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2016-03-17, 01:15 AM
First off, the link (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LgcdSiinFamkZeRc4dKn3lSdeDREkQGbpsFKhKeBU1M/edit).

Now, as you'll notice it's not done. That's... intended so far. I want some springboard for the direction I want to take with it. To those who don't know, I took the WoW RPG's Demon Hunter prestige class as the base, and changed it. I see the Demon Hunter being a demonically corrupted, well, monk really. Not as the base class for the prestige class, but in the execution. I see many starting as either rogues/warriors/warlocks.

Now, I want to talk about Fel Essence. I see it as a fusion of a fighter's superiority dice (Demon's Bane gives Banes, Manuever's pretty much) that cost 2 Fel Essence per die. It's also used to cast the class spells (so far Mana Burn, Immolation, and Metamorphosis), acting as a mana substitute. I see a Demon Hunter's startign with 3 Banes, and gaining one every 3 or 4 levels.

Now Warblades. I'm not sure what Warblades should do. In the 3/5 WoW game it made all weapons wielded by the Demon Hunter magical. I'm not sure that would work as well in 5E. Any suggestions?

Artful Dodger is a bonus to AC when you use a Fel Essence to Dodge, or if you have Blur (Evasive Footwork). And Demonic Ascendance changes the Demon Hunter's type to Fiend, and... I'm thinking gives them some bonus stats.

2016-03-17, 01:41 AM
Not a warcraft player but serious illidan supporter so here is my rewiev
Looks good right now

2017-03-31, 10:09 AM
The link doesn't work

Sariel Vailo
2017-03-31, 05:09 PM
the link ain't their.so uh fix it so I can look and see if I'd use it

2017-04-02, 03:45 PM
Sorry! My ex deleted ALL my saved work. It doesn't exist anymore. I do have a new class I've mostly completed.


2017-04-05, 02:11 AM
thanks man, I like the features, but I feel like there's some parts that don't make much sense. The fel damage type - why not just use a PHB damage like fire? I also feel like the unarmed defense and movement steps on the monks toes, especially since the class already has a bunch of movement options as well as a transformation that lets it fly. It's still cool though, probably going to adapt to to be a prestige class for my campaign, since I like using those.

I'm thinking of using the sigils especially - along the lines of:

Demon hunter - prestige class 1d8 per level

level 1 - unlocks 1 sigil - 3 per short or long rest
level 2 - spectral sight
level 3 - unlocks a second sigil -4 per short rest
level 4- Sworn foe - weapons always count as magic vs demons, and can cast magic weapon on a weapon to give it radiant damage. This costs a sigil
level 5- unlocks a third sigil -5 sigils per short rest

Sigils available:

Brand: As an action, you may force an enemy to make a wisdom saving throw, or they suffer disadvantage when attacking you or anyone within melee range of you. This lasts until the beginning of your next turn.

Silent image: Create an area of silence centered on a single target. If the target is unwilling they must make a wisdom save vs your spell DC.

Chains of faith: Pull one creature 20 feet in a direction of choice etc etc

Something to do damage

some utility

gonna keep going till I have ten