View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Quick and Dirty Ranger Fix

2016-01-24, 10:49 AM
Rangers gain the Combat Superiority and Relentless class features as Spell-Less Rangers. They retain their spellcasting capability.
Rather than having spells known, Rangers prepare spells as Paladins do (using Wisdom rather than Charisma, naturally).


2016-01-24, 11:20 AM
It definitely is quick and neat fix but I really don't think you can have 1 with 2. A Paladin's limited resources outside the spell slots are up to 5 limited detection abilities per day, up to 5 dispel touches, and 1 per short or long rest dependent on sub-classes. Not only do the amount of maneuvers known almost equal the bonus spells and being your choice the 6 die per short rest on top of the Relentless will have more resources per day than a Paladin who maxes their Charisma. While a Paladin does get 100 free health to spend around the Ranger has much more utility and actions to play with. Overall while the Paladin would still maintain its role the Ranger would get a pseudo-tier 1 status because its spells have more variation while being able to sacrifice little spell slots or spells prepared for offense.