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2016-03-08, 07:12 AM
What CR do you think this is? And what do you think would make sense to add or remove?

Medium Chaotic Radiant Fire Elemental

Armor Class 68 (10 +15 dex +33 con)
Hit Points 1230 (30d8+990)
Speed 1000'


76 (+33)
40 (+15)
76 (+33)
16 (+3)
24 (+7)
20 (+6)

Saving Throws Fortitude +51, Reflex +30, Will +29, does not fail on a 1
Immune Radiation/Light/Prismatic descriptors, Elemental Traits, Life Support, Mundane Hazards, DR 10/-
Skills Acrobatics +48, Athletics +66, Diplomacy +39, Biotechnology +36, Nanotechnology +36, Perception +40, Physics +36, 2 additional maxed skills
Feats Combat Reflexes, Deflect Bullets, Luck of Heroes, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Roll with it 5x
Epic Feats Exceptional Deflection, Infinite Deflection, Fast Healing, Epic Will, Epic Reflexes
Challenge ???

Brawler [Ex]
Improved Unarmed Strike: Kryptonians can perform unarmed strikes at 1d8+ 1.5 str modifier without penalties or provoking attacks of opportunity at attack +63. They can deal lethal and nonlethal damage with them, and are considered both armed and unarmed, whatever would be more beneficial in any given situation. They can attack with any extremity (hands, feet, headbutts, slams, etc) and can thus use this ability even without free hands as long as they can still take physical actions.

Flight [Cs]
Supersonic Flight: fly speed of 1000' feet with perfect maneuverability
Space Flight: when flying in frictionless medium, add to each subsequent move action in the same direction the distance of the previous move. Kryptonians are not subject to relativistic effects due to their own speed. They still require a comparable number of actions to slow down unless they hit an obstacle (see below)
Ramming Charge: can charge towards a target as one or more move actions. Attack roll as per normal +2 per move action used in the charge. Damage is 10d6 + 1d6 per 100 feet moved in the last move action.

Eyebeams [Cs]
Energy Beam: 10d6 (19-20, 3x) searing light damage to target in line of sight. Attack +45 ranged touch. Counts as daylight. Passes through invisible barriers. Damage exceeding target's regeneration rating is always lethal. Cannot be deflected in a critical hit. Can power attack.
Energy Beam: 10d6 searing light damage to target in line of light. Targeted effect, fortitude save for half, affects objects. Counts as daylight. Passes through invisible barriers. Damage exceeding target's regeneration rating is always lethal.
Energy cone: 10d6 searing light damage to creatures and objects in 300' cone. Reflex save for half. Counts as daylight. Passes through invisible barriers. Damage exceeding target's regeneration rating is always lethal.

Nigh Invulnerable[Ex]
Impenetrable Skin: bonus to AC equal to Con modifier.
Resist Damage: reduce incoming damage by Con modifier per attack OR divide falling, collision, and power attack damage total by Con modifier. If damage is negated, ignore carrier effects.
Magic Vulnerability: above effects do not apply to direct damage from spells, and the base damage of magical weapons. End ongoing beneficial magic at rate of 1/round starting from the strongest effect.

Solar-Powered [Cs]
Regeneration: when in daylight, Kryptonians have tarrasque-like regeneration equal to their Con modifier. More and less intense sunlight increase or decrease their regeneration accordingly. Minimum 1/10 Con modifier, maximum 5x Con modifier.
Rapid Recovery: when in daylight, Kryptonians recover 1 point of ability damage, ability drain, or comparable penalty per 5 points of Con modifier per round. More and less intense sunlight increase or decrease their regeneration accordingly. Minimum 1/round, maximum 5x Con modifier.
Kryptonite Vulnerability: a Kryptonian exposed to Kryptonite radiation must make a DC 40 will save each round or suffer a Daze effect. Each round they suffer the daze effect, their Strength and Dexterity are reduced by 5 to a minimum of 18, and their special abilities other than this one lose 1/10 of their total effect strength. Area of effect for a given mass of Kryptonite is 10' x square root of Kryptonite mass in pounds. Kryptonite cannot be synthesized by normal means. The daze effect cannot be removed by normal means, but Kryptonite radiation can be blocked by some materials such as lead.

Superstrength [Ex]
Mighty Blow: a kryptonian can take more than 1 attack action to deliver an attack. Roll attack and miss chance rolls individually and take the best. Roll damage rolls individually, and add them together.
Unstoppable: if a Kryptonian attacks an object, barrier, or construct or collides with an object, barrier, or construct, automatically roll strength vs the target's break DC. Success destroys the target. Success by 10 or more means the Kryptonian passed through unimpeded. Against nonphysical impediments with no break DC, use their caster/manifester level or equivalent. For every additional action the Kryptonian spends on the attack or move, add +10 to strength checks during it.
Abomination-Slayer: when a Kryptonian physically attacks targets resistant to lethal damage (such as Doomsday), any damage exceeding the target's Regeneration rank is lethal damage. This applies to unarmed strikes, collisions, and strength-based physical attacks.
Shockwave: as a melee attack action, a Kryptonian can cause an earthquake as the spell, with a radius of 10 feet per point of Str modifier. Alternatively, they can create an airburst of the same radius, dealing damage equal to half that of their unarmed strike. No save, Damage resistances apply. Mighty Blow can be used with this ability to increase earthquake area by 5 ft per point of Str per extra action used, and the airburst radius by a same amount and its damage by 2d8 per extra action used.

Superspeed [Ex]
Rapid Reaction: A Kryptonian gets +4 initiative per point of dexterity modifier instead of +1.
Faster than a Speeding Bullet: A Kryptonian gets a number of move actions, attack actions, or swift actions per round equal to their dexterity modifier. They can be used as immediate actions against anyone with a lower initiative, though surprise still applies.
Quickness: When a kryptonian performs mundane tasks, overland movement, or manual labor, reduce all times by the square of their dexterity modifier. To use Quickness, a Kryptonian must be able to take 10 in the task. Typically, a Kryptonian can perform twenty minutes' worth of mundane tasks in a single round.

Ultravision [Ex]
Telescopic Sight: Kryptonians take -1 distance penalty per 1000 feet to visual Perception checks. This ability can't be combined with Microscopic Sight.
Microscopic Sight: small creatures and objects get no stealth bonuses against Kryptonians. Kryptonians can see details down to the molecular level, allowing them to easily track targets without need for checks, identify clues in crime scenes with the appropriate skill check, identify materials withthe appropriate skill check, and identify creatures from their internal biology or DNA with the appropriate skill checks. This ability can't be combined with Telescopic Sight.
Infravision: Kryptonians can fully see in the infrared spectrum outto their line of sight. This can allow them to notice creatures, working machinery, and other heat sources even behind cover or concealment. Many methods of invisibility, illusion, and darkness block Infravision, including magical ones.
Hyperspectral Vision: Kryptonians can see ultraviolet light, radio waves, microwaves, and radiation. This allows them to see sources of such radiation as well as through cover and concealment. Illusions, invisibility, and darkness don't affect Hyperspectral Vision, but a thin coating of lead can cover anything behind it - though the coating itself is still obvious.

Ultrahearing [Ex]
Extended Hearing: Kryptonians take -1 distance penalty per 1000 feet to auditory Perception checks and another -1 per 10 feet of intervening solid barrier. Sound still needs time to travel the intervening distance so long-range hearing has the appropriate delays.
Simultaneous Hearing: Kryptonians can treat listen checks as mundane checks and apply the benefits of their Quickness fully to them.