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2016-03-22, 12:56 PM
This is the first thing I've made that I'm posting here. If you all have any feedback that would be cool. This is based on a character of mine who is kinda sorta turned into a vestige and the gm was like "You should make them into a vestige." So here is my attempt at that.

Kokog and Xiorg
At some point or another Kokog and Xiorg was a mere ogre mage with two heads. In the beginning the pair was trained to become a warlock, but over their life they took a liking to the darker arts of necromancy, and had been forced into and out of the Far Realms repeatedly by those whom they adventured with. Eventually their jaunts in the Far Realms went so far as to push them out of existence, into a new existence where they are now.

Vestige Level: 5

Bind DC: 30

Sign: Your head splits in two. Your eyes on your left head fuse into one large eye, and a large horn sprouts from the top of your forehead on your right head.

Influence: While under the influence of Kokog and Xiorg you are more stubborn, Kokog despises demons for their association with the warlocks they were trained under, and Xiorg has a deep seeded fear of fire. This disposition towards demons and warlocks makes you hesitant to ally yourself to them. Where Xiorgs fear of fire gives you some of the same disposition towards the use of it.

Manifestation: Once the tome in the center of binding circle the lines begin to light up in a sickly green light and forth from the circle emerges a 12 foot tall skeleton with two skulls rises up, the half of the skeleton with one eye is covered in scorch marks almost like it was held in a fire for hours at a time. The pair picks the book up off of the ground and begins to leaf through the pages until they find one they like. Once the deal has been made with the binder Kokog and Xiorg will hold the book out for the binder to take and their their form will dissipate into the same green light that filled the circle when they were summoned.

Special Requirements: You must place a large old tome in the center binding circle for Kokog and Xiorg. Your body also takes on a trim almost skeletal appearance. This tome is not lost at the end of the binding process.

Black Tome: The book used to bind Kokog and Xiorg can now be used as a weapon. Using the book requires you to make a ranged touch attack using your charisma to in place of dexterity to hit. The book fires a bolt of negative energy that deals 1d6 damage per 6 binder levels and adds your charisma modifier to the damage. This book also gets an enhancement bonus to attack and damage equal to your binder level. This book may be used to make iterative attacks should you have the BAB to do so. This attack has a range of 30 feet.
Incineration: As a standard action you may cause an enemy within close range (25+5ft/2 binder levels) to be instantly engulfed in flames. The fire from this ability travels along the ground to reach the target, so there must be a continuous stretch of ground for the flames to travel along. The target takes 1d8 fire damage per binder level and risks catching on fire. The target may make a reflex save to half the damage taken and prevent catching on fire. You must wait 5 rounds between using this ability.
Dark Agility: On your turn you may take a 10 ft step in place of a 5 ft step.
Life Tap: As a move action while you have Kokog and Xiorg bound you may take damage equal to your binder level to instantly refresh the cooldown on one ability granted by a vestige you have bound. This damage ignores all damage reduction and energy resistance, if the damage is negated in any way the ability has no effect.
Pyre in the Bones: You gain a +2 inherant bonus to Constitution, and constitution can replace charisma for all class feaures in the binder that calls for charisma, such as save DCs or the Black Tome.

Bobby Baratheon
2016-03-23, 01:41 PM
As a fan of binders, I like the flavor of this vestige. I think, on the whole, it's abilities are decent without going overboard and the option to use Constitution instead of Charisma is interesting, but I doubt most binders will use it. Regardless, here are my thoughts.
-I think you might have gone overboard on the sign. Growing the horn I could see, or even becoming a cyclops, but two heads seems a little much. Also, it seems to me like that would have some sort of mechanical impact, which binder signs never do.
-Black bolt's damage total is good (especially with iterative attacks), begging the question why anyone would use Incineration except in specific circumstances.
All in all, I like this vestige, and I think you did a pretty good job of balancing it against itself. It does out damage other vestiges fairly significantly though, which might be a concern.