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2016-02-21, 02:39 AM
Riddles have always been a major part of fantasy stories. From Batman and the Riddler to Bilbo and Gollum, puzzles are used to create a problem that the heroes have to solve. They are also a great way to introduce a non-combat conflict into a game.
So I created this thread to share riddles and puzzle ideas for GMs to use in games. Post your own riddles, or take anything you like and you it in your game!

Here's one, to start:
A potato

2016-02-21, 09:58 AM
That was easy, and I find riddles quite hard.

Here's one I used in a game, which was quite easy for the players due to Genre Savvyness.

You approach an entrance to the old Dwarven palace. You see a doorway, 5' high and 8' wide in the side of a cliff. The door is made of iron, there are no obvious hinges or handle, it seems well forged. Upon the door is an inscription which says "To open, speak the name of the Smith"