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2016-03-23, 03:20 PM

I created a couple feats for casters, the first specifically with the Dread Necromancer(Diachronos' Conversion) in mind, the other is more a generic caster feat.

I would appreciate any feedback

Name: Necromantic Mastery

Prerequisites: Spell focus(Necromancy), Undead Mastery, Dread Necromancer Level 5, either Undead Guardian or Undead Familiar Necromantic Talent. (possibly Corpsecrafter as an additional pre-req.)

The dread Necromancer cannot choose both Undead Familiar and Undead Guardian Necromantic Talent, The Undead Guardian is either a skeleton or zombie without variant.

This feat allows the Dread Necromancer to take both the Undead Guardian and Undead Familiar Necromantic Talents.

This feat also allows the Dread Necromancer to use a Variant of Zombie or Skeleton when creating it's guardian for an additional 400 gold worth of materials used in its creation. If already created the Dread Necromancer can upgrade its Guardian into a variant using another 8 hour ritual costing 500gold (If being upgraded the original 100 spent on its creation doesn't count towards the upgrade cost).

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This next one is kind of based off of the Draconic Sorcerer Bloodline Arcana ability.

Name: Energy Focus

Prerequisites: Channel Energy Class ability, or ability to cast arcane spells; Spell focus(any)

When taking this feat the player chooses an energy type from the following: acid, electricity, cold, fire, positive, negative.
This choice cannot be changed later

If the prerequisites are met with Channel energy the energy type is the same as their class. If the character has both arcane spells and channel energy they can choose any energy type.

If the caster has a class where they pick an energy specialty(ie: Draconic Sorcerer, Wizard with an Elemental School) this feat can only be applied to the same energy type chosen for said class.

For the chosen energy type the caster receives a +1 damage bonus per die on all spells of that energy type.

This feat cannot be taken more than once.

Bobby Baratheon
2016-03-23, 03:48 PM
I can't really speak for the first feat, but as to the second I like it for the following reasons:
-It makes blasting a little more viable
-Helps the character feel more specialized
-Gives a damage boost without superseding metamagic feats that do exactly that (IIRC, Blistering spell, for example, gives +2 damage per spell level and slaps on a minor debuff for the price of +1 spell level adjustment).

This feels like a nice supplementary feat - not going to drastically alter the damage output of a spell, but has nice synergy with metamagic. I would consider using Energy Substitution as an alternative prereq instead of Spell Focus, with the caveat that the energy type chosen be the same for both. I think I am definitely going to propose implementing this in my group.
NOTE: I am referencing 3.5 material, so how relevant my analysis is depends on how much overlap there is at your table between 3.5 and Pathfinder.

2016-04-01, 08:02 PM
Cool, I'm glad you like it.. and yeah that was pretty much exactly what I was going for..

I thought of a few edits on Energy Focus:

1. The +1 damage per die applies to all spells and abilities that deal that damage type (instead of just spells).
2. This feat can be taken multiple times, but with each time taken a different energy type must be taken, the restrictions on energy type do not apply beyond the 1st choice.

I thought of another feat, simple but I'd like your opinions on it (ie is it too OP ?)

Greater Energy Focus:

Prerequisites: Caster Level of at least 6, Energy Focus(any);

Benefit: This feat works as Energy Focus, and applies an additional +1 damage per dice on the selected energy type:
The energy type chosen, must match an energy type chosen by the Energy Focus feat, beforehand.

As with energy focus, this feat can be taken multiple times, but can only be taken as a different energy type each time.