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2016-03-08, 07:43 AM
Hello all, this is a System Development Journal for a system I'm currently calling Science Lab 2020. This is mostly just a place for me to text-vomit my ideas into the void. Comments and Ideas are welcome, but remember that this system is in its infancy. Without further ado....

Here is the concept:

Mankind has explored much in its many years upon the planet Earth, but now new horizons beckon and call! There is much to be discovered, much to be learned! SCIENCE TO BE DONE! But these intrepid explorers face dangers unlike those mankind has faced before. And so, we have bunkered down, dug in, and erected a fortress...

How Is It Different?
In Science Lab 2020, the players do not play single characters, but rather entire departments of researchers, engineers, soldiers, medics, and otherwise. The GM even gets in on the action, playing the role of Administration. (Thus blurring the line between GM and Player)

What is the Setting?
Well, Science Lab 2020 will have certain aspects that are always true:
The environment is hostile. Very hostile.
Lots of our little Science Lemmings will probably die.
You are in the environment to conduct research, surveys, resource finding, and a healthy dose of SUPER SCIENCE!

What Kind of Game is it?
Science Lab 2020 will be a Fiction First system, focused on narrative being the prompt for mechanics, and not the other way around.
Science Lab 2020 aims to allow players to experience a world of Super Science hijinks, bizaare disasters, monster attacks, and sudden fits of insanity. SL2020 is a system that seeks to promote dark realism or wacky humor in equal measure. Or maybe dark humor and wacky realism?

Design Goals:
-A tight focus best suited for relatively short, high-octane campaigns lasting 5-10 sessions.
-Frontloaded character creation. First session creation of Departments, Base, and starting characters should be collaborative and take less than 1 hour. After that, new character creation should take 30 seconds or less.
-Emphasis on general narrative and random events. (Or purposefully planned hijinks)