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2016-01-31, 12:35 AM
That is quite possibly the strangest title to anything I've ever posted. But it's fairly self-explanatory, really. (I'm going to explain it in detail anyway.) I'm playing a Tiefling Warlock in a 5e game (edition is largely irrelevant) who found a book that whispered dark secrets into her ear. Before she found the book she was a shady (read: criminal) cynical social outcast with trust issues and a poor grasp on morality. Now she's a shady cynical social outcast with trust issues, a poor grasp on morality, and a whole book-full of fiend-granted power. That's got to produce some extra eccentricities.

She already has a few odd little quirks. She won't steal, and she often thinks she'll be more capable at things than she is. (Kind of a mix between insecure and egotistical, really.) I have a few things planned out, such as accidental rhyming and suddenly going by a different name. Maybe sharpening her horns to be more intimidating? I'm not really sure. I'd like to keep making her progressively more strange and... more brilliant? She's oddly smart, maybe playing her as a sort of crazy genius would be fun. I don't know, really. Anyone have suggestions?

2016-01-31, 05:48 AM
I guess you could give your character little episodes of subconsciously believing she's the fiend that's influencing her, even if its just a reaction in conversation for a few seconds, compulsions to do demonic/devilish things, a subtle shift in how she acts and like you said, knowledge that she couldn't know, SHOULDN'T know...

By the way, is the book of knowledge linked to a Demon (Chaotic) or a Devil (Lawful)? Or a Daemon (Neutral evil), who play the forces of evil chaos and law against each other?