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2016-01-26, 02:20 AM
After getting annoyed trying to balance feats around like Spell Focus, Elemental Focus, Discipline Focus, Weapon Focus, and the like for builds I had in mind for character concepts over the years, I decided to make a feat to fix my little problem. Cause, lets face it, nobody wants to play a whip/sword two-weapon fighter build and spend 2 feats on weapon focus for each weapon. And not everyone is a fighter. Same issue with spellcasters - you want to roll a Sorcerer (Psychic Bloodline), and specialize in force/evocation and psychic/divination damage spells for some variety, but dumping double the feats just to keep them on par with each other just isn't logical. A telepathic/telekinetic isn't even that huge of a leap in terms of theme. The base idea is some horrific crossbreeding between Weapon Training, Spell Focus, and Spell Thematics. I hope it isn't that bad, just needs some play testing.

Thematic Focus [General]

Choose a magical or supernatural theme for your abilities. Your theme is a general concept of your character that both you and the DM agree upon before taking this feat.

Benefit: All spells, spell-like abilities and supernatural abilities you use match this theme in the manifestation of their effects, although this does not actually change the effects in any way. You cannot use this feat to make your spell manifestations invisible, and it never causes your spells to deal more damage because of the visual change. (You may still cast spells without this thematic manifestation if you so choose.) Add +5 to the DC of any Spellcraft or Knowledge check made to identify your spells used in this manner, and +1 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against spells and abilities you use that match your theme. Any options from any source (such as a feat, class feature, or spell you cast) that require you to pick a single spell school or energy type may be selected with (Theme) as the chosen school or energy type, and grant their benefits to all abilities matching your Theme (with DM approval of course).

Special: This feat counts as Ability Focus, Elemental Focus, Spell Focus, and similar feats for meeting prerequisites of sources such as feats or classes.

2016-01-27, 02:47 AM
Could you give an example of how you would use this to economize? yes this is a theme assignment :)

if you are often trying to combine two feats such as weapon focus in whip and sword or spell focus in different schools it might be more elegant to create a Thematic Focus feat that allows you to take any feat twice.

2016-01-27, 03:06 AM
i dont think it would be farfetched as a trait to let you take any feat twice as a bonus feat.