View Full Version : My Story so far

2016-02-23, 06:36 AM
It isn't terribly well written, but since my story spans 3 pages so far and is already cut short I can't bother to write it down better.
It's written very humorously but if you don't like it, don't read it. I just put it out there for fun, haters gonna hate.

Also for clarification of the characters. aka a list
Inquisitor/Warpriest/Tall Elfen Woman = me
Ugly (3 Charisma) Orc Ranger Thingy with Wolf Pet = Tall Filthy Orc
Elephantom = Ninja = some weird bs the player made with the GM to have a shapeshifting ninja elephant ogre wtf
Drunk Gunslinger = Yeah he's around I guess
Dwarf who used to own a brothel full of filthy sluts / fighter = Stupid Dwarf
Samurai who tries to act all misterious and **** but no one cares about him, plunged the entire continent into a demon infested wasteland in a past life (but our chars dont know) = Samurai Guy


If there's points in the story you don't understand tell me (no flame)
I wouldn't be surprised if someone who didn't play our game with us doesn't know what I'm talking about