard classes and schools
- Balance, though bear in mind that this class is mostly for NPC's.

Would be really helpful.