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I have been inspired by Kaveman to write of my own roll playing adventures. I'm not sure if I can come close to his group's amazing stories but I will do my best to relay our game play. All I can say is after years of not playing roll playing games it has been fun to come back and enjoy something that I enjoyed thoroughly as a child and teenager and re realize it as an adult. We are playing D&D version 3.5 because that's what we have. Take care and enjoy. NORM

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Background story for my Character:

You are walking one of the seedier streets of Venticia. You see a wooden sign hanging over the door which has the picture of a gold colored fish. The building is 2 storied and made of wood. It is one of the older buildings on the street but it seems to be in good repair. There is a 3 foot Halfling in a yellow shirt and green pants standing on a barrel by the front door. He catches your gaze and breaks into his pitch: “Hail there friend! My name is Eldon! Welcome to the Golden Fish! The best brewery and gambling parlor in all of Zaris! Have a seat! Have a beer! We even have Elvish wine if that is more to your liking. It’s made by real elves! We trade some of our brew just for the privilege of serving it here.” Eldon sees that he has your attention and jumps from the four foot barrel which is taller than he is. He waddles over and takes your hand and gently pulls you through the duel doors of the hall. You are weary from the road and upon the Halfling grasping your hand you feel the need for exciting entertainment. You feel as if a beer or a glass of wine would be perfect. Little Eldon pulls you to a seat at a table shaped like a half moon. “Have a seat traveler you look lucky. Let me deal the cards. Let a nice lady sit on your lap. All it costs is money.”
The hall appears to be a prosperous with a bar and different games of chance being played on tables around the spacious room. Several good looking serving wenches are providing food, drink, and entertainment. There appears to be a staircase up to rooms if an individual would like the entertainment to go a bit more intimate.
Eldon signals one of the serving girls and before long there before you is a mug of ale and a plate of mutton and potatoes. You think it is the nicest thing you have seen in quite some time before a young beauty sits in the seat next to you. You taste the food and drink. Both are excellent. Eldon deals the cards. You find yourself winning, then losing. When you think you are about to lose all your money you find yourself winning again. What a pleasant way to enjoy an evening you think to yourself. As you play, eat, and drink your fill Eldon talks to you and doesn’t seem to concerned if you talk at all which suits you just fine. “What’s an honorable Halfling such as myself doing on Zaris? I can say I wasn’t born here. I came over from the main land years ago with some more of my folk. Always traveling they were. One day they left me behind when I had drunk more than my fill and then I heard they were all killed. I’m sorry my brothers and sisters are all dead but I’m alive enough. I have always had Olidammara’s luck.” At the mention to the god of rogues Eldon raises his small glass of wine in his honor and pours a little wine on the floor in respect to the god.
As you play the night progresses when all of the sudden you hear a small commotion outside. Eldon smiles as he shuffles the cards, “Don’t worry. Bruce will take care of him.” After a short scuffle you see a large human door man fall heavily on his back through the double doors followed by a 7 foot tall half orc who charges into the hall. “Girls!” the half orc exclaims. “I want girls!” The half orc runs to a serving wench and throws her over his shoulder. The girl starts screaming and hitting the orc on his back. Eldon jumps onto the gambling table and throws a copper piece between the orcs eyes. “Hey pig face! Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” The orc drops the girl on the floor and rubs his head between his eyes and then looks at you. His eyes are watering and he start walking to you. He doesn’t look happy. “Pig face?” He exclaims at you. “I’m a better man than you and I’m going to show you”. You can’t understand why he thinks you had anything to do with it but then you notice that the Halfling card dealer is gone. The half orc is standing in front of you. You manage to get to your feet and see him standing over you. He reaches back with his fist tight, “say night night funny man!” Just then the orcs pants fall down to his ankles. You manage to punch the half orc in the chin and get some slobber on your hand while you’re at it. The orc trips over his pants and falls to the floor. Eldon kicks the half orc in the chin and follows up quick with a sap to the back of his head. The orc starts to snore noisily. Eldon claps his hands twice and the girl who was just on the orc’s shoulder just a moment before and another young woman grabbed the half orc’s ankles and pulled him out a back door that was previously the back wall. The door closes quickly behind them and just like that everything starts all over like it hadn’t even happened. You see Eldon place his hands on the door man, incant a few words and then help him up. “ You need to stop catching punches with your face Bruce”. Eldon leads Bruce to the bar where a beer is served to him in a large tankard. “I don’t think I can do this anymore Eldon. I think it’s back to the farm for me. The city is a dangerous place.” “Awe, don’t say that Bruce. You are getting the hang of it. Besides, Marry will be awfully sad if you left.” “Do you think she likes me Eldon?” “I know she does Bruce.” Bruce looks longingly at a large red head woman who is helping a young man down the stairs.
Don’t feel so bad” Marry says to her young client. “Come back tomorrow and I’ll teach you how to keep it up more than a minute. You did real good for your first time.”
“What a gal” Bruce said lovingly.
Eldon returns to your table with a tankard of beer for you and a fresh glass of wine for him. “Thanks for your help with that oaf. He’s about to learn some manners. He just joined the Navy”, Eldon said with a smirk. “Say… you look pretty good in a scrap. Have you ever considered a career in security?”

That was my background description to my DM. Eldon is a different type of character for me. I usually play fighters or barbarians or someone who survives on his skill of fighting. Eldon is a gambler.
I knew our party was going to need a healer and I didn’t want to play a cleric. I also didn’t want to be saddled with the fervor of religion. Slowly the idea of a Favored Soul in the service of Olidammara god of rogues started to form.

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Eldon was summoned from his gambling table in the Golden Fish to a competitor’s establishment across town. (Eldon was rewarded with half ownership of the Golden Fish as a reward for my backstory which gave the party a place to stay). He is commanded to report to Olan Greencloak. Eldon who is not the type to be summoned by anyone anywhere sits at his cards… but then gives in to curiosity and reports as ordered.
Once arriving at the gambling hall Eldon looks around and sees no one looking for him. Quickly bored he jumps up to a seat and starts to gamble. He is winning when a slim human young man dressed in peasants clothes approaches. “The man in the green cloak over there wants to talk to you.”
“Yeah?” I ask, “and who are you?”
“My name is Eleak. My master sent me here to help the man in the green cloak”
“Fine!” I exclaim. “Let’s see what all this summoning business is about.” I collect my winnings, put them in my pouch and jump down from the stool. I walk directly to the man in the green cloak, jump up on the table and look down on the man in the green cloak as I stand in front of him pointing my small Halfling finger in his face. “Who do you think you are and what gives you the right to summon me anywhere?”
The man in the green cloak casually looks up at me and states, “I am Olan Greencloak of the City Counsel. But it is personal business in which I beseech thee. We are waiting for the rest of the party to arrive. Please order anything that you desire while we wait.” I hate the idea of waiting but having a means of purchase the most expensive elven wine in the bar puts a smile on my face and appeases me. I throw a small arm up, shouting for the bar wench and order two bottles. As we sit and enjoy our drinks 2 warriors come in arguing. One carries duel long swords at his sides and the other carries a scythe. The more intelligent looking of the two squints and looks around the room. Upon recognizing Olan he waves and heads over to the table. The last to arrive is a seedy looking magic user type in tattered black robes. A bat clings to his neck. “Weird” I think to myself. The party is assembled and Olan stands and tells us that he requires our services to help him find out what is causing a blight in his small town to the North. He insists that we must go in his stead since his political responsibilities keep him in Venticia. I attempt to bargain with Olan to get the best deal for the group and he assures me we will be well rewarded for our services. Olan produces a map which I quickly take. He tells us the map will show us how to get to his town.
I introduce myself to the group and lead them to the Golden Fish where we stay the night in comfort. The next day we head North on Foot.

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The Cast:
Eldon Lightfoot- Favored Soul Lvl 1. Rapier and a buckler in leather armor. Eldon also carries a light crossbow to help deal damage from afar. Eldon is the party's main healer for the time being and official bulls****r.
Warden- Fighter Lvl 1. Warden is a 2 handed fighter with a longsword in each hand. The feats he takes will support these weapons and he is focusing on trying to become a Tempest after taking 6 levels in Fighter.
Eleke-Rogue Lvl 1. Eleke is our actual rogue although our entire party is roguish.
Necroboy-Necromancer Lvl 1. He has a bat as a familiar. creepy.
Allistair- Fighter Lvl 1. Allistair fights with a Scythe and finds creative ways to lose his weopon. The 1's are hilarious.

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Way Up North
The next morning finds our party in full fighting gear. Studded Leather and rapier/crossbow for Eldon. Eldon is also draped in Monks robes. More of out of amusement than piety. Warden is in scale male and equipped with 2 longswords. Eleke has leather, dagger, sickle, (2 handed fighter) and short bow. Necrodude is just creepy. Lol. Allistair had too much to drink the night prior and was a no show.
We make our way north. During the 4 day journey we have one random encounter where two rogues with swords and bows try to rob us. Warden is the first to reach below zero but was able to be stabilized. After a night of rest and spells all is good.
As we head north we notice the vegetation start to dwindle and dead crops everywhere.
Eldon: It looks like someone’s god is pissed
Necroboy rolls knowledge arcana and confirms that’s exactly what it is.
Upon making it to Olan’s village we are met by his son and brother. Eldon’s brother Beorn Greencloak explains that they had to move their village away from their dieties temple and have been problems with the crops ever since.
Eldon: Well duh. Who’s brainiac idea was that.
Beorn: it was mine.
Eldon: Where is this temple and how much do we get paid to go check it out.
Beorn: If you are able to figure out what happened and cure this blight rest assured Olan will compensate you well.
I am tempted to go back to town and lie to Olan that all is well with his village and get paid for doing nothing but the spirit of adventure prevails and we make our way to the temple. It is a hole carved into the side of a mountain. Leading up to it is a passage that goes strait wide enough for two men to stand and is open to the sky. Eleke leads the way and warns us of a trap and discovers a secret door. He gets the door open and we as a party decide to go for the front door anyway rather than take the secret entrance. As we approach the front double door we notice that it has been marked in blood with a symbol. We all do Knowledge religion checks and realize it is a symbol of Nerull god of death.
Eldon: Told you so!
Necro: *nods*
Eleke approaches the doors, inspects and carefully opens them one at a time. Faint light enters the room.
Eleke: There are scarecrows scattered all over the room.
Warden: Cool
Eldon: I bet they are going to spring to life.
The party enters the temple one at a time carefully and as soon as I am last in the room the doors slam and it is pitch black.
We hear the rustling of dry straw on the floors.
Eldon casts light on his buckler. The entire party sees 8 scarecrows coming towards us.
Warden strikes out with duel swords and attacks. As he does 8 tiles on the floor start to glow.
Eldon: pretty!
We as a party make several scarecrows into piles of straw but after a turn they reanimate and stand back up. They don’t cause much damage but at this level it doesn’t take much to take us out.
Necro: Break the glowing tiles!
We start striking the tiles and as they break we observe the scarecrows collapse once again into straw.
I do some heals and we choose to rest and heal up.
The next day we have a choice of 3 doors in the room and choose the one strait across from the entrance. Eleke takes the lead and saves us from another trap and is first to discover a skeleton in adventuring gear. A ghost pops up from the long dead corpse. Warden freaks out.
Warden: Gh gh gh ghost!
Apparently Warden has a phobia of ghosts. I add that to my mental inventory and calm my big buddy down. It takes a while but he finally calms down.
Ghost: Hail friends. Forgive me but I don’t seen to be quite myself and I have waited a long time to tell my tale. I am descendant of the line of Greencloak. I came here to our temple to see if anything was wrong when I first noticed things starting to go awry in my home village. Apparently I didn’t make it back.
Eldon: You are a Greencloak? Do you know Olan and Beorn?
Ghost: Yes indeed! They would be my nephews. How are they?
Eldon: They are well…
I go on to explain the reason we are there and that Olan and Beorn sent us to investigate.
Ghost: So you will be seeing my nephews again?
Eldon: Indeed.
Ghost: Please take what is left of my possessions and give them what is in my pack. It is a small gesture but I hope it is one they will appreciate.
The ghost starts to dissipate.
Ghost: I can see a light! I can feel Farhallah’s call! Be careful my friends! I can feel evil on the other side of this wall.
The ghost has disappeared apparently having gone to his “heaven”.
Eleke takes the lead again followed by Warden, then myself. Necro has taken the rear.
We follow the temple hall inward and see a slight glowing ahead coming from the right side of the passage. There is an open doorway and within there is a female elf doing some kind of sacrifice to Nerull on a makeshift alter. The shattered remains of the alter to Farhallah litters the room. Blood and ichor abound. There is a small assembly of undead gathered, zombies and skeletons. As she finishes her sacrifice another zombie rises from the ground behind the alter.
Evil elf cleric: “Arise my pet and do service to your god in death” She looks up at us and smiles. “Ah look! More servants! Go my pets and kill the intruders so they may serve the god in death!”
Warden charges and is able to hit a skeleton. Eleke hits the same skeleton. I cast Bless on my party and gain them a plus one on attacks.
In total there are 4 skeletons, 4 zombies, and the elf cleric.
Necro: I cast cone of cold on the elf.
The cone does little damage but does manage to break the elf cleric’s concentration.
We slowly destroy the undead force that is fighting against us. The Nerull female cleric looks angry and shakes out her robes. A skeleton and a zombie appear to pop out of her clothing. She then turns and runs as we do our best to fight off the remaining undead. I shoot a bolt at her and miss. She opens a secret door and runs through the opening. The door then shuts and looks like part of the wall again.
Turns later we finally are done mopping up the undead.
DM: what do you do?
Eldon: We need to destroy the alter.
Eleke: What about the elf bitch?
Eldon: We can get her later. See if there is anything hidden in here. Warden destroy the alter.
Warden: (with a lisp that brings the table to hysterics.) Sure ting Boss. Warden smash!
This is the first time Warden has said anything in character. We just thought he was the strong and silent type. Apparently he is going to play his low Charisma score with a lisp.
Necro looks at the destroyed undead with interest.
We all take turns searching the room and find nothing else of interest. Necro really wants to kill the elf so he can get the cool vestments. Shaking out a skeleton and a zombie sounds like fun to him.
Eleke checks the secret door for traps and finds one. He rolls a natural 20 for disable device and not only disables the trap but is able to recover a vial of alchemist fire.
Eleke takes the lead again and we find a trail of open doors that leads us back outside the temple.
Once outside we feel the earth start to shake. As we run away from the entrance the temple crumbles behind us. Apparently Farhallah is finished with this place.
We make the trek back to Greencloak Village and tell of the events. We are rewarded with a feast. During the feast Warden presents the contents of what was on the ghost. It is a pair of bows and rapiers fashioned for children. Beorn has a tear in his eye as he explains that his Uncle went disappeared when he and his brother Olan were young. No one knew where he went and what had become of him. The gifts obviously mean a lot to him.
The following day Beorn sends us on our way back to Venticia with a letter for us to deliver to his brother. Beorn wishes us well and we are off. The four day trip back is uneventful. We arrive back in the Golden Fish and reward ourselves with drinks and pleasurable company. Olan shows the following day and rewards us with 2500 gp each. The DM awards us with level 2.

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To our ears in politics
Allistair is upset we left without him. Ooc we let him know he’s lucky we didn’t shanghai him. He could have found himself chained to an oar.
Olan sends us word that he would like for us to meet him Father Gerisham’s house. Father Gerisham is a Cleric of Farhallah.
Farhallah is the chosen deity of most humans on the island of Zaris. Zaris was once an Elven Island when the Human’s “discovered” it. At first the Human incursion was a slight annoyance for the elves but as time progressed it became more of a problem and the Elves tried to make the humans leave. They didn’t. War ensued. After centuries of war the Island is cut into human and elven lands pretty much equally divided down the center.
We proceed to Father Gerisham’s and find Olan and a half elf female paladin in heated discussion. They stop there debate briefly for introductions. We meet Father Gerisham and Paladin Petkas. Olan, Gerisham, and Petkas all are on the City Counsel. Intelligence had been found that the elves are invading the Northern Lands. Petkas wants to send troops to drive them out. Gerisham insists the troops must be kept to protect the capital Venticia. Olan is undecided. Petkas leaves frustrated and Gerisham finally has time to introduce himself formally and makes himself hospitable. While we are enjoying a meal around his table he explains that he is concerned about Paladin Petkas doing something rash and he would make it worth our time to find out what her plans are. We agree and he sends us on our way.
After a small discussion we decide we are going to try to play as many sides as possible and to have our hand in as many pockets as we can. I think the DM wants for us to choose a path but we want to choose all of them.
On our way to the Half Elf temple to talk to Petkas we venture upon a Halfling leaning against a wall. He hails us and tells us that there is much to be gained working in the shadows of Ventician politics. If we are interested he tells us to meet him in a bar at the docks that evening.
We proceed to the Half Elf temple and ask her if we can be of any assistance. She doesn’t approve of our roguish looks or our desire for monetary gain but she states that if we can head north and see what the condition is there she will do what she can to fatten our purses since money is what we love. The half elves are doing what they can to make a place for themselves free of human and elven influence and are trying to start a community in the north. She bids us farewell and to make all haste north to gather information for her.
We head back to the Golden Fish to review our options. We plan to talk to Father Garisham the following morning on the news of Petkas. In the mean time we head down to the bar at the docks to see if we can find the unnamed Halfling to see how the less than honest sorts do it. This feels more our speed and I’m excited to see what is going to happen.
We arrive at a dive of a bar. It reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean in its decor. Drunken sailors weave to and fro and the ladies of the night are frightening. Even Allistair decides this is not a good place to pick up a date. The bartender seems to recognize us and brings us all a drink and tells us to wait. We gingerly test our drinks and it seems ok if barely palatable. We finish our drinks and the bartender brings another round. I’m annoyed that we are kept waiting. We down our drinks and as the last dregs are drank I see the words, “night night” printed at the bottom of my glass. “Sh*t!”
We awaken in the same bar and all the patrons are gone and the Halfling we met earlier that day is sitting on a table enjoying our discomfort.
Halfling: Sorry about giving you a mickey but we had to be sure you didn’t bring any unwanted attention with you.
Eldon: F you very much.
Halfling: Hey! One can’t be too careful. I have a job for you guys if you want it. It needs to be done fast.
Eldon: What’s the job?
Halfling: There is a ship that we need to make sure it’s contents are not delivered to Venticia.
Eldon: That’s it?
Halfling: That’s it. There is a boat on the dock waiting with a man to row it. Ask him when has a dwarf had enough to drink. He will respond with, “ When he’s drunk”. He will take you to the ship.
We are enjoying the roguish piraty feel of this so we go to the docks. It is well past midnight and all is quiet and calm. We see who we think is our ride and say:
Eldon: When has a dwarf had enough to drink?
Rower: When he’s drunk. Climb aboard. We don’t have much time.
We are rowed out to sea past site of the city. We are starting to wonder if WE have been shanghaied. That would be comical.
Slowly a ship comes into site. The rower barely dips the oars as we glide along side the freight ship. It doesn’t seem like we have been spotted and dawn is barely starting to show. We carefully and silently climb onto the ship. As soon as the last man is free. The rower takes off.
Rower: *whispered* See you later suckers!
Eldon: crap
Allistair: I’m gonna kill him
Eldon: you can’t. He done rowed off.
Eleke is the first to board. I am behind him. There are 6 sailors on deck. 5 are sleeping. One is almost asleep.
Eleke silently takes off on his own below decks
Eldon ooc: what are you doing?
Eleke ooc: trust me. Teeheehee.
Allistair jumps up on deck and makes enough noise to rouse the one guard.
The guard shouts out and the other 5 on deck wake up.
Warden and Necro quickly make their way onto the deck.
Allistair runs his full 30 and attacks the first awakened sailor with his scythe. He hits but the sailor is still standing. The sailor strikes back and crits Allistair. I am concerned. I am the only healer and one of my fighters has just outran me by 10 feet my movement. Warden attacks with duel longswords a sailor close to where we boarded. I attack the same sailor and Necro finishes him with a dagger.
Meanwhile Eleke is doing who knows what below decks.
There is one boss on deck who manages to bellow orders, get the anchor raised and the ship starts to move. Another sailor is ringing the bell like a claxon. We continue our fight on deck and do our best to bottleneck any responding sailors who are trying to ascend the stairs to the top deck. I notice the smell of smoke. I suddenly ask the DM if there are any boats tied to the ship. He has me roll a spot check and I succeed. He tells me there is one hanging on the rear of the ship but it has to be lowered into the water.
The boss at the helm starts steering lock to lock. Everyone rolls reflex saves, Allistair fails and tumbles overboard. He makes a successful swim check but is concerned as the boat is starting to get away from him.
Allistair: I shoot the side of the ship
Everyone: WHAT?
Allistair: I want to climb up my arrows.
Eldon: That’s stupid.
Allistair: That’s what I do
DM: You drop your scythe. It is not at the bottom of the sea.
Allistair rolls a 2 and misses the ship. He does however make a save to grab the ship so at least he isn’t lost at sea.
Smoke is quickly getting thick and the fighting is getting more desperate to get onto deck. Sailors are crawling over each other in an attempt to escape. Over the top of them all bound Eleke.
Eleke: Run!
Eldon: What did you do?
Eleke: I threw the Alchemist Fire onto the cargo. It got bigger than I thought it would. I think the ship is going to burn down.
Eldon: Run to the back of the ship!
I run like hell and luck out and don’t get hit with AOO. Necro starts running but dives into the captain’s room. Warden takes one more swing. Hits and drops a sailor and starts to run to the back of the ship. Allistair has managed to get up into the life boat and starts to lower it into the water. Eleke gets in and starts to help. By the time I get there Warden has passed me and is already in the boat. I jump and land in the boat. The glass from the captains window on the back of the ship shatters and we see Necro looking concerned.
Warden:*lisps* Jumph Ilse catsh youse.
Necro falls out of the window and Warden Catches him.
After that we sit and watch it all burn. The boss jumps and tries to swim but fails his swim check. Soon after the ship sinks beneath the waves. All is quiet. Allistair and Warden take up the oars and start the trip back to town. Allistair informs us that he has lost his weapon and needs a replacement. I tell him that we will try and find a farming supply store on our way back to the Golden Fish.

2016-03-09, 12:39 PM
A Trio of Tasks
After recovering we make our way back to the dock bar. The bartender give us a key and tells us there is a hostel nearby and the key will open a room upstairs. We make our way to the room and find a locked chest on the floor. Eleke checks the chest and it appears to be on the up and up. He opens it with the key. There is a letter inside and a sack with 5000 gold in it for each of us. The letter reads: Congratulations! You have far exceeded my expectations. All that was needed was to have the ship make port elsewhere or destroy it. But to destroy the ship with all hands? You made sure that no one will hear of it. OUTSTANDING! Please take this money and do with it what you will. Keep your hands in your pockets. I will contact you soon. H
Our DM also informs us we have made level 3. New to our party is Garic Gnome Cleric to Garl Glittergold. We lost Necro (I heard his kid dropped his phone in the toilet and his character was being played by the person who is now playing Garic)
I have taken a level in Favored soul and fighter. I take the third level as Favored soul. Everyone else is level 3 in their respective level. We return to the Golden Fish and we generally are hanging around like a bad news wild west gang. Allistair and Warden are happy with beer and girls. I gamble. Eleke keeps to himself. We notice the world outside is getting less stable. Armed gaurds patrol the streets. The city gates are locked at night and there is a curfew instituted. Patrons who come in pass along news that there has been a battle in the north that has attacked the half elf settlement. Soldiers were supposed to go and help but mysteriously the arms and provisions that were supposed to supply these men never arrived. We can’t help but wonder if we have helped this happen.
Days pass and I am getting impatient. The DM finally has me roll a spot check and he tells me I pull a note out of my pocket that instructs us to meet once again down by the docks.
The bartender waves us over and points to a staircase that is hidden behind the bar. We go down the stairs and find our friend the Halfling sitting on a large wine barrel.
Halfling: Ah! My mighty band of adventurers! I have another job for you. In fact I have three!
Eldon: Tell us of these tasks humble one.
Halfling: You flatter me! The first task is easy. I need for you to go and visit a gnomish arms factory a mile out of the city and procure for me the deed. Second I need for you to kidnap for me Lord Oxton Belwick. He is the oldest of the Belwick brothers. Bring him to me. Third and most importantly I need Olan Greencloak…. DEAD.
Eldon: That is a problem. Olan is one of our many benefactors and it would make me sad to see him dead.
Halfling- You knew what you were getting into the instant you killed all on board that ship. Eldon. Dead. I require proof of his demise. If you don’t provide all 3 tasks to me don’t bother showing up in this town again.
Eldon: I didn’t say we couldn’t kill Eldon. Just that it will make me sad. Perhaps you can compensate for that sadness?
Halfling- You don’t need worry about being paid. Money should be the least of your worries. Put failure to the top of that list and we have an understanding. Now be gone and don’t let me see you until your tasks are done.
Eldon: One last thing. You have never told us your name…
Halfling: No. I haven’t. OUT!

2016-03-09, 01:19 PM
Hostile Takeover
We discuss the three tasks and think taking out Olan first is the easiest. We do some detective work and find his residence. I knock gently on the door and a man servant answers and looks relieved to see us. The house looks a shambles as if someone was searching for something. It looks as if Olan’s servant had been crying.
Servant: Olan has told me all about you and what you have done for he and the Greencloaks. How may I assist my gentle lords?
Eldon: Is Olan home?
Servant: He is not. He is in the woods North East of here hunting. He does that on occasion to relieve stress from his job with the City Counsel. I wish he were here. Someone came when I was shopping and turned the whole house upside down.
Eldon: Can we come in and help clean up?
Servant: Would you? You are too kind small sir! Too kind!
We spend an hour helping right furnature and stack various papers. We could not find any intel on why Olan’s house was shook up or why he went on an extended hunting trip. We decide to check in on Oxton.
We arrive at the Belwick estate and find that there will be no visitors due to the masquerade ball that is taking place that night. I ask if we may see Oxton then and am informed that it is by invitation only. We move on to our third task. The gnomes.
We arrive at Gnomish Arms. The sign on the door proudly claims family ownership for over a century. We merry band of travelers walk in and ask to see the proprietor. The clerk asks our business and I tell him we are interested in a large arms deal but it is top secret and only to be discussed with the owner. I roll a bluff check and actually succeed! We are escorted up to the Head Gnomes Office which overlooks the factory floor. Hundreds of gnomes curiously look at us as we walk up the stairs.
Head Gnome: I understand you wish to purchase a large quantity of weapons and or armor?
Eldon: Actually we need the Deed to your factory.
Head Gnome: Excuse me?
Eldon: Give us the deed to this factory or I will cause you great pain. (I fail intimidation miserably.)
Head Gnome: *Laughs*
Allistair: Listen you little twerp. Give us the deed or I will stick my scythe up your *** and gut you like a fish in front of your wife and children. Then I’ll do the same to them and then work on the rest of your factory and their families. I like killing gnomes! (Allistair the meat shield rolls a natural 20)
Garic: You do?
Allistair: Shut up!
Head Gnome: OK ok ok! *crying* I’ll go get it.
Allistair follows Head Gnome to his safe and procures the document and hands it to Allistair. Allistair rewards him by knocking him in back of the head, rendering him unconscious. Allistair hands me the deed. I hand it to Eleke.
Eldon: Is it Authentic?
Eleke: Looks like it.
Eldon: Good. Let’s get out before dumb dumb wakes up.
Warden: Eh?
Eldon: The gnome my big friend. The gnome.
Warden: Ahhh.
We walk out of the factory thanking the clerk as we leave. As a joke I flip him a gold piece in view of the whole room.
Garic: That was mean.
Allistair: That was f’n hilarious.

2016-03-09, 02:58 PM
Off to the Ball
We get back inside city limits without incident and Eleke makes a listening check.
Eleke: We need to go in there. There is a lady talking about the masquerade ball tonight.
We walk into a tailor shop and an affluent woman of high society is going on and on about the ball and how her costume must be completed or she will not be able to go.
I engage her in conversation telling her we too are on the guest list. Meanwhile Eleke is helping himself to the contents of her hand bag.
Eleke was able to lift an invitation to the ball and a few baubles.
The proprietor insists that her costume will be done on time and the lady leaves. I make her promise to me that she will honor me with the first dance that evening and she leaves giggling.
We then engage the proprietor and tell him we must all have costumes as well. He tells me there is no time and I put a lot of gold on the table.
Tailor: I think something can be arranged.
Eldon: Good!
The tailor takes our measurements and tells us to return in 3 hours.
We have a small pow wow and Eleke is off to get stationary and pens. He then returns to the Golden Fish where the rest of us are waiting. We have one genuine invitation which he is able to change the name on and he is able to forge two more invitations. One invitation is for me with Warden being my escort. The next is for Eleke with Alistair as his escort and Garic is his own spiritual counsel. We return for our costumes and Myself, Garic, and Eleke are provided with genuine mardi gras type costumes and masks. Warden gets a bunny suit. Allistair gets a Bee Costume.
Allistair ooc- That’s f’d up man!
Warden ooc- Holds his hands in front of him like the easter bunny.
Warden- I’m a bunny.
I pay the Tailor handsomely and we head to the ball.
It is just becoming dark and we find a line outside the Belwick estate. I observe there are carriages parked and tell my comrades that that may be our route of escape.
Allistair- *growles*
Eleke- Gotcha
Warden- I’m a bunny!
The gaurds at the door insist that no weapons be brought inside. Allistair is not ok with this. This is his brand new masterwork scythe and he is low to let it out of his site. I convince him it is ok while the rest of us used the diversion to get our own weapons in.
Once inside an incredibly busty woman of high society just belts out laughing at Warden. We stand back to watch the show.
Busty- Oh aren’t you cute!
Warden- I’m a bunny.
Busty- Yes you are and a big one to boot. *she squeeses Warden’s bicep*
Warden blushes- I’m a bunny-ooc- guys some help here!
Eldon- I’m afraid you have my friend at a loss for words. He isn’t used to the attentions of one so beautiful.
Busty-Oh you are too kind. Little. But kind. *she looks longingly at Warden*
Warden bounces in place like a bunny. Busty busts out laughing again.
Busty- I do like a man who can make me laugh. Are you gentlemen playing the game tonight?
Eldon- Game?
Busty- The brother’s play a game every year during this masquerade. The three of them dress exactly the same and if you guess which one is who before the end you get a prize!
Eldon- Interesting. Are they really that hard to tell apart? Oh their families features make them look incredibly the same on a normal day. Luckily if you pay attention you can tell who is who by what their interests are.
Eldon- Do tell!
Busty-Well! The youngest, Randle is a lover of art! When he isn’t having an affair with some poor girl he can usually be found painting nudes or ships. His gallery is on display this evening in the east wing.
Eldon- Sounds interesting
Busty- It is! The middle brother Aldrich is a hot head and ever wanting to duel anyone who dares look at him sideways. Try not to make that one mad.
Eldon- Indeed
Busty- Oxton is the brains of the family. He is usually away on business but he doesn’t often miss the masquerade! Oh I have given all my personal tips away. I hope you don’t win!
Eldon- I am ever in your debt.
We have a quick pow wow and decide to split up to interview the three brothers. Eleke heads to the art gallery. Allistair and Garic hang out in the Entry and I head toward the parlor with Warden hopping behind me.
Eleke takes his time in the art gallery examining the art and doing appraisal checks as he goes. In his opinion it is all garbage but the man who painted them seems to be awful proud of them. After a while he is approached by one of the brothers as Eleke does his appraisal of one of the nude portraits.
Eleke- She looks like she would be a handful.
Randle- Oh she was! That is until I got tired of her.
Eleke- I don’t know how one could tire of such beauty.
Randle-Oh it’s easy! She just has to have a better looking sister. Bahahaha.
Eleke- How much do you want for the portrait?
Randle- Oh they aren’t for sale… Just display.
I approach a second brother in the parlor. He is behind a bar pouring himself a drink. He sees me and Warden and smiles. “I don’t remember inviting any halflings. No matter. Enjoy your stay.” And starts to walk off.
Eldon- Wait! It looks as though you are bored. Can I interest you in a game of chance?
Brother- I am bored. The sooner this evening ends the better. I will get the cards.
Eldon- I have a deck
Brother- *with a knowing smile* I insist.
It appears the Brother is one who likes high stakes and Warden pulls out a sack of 1000 gold for me to play with. A small crowd gathers to watch the game. For a change it appears I am evenly matched and we each win an equal amount of times for about 15 minutes when we here a commotion from the entry area. We hear someone challenge another to a duel in a loud voice. We then hear Allister,”Fine! I’m gonna kick your uppity a** through your throat.”
Brother Oxton- Friend of yours?
Eldon- I nod sadly.
We proceed to an immaculately sculpted yard in the rear of the house. There is a dueling area.
Eldon- What happened
Allister-The bastard made fun of my stinger. I told him he could stick it up his ass.
Eldon- Great. Well I guess we know who’s who. Do me a favor and don’t die ok?
The duel proceeds with rapiers. Allister swings it around like a fly swatter and asks what kind of weenie blade is this. Allister gets hit 3 times and then lucks out with a crit and knocks Aldrich out. Allister moves in for the Coup de gras. When Oxton yells out. “STOP!”
Oxton-I am happy you have humbled my brother but be indebted to you if you let him live.
With the promise of reward Allister happily steps back and leaves the dueling circle.
Oxton- I would also be indebted to you if you leave before my brother can recover. You understand I’m sure.
Oxton follows Allister to the door and we follow Oxton. When he is at the door tell my comrades “now!” Warden picks up Oxton around the arms. Eleke grabs his feet and we run out the front door. Allister is frantically looking for his scythe and the gaurds try to keep him from getting it. This helps us get Oxton into a carriage. Garic grabs the reigns and makes a lucky handle animal check. Allister finally gets his scythe and runs after the carriage finally catching up and climbing on.
Allister- You bastards were gonna leave me.
Eldon- You bet. You were too stupid to leave your weapon behind.
Allister-That scythe cost me a lot of money.
Eldon- Oh c’mon. It’s not like we couldn’t make a quick stop by the farm supply store again.
Allister- F you!
Eldon- I love you too Allister. I love you too.

2016-03-09, 03:37 PM
Where’s Olan?
We drop off Oxton at the bar by the docks and he is quickly shuffled down a dock and onto a ship.
Eldon- That is just weird. I think he maybe wanted to be kidnapped.
We ditch the carriage near one of the gates causing a distraction which we luckily all sneak through and outside the city again. We are searching for Olan. Once out of site of the city Eldon starts yelling for Olan Greencloak. We don’t know where exactly or if we will find him but as we head North I see the DM start to set up the combat grid. It then occurs to me that we have completed 2 of the three tasks without combat. (Mostly if you don’t count the duel).
DM-OK! I get it! You walk north yelling Olan until he mysteriously appears from out of no where.
Eldon- pretty much.
DM- Fine. Olan appears from behind a tree.
He sets a miniature on the battle grid to the side of one of his “trees” He sets the party out on the grid and asks us to set up where we want to be located in that proximity. We do.
Eldon- Olan. Why does the thieves guild want us to kill you?
Olan- I’m not sure exactly but I think it has to do with my seat on the counsel. Are you working for them?
Eldon- We are.
Olan- Let me live and I’ll pay you double whatever they pay you so long as you continue to work for them.
Eldon- hmmm. Sounds like a win-win to me.
Olan walks up to us. 10 wolves also come up from out of the trees.
Eleke- ZOIKS!
Olan- I’m glad you didn’t force me to kill you. I kind of like you guys.
Eldon- We are going to need help proving you are dead.
Olan removes his cloak and throws it too the wolves. They proceed to tear it apart. Then cuts his arm and spreads his blood over the tattered and torn cloak. I offer to heal the cut and he lets me.
We offer our thanks to Olan and set off back to town. We reenter town during daylight providing an alibi for us of the previous evenings kidnapping. We provide the bartender with Olan’s cloak and he provides another key. This time there is no note in the chest. Only separate bags of gold for all the party. We head to the Golden Fish and get some rest. The fighters are excited for women and beer. I take a bath and myserious Eleke does whatever he does. He never seems to close to the rest of us which makes me want to keep a better eye on him. Garic does whatever Garl bids. I can’t wait to find out more about that. So far not a whole lot but he is still new. Until next time…

2016-03-09, 05:05 PM
Eleke is called home
Days pass in the Golden Fish and I am constantly checking my pockets. No note from the thieves guild.
A young boy comes into the bar and Eleke, usually a melancholy fellow, cheers up with a smile on his face. A discussion between the two takes place and Eleke brings the boy into the room. The boy is about 12 years old and wears peasants clothes.
Eleke- This is my friend Calder who also works for my master. My master bids us to come home to him. He has provided a big harvest festival and would be happy if we would partake of it with him.
The two fighters are always game for more drink and the possibility of women (both of which come free at the Golden Fish but don’t tell them that). Eleke has a foot out the door and the Garic the Gnomish Cleric looks forward to a change in scenery. I check my pockets again for a summons from the thieves guild which has been so profitable previously. No note
Eldon: Fine. Let’s go
The 6 day trip passes without incident.
DM-*roll* damn! *roll* damn! *roll* damn!....
We drop into a fjord town on the northern edge of the Isle of Zaris. It looks similar to the town of Kiticat on the show Vikings. There is much moss, sheer cliffs and natural protection for the town. There is only one way in easily approached and that is what the road lay on.
In town there is one main manor house made of stone and smaller sod huts abound. There are several fishing boats. The main industry seems to be fishing, farming, and herding. No one seems to have much training in arms or magic. The only fortification in sight is a guard tower that has two archers sitting lazy enjoying the day
We find Elekes master in the manor house which is not all that remarkable other than it’s built of stone. Windows are open in the rafters to allow light in but other than that it is pretty gloomy. We also add a new member of the party here. He is a Level 3 wizard called Narooroo.
Master Hardwin- Eleke! You came! I am so glad! How was your adventure with Master Olan Greencloak?
Eleke tells Master Hardwin of the adventure with Olan and his town’s temple but leaves out the rest of the villainy he had been a part of. He does have a hard time hiding his emotions though. Master Hardwin looks as if he expects more, then looks around at the rest of us and nods understandingly.
Master Hardwin- I’m willing to bet you have a story or two more to tell as well eh? No matter. Please go and enjoy yourselves. There is cider and ale and food for all!
We go out and enjoy the festivities. Warden and Allistair are happy in food and drink but disappointed that there are no special ladies of the night. Eleke enjoys his time with those he grew up around. Calder is like a younger brother to him and hardly ever leaves his side.
Evening falls and I am starting to wonder if there is any adventure to this part of the adventure at all and was contemplating calling it a night when I hear Goblins.
A group of 6 goblins march into the festival from the northern side and make their way towards Master Hardwin. Another group approaches from the East. I start shooting with my crossbow. Eleke tells Calder to run and goes full defensive on the eastern side. I am feeling pretty confident on the north east side of the festival area when my fighters decide to try a flanking move Leaving me alone with the cleric and wizard.
Eldon- Crap! I guess that makes me the tank. ZOIKS!
The fighters find that there are more goblin invaders coming from the south attacking the guard tower. The archers are shooting arrows down as fast as they can and the goblins start chopping the legs of the guard tower. Our warriors charge and start destroying these goblins.
More goblins come and they start overwhelming Master Hardwin. I’m shooting as fast as I can but I am hardly the major damage in this group. Those guys ran off! Rooroo is casting cones of cold. Eleke eats a crit and falls below 0. Garic notices Eleke fall 2 turns away. I draw my rapier and try to assist Master Hardwin. He is dragged to the ground and I cast cure light wounds on him. One of the goblins grabs what appears to be a syringe with green liquid in it and plunges it into Hardwin’s heart. I watch the life drain from Master Hardwin’s eyes. At this point goblins are wrapping Eleke in a weird cocoon looking contraption and Garic is half way to him. The fighters are finally done with the tower goblins and are on their way back to the fight. I take advantage of being 3 feet tall and start fighting with my rapier from under a table.
Garic gets close to the goblins wrapping up Eleke and casts Obscuring mist.
Garic ooc- Can a gnome drag a human?
DM- Roll and see.
Garic- 20!
DM sighs- you pass. Where are you going to drag him?
Garic drags Eleke to safety and casts Cure Light Wounds.
Eleke passes his escape artist check and gets out of the cocoon the goblins were wrapping him in.
Meanwhile the fighters have rejoined my location.
Eldon- Where did you guys go!
Warden- More bad guys were behind us. They are dead bad guys now.
Allistair- Yeah! We kicked there ass!
Warden- We worked together like you say Boss!
Eldon- Next time let’s ALL work together!
I do heals on Allistair who got hit harder than Warden and Eleke and Garic have made it back to the group as well. Garic heals Rooroo who took a hit. We finish the fight together.
Eleke runs to Master Hardwin.
Master Hardwin- Eleke… I am sorry I brought you into this. I knew they were coming. I didn’t have a choice. I had hoped you and your new friends could save us and you have. I… Grant.. you… your… freedom. This town belongs… to… you and your friends now… *Master Hardwin dies*

2016-03-26, 12:59 AM
Well it looks like I'm a sucker for campaign journals (I too follow Kaveman's journal).

Well played sir. I'll be keeping my eye on this...