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2016-03-02, 02:53 AM
TWF base rules - You may wield 2 weapons at the same time, when you do and make an Attack you swing with both weapons. Your damage is equal to Both Weapon's die + Modifier. You may only dual wield SIMPLE LIGHT Weapons, Even if you are proficient with Martial Weapons. You may draw and/or stow both weapons when you make an attack (according to those rules). You may only use the Finesse rule if both weapons are Finesse.

Fighting Style TWF - You may TWF with Light Martial Weapons, if you are proficient with that specific Weapon.
Feat TWF - While wielding 2 light melee weapons you gain +1 AC. || When you use the Attack action to make an attack. You may use your bonus action to make an attack, you do not add your modifier to this attack, you may not use Heavy weapons for this attack.

Weapons Fix
Simple Light
Club - 1d6

Simple Light Finesse
Sickle - 1d4

Simple Light Thrown
Light Hammer - 1d4

Simple Light Thrown Finesse
Dagger - 1d4

Martial Light
Scimitar - 1d8

Martial Light Finesse
Shortsword - 1d6

Martial Light Thrown
Handaxe - 1d6

I like this suggestion of mine so much from a different thread, I figured I would share it here.
Probably still needs some math done to make sure it's not OP.

2016-03-03, 03:04 PM
It should become better later. Now low level there is no reason for sword and broad

2016-03-04, 03:09 AM
It should become better later. Now low level there is no reason for sword and broad

Except for a Vhuman with Shieldmaster, a Paladin with the Protection fighting style, and a Fighter with the Protection fighting style. And don't forget characters who just want to have the +2 AC, since +2 means a lot in a system with Bounded Accurracy.

Final Hyena
2016-03-07, 10:50 AM
Could you clarify two things for me.

Firstly when you attack with two weapons does that count as one hit for hunters mark/hex?

Secondly does that feat mean you attack with both weapons in the bonus attack?

So after mulling it over what you've essentially done is turn dual wielding into two handed fighting. The fighter who goes TWF essentially loses out on a fighting style in comparison to the THF but great weapon fighting is about +2 damage which balances out with the +2 damage from 2 scimitars over a 2d6 THW.

The feat on the other hands seems too powerful, (assuming you do get to attack with both weapons), you get an extra 2d8 a turn and +1 ac. This to me seems insane. To be honest even if it's just 1d8 a turn I still think it's pretty strong, but acceptable