View Full Version : Floating Totem Spellcaster. Or: If Familiars were Useful

Mr. Mask
2016-02-21, 02:53 AM
Had an idea for a character class, and wanted opinions on it. Basically, you're a spell caster who relies on a totem of some kind. It might be a familiar, it might be one of the gyroids from animal crossing, but nevertheless it floats around and helps you.

Now, the basic idea, is that as well as moving your character, you are managing this little totem that orbits around you. Every time you move, it moves with you. And, as well as moving yourself, you can also move the totem during your turn. The totem can't get too far from where you are standing. I was also thinking it'd be fun if you could get more than one totem, or even mini totems orbiting your main totem (but games won't have squares small enough to simulate that).

The main thing I'm wondering is, would this be hard for a player to keep track of? Having to move two characters essentially, and keep them close together.

As for benefits, I was first thinking that the totem could act as cover for you (it being very durable) and that you could cast your spells through it (so it can give you a better firing angle). You may also get class-specific spells that say, allow you to make it into a shield that can absorb attacks, or allow you to grab onto it and float into the air. I even considered the idea of a sort of pinball mechanic, where allies could bounce spells off of your totem. With work, I think it could be an interesting companion.

Any thoughts on this idea? Any ideas for how the totems could be more interesting?

Thank you for the input.

2016-02-21, 04:15 AM
Pathfinder has something like this, I believe.

Mr. Mask
2016-02-21, 05:38 AM
Oh, really? That's pretty interesting. Makes me wonder if the class is good.