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Pinkie Pyro
2016-04-03, 02:41 PM
If there's any huge exploitable you can think of for these, please point them out.
some require an attack roll, usually this would be something like striking the ground or air. these items are all supposed to be powerful, slightly game breaking, but not in the PC's possession permanently (unless, of course, they decide to betray the quest giver, but considering they're all LG/NG, doesn't seem like it), and most importantly, supposed to be given in a random order. I currently don't have all the current details for their location and use finished, and any suggestions for the ones left open would be appreciated.

also note: I use a custom weapon creation table, due to being increasingly annoyed at how boring and unbalanced normal weapons are, so stats might not match what you expect.

(backstory): once in an ancient age, a powerful emperor called apon the greatest smiths and enchanters of the world, they came from all countries and cultures, orc smiths, elven enchanters, fox windweavers, and all others. The emperor tasked them with creating the ultimate weapon. The craftsman, of course, could not agree on what weapon could be the best, and split into seven groups, each working for years to create their own perfect weapon. these are those weapons:

Elfox alloy skilled sonic swift Katana of warning [relic]
(exotic one handed, 2d6 18-20X4, +4 to confirm criticals, extra attack at full bab, +1d6 sonic damage, 5/5 charges per day, +5 initative so long as you hold it.)
(elfox alloy: adamantine+mithril+riverine+celestial truesteel)
so long as this weapon has one charge remaining, the blade can be made invisible, giving an extra +4 to hit. (doesn't stack with actually being invisible, if this bonus is higher than the denied dex bonus, use this instead)
activating a charge is a swift action.
1 charges: Windcharge: under the effect of greater invisibility, expeditious retreat, and cheetahs sprint until the end of your turn.
2 charges: Wings of Wind: granted three times your base speed as fly speed(perfect), air mastery, for one hour.
3 charges: Perfect Speed: effectively greater teleport, except it works by giving you unlimited movespeed for one round.
Backstory: the elves, nekos, and kitsune, masters of their crafts, knew that speed and skill were the keys to victory on the battlefield. Their smiths worked tirelessly to create the perfect alloy to hold their greatest enchantment, creating an alloy lost to time, strong as adamantine, light as mithril, able to fight both in the physical and ethereal planes, and set to seek the hearts of those it fights. while the smiths forged the physical blade, the enchanters fled to the plane of air to study the air elementals, eventually binding a powerful primordial air elemental, harnessing it's power and filling the blade with it's raw power, shaping it into a blade that could control the winds effortlessly.
forestory: the kitsune swordmaster, first daughter in the line of the chief smith, currently resides at the top of MT silverpeak. She leads a small settlement of kitsunes.

Mountain crusher
devil's blood cold iron sizing master's touch ultragreatclub
(martial two handed, 4d12 19-20X4, attacks in up to a 25 FT cone, 5/5 charges daily)
so long as this weapon has one charge remaining, the wielder gains earth mastery, except the bonus is increased to +4.
activating a charge is equivelant to making an attack. if you can make multiple attacks in a round with this weapon (due to BAB, haste, or the like) you may use more than one charge.
1 charges: transmute rock to mud: 100 FT cone of transmute rock to mud.
2 charges: passwall, into the ground, in a 100 FT cone, 30FT deep. lasts 24 hours.
3 charges: earthquake, 100 FT cone.
backstory: the ogres, orcs and okami decided that the power to destroy fortifications and stop armies was the most important aspect for a weapon. the smiths slayed hundreds of devils, collecting their blood and fermenting it, alloying it with cold iron. their shamans and warclerics chanted and prayed for a year and a day, enchanting the enormous club with the raw destructive power of an earthquake.
forestory: currently held by a female orc warlord, she has been on the warpath for years, destroying castles and conquering small nations and villages.

worldsmith's hammer
obdurium warhammer +5
(martial one handed, 2d6 19-20X3, 5/5 charges daily)
so long as this weapon has one charge remaining, you can touch this weapon to an object, and repair it as if it had make whole cast on it.
activating a charge is equivalent to a standard action.
1 charges: create a wall of stone, with a volume of up to 20 cubic squares of rock. this rock can be shaped simply, IE: into stairs, ramps, or hollowed out, but not to any extent that it could be used as a building.
2 charges: create a tower or building, equivalent to 5 stronghold spaces, out of solid stone. These spaces will be sparsely furnished with stone furniture to the wielder's specifications. these rooms can be made into any design the wielder wishes. they can include mechanical traps or mechanisms, but will not be inherently magical.
3 charges: enchant stone: all connected stone created by this hammer, or worked stone, can be enchanted with this hammer. enchanted stone slowly changes from stone to iron, to adamantine, and finally to obdurium. it takes a day for each transformation to occur. any piece of enchanted wall is removed, it reverts from obdurium to adamantine to iron to stone, taking one round per transformation. this enchantment does not work on non-structures or fortifications (IE: no using wall of stone, cutting stone out, crafting into sword, then enchanting sword into obdurium)
backstory: the dwarves and humans, knowing the true power of fortifications and standing armies, built a hammer to effortlessly create the strongest of castles. The smiths tore up the earth in search of the perfect metal, but finding none, set out to make their own, spending seven long years working on their mixture of adamantine and mithril, finally creating a perfect alloy, this new metal, obdurium, shone as the most polished mithril, but of itself was black as the darkest caves. during this time, their enchanters studied architecture the world over, storing all their knowledge into a large diamond, found in the center of the hammer's head.
forestory: To the far north, there are rumors of a small human kingdom made entirely out of obdurium. this hammer is held by their king, an old man in his late eighties, who appears to be completely insane.

sizing changling morphing skilled weapon
(has 5/7/9 points to spend, and tailors itself to it's wielder's needs. When it's weilder intentionaly taps a non-organic object, the blade replicates it. it gives stacking bonuses with what it copies. it can copy magical abilities, except true artifacts. if a copied magical effect would destroy the sword, it is instead rendered into an inert, darkwood longsword for 24 hours. 5/5 charges per day)
so long as this weapon has one charge remaining, it's wielder has protection from elements, protection from planar effects, DR 10/VS the last type of damage that harmed it, and energy resistance 20 VS the last element that harmed them.
activating a charge requires either a swift action to use on the wielder or on an adjacent ally, or a successful attack.
1 charges: Alter creature: change touched creature's appearance and race into one of the same type for up to 24 hours. this form cannot exceed their hit die +5.
2 charges: shapechange creature: change touched creature's appearance and race into anything for up to 1 minute. this form cannot exceed their hit die + 5.
3 charges: polymorph any object: cast polymorph any object on touched creature.
backstory: the fae, knowing the true power of nature, survival of the fittest, agreed that the ultimate weapon would be one that allowed it's wielder to adapt and dominate any environment. a single cultivated ironwood branch from the first ironwood tree was carefully catered and coddled into the shape of a sword, then delicately removed, followed by a series of enchantments, one each from every fae master they could muster, allowing it and it's wielder to take the form of anything.
forestory: changeling has passed through the hands of many adventurers since it's creation, and currently resides in the hand of the dead adventurer that last held it. he wears a set of armor that changes color to match the last color mentioned by it's wearer, and has different powers based on what color scheme it has.

storm bow
shocking triplicating shadowy illusory triplicating double bow
(exotic two handed ranged weapon, 3d6 20X2, 90 FT range, double weapon, extra attack at -5, each arrow shot splits first into three, then each arrow into three more. the first set are completely real, dealing full damage, while the second set is made of shadow stuff, dealing half damage to those who don't disbelieve the illusion. none of the arrows may strike the same target. +1d6 lightning damage)
so long as this weapon has one charge remaining, it's weilder may move up to 10 feet as an immediate action, turning invisible and leaving behind an illusory copy of themselves until the end of the current creature's turn.
activating a charge of this bow requires a swift action, except for using call storm, which requires an attack roll.
1 charges: greater mirror image: each round, create 1d4 mirror images that you control. they can attack, and each will deal 10% damage. this effect lasts for 1 minute.
2 charges: major illusion: create and control an illusion, that is completely indistinguishable from the real thing, save by magic such as true seeing. lasts as long as you concentrate on it. this illusion can damage enemies that believe the illusion, but deal 50% damage.
3 charges: call storm: shoot a single arrow into the air. as it rises, a massive, roiling lightning storm grows out from it, engulfing the entire sky by the start of your next turn. On your next turn, and each round thereafter for the duration, you may caall lightning down apon your enemies, functioning as chain lightning, dealing 10D6 damage. This effect lasts for 1 minute.
backstory: the gnomes and goblins, normally mortal enemies, both agreed on this one issue: battles were won by deception. With this in mind, they were able to put aside their differances long enough to craft this weapon. the weapon's crafting is just as much of a mystery as the weapon itself, as looking at the weapon under true sight reveals that the bow itself is an illusion. it's name and greatest power is clearly made to trick those less informed.

Lance of the Sky Lord
chargebreaker charging impaling valorous skilled shocking burst blue dragonbone lance
(martial twohanded, 2d6 19-20X3, 10 FT reach, triple damage on a charge, +2d6 damage on a charge, +2d6 lightning damage, +4d6 lightning damage on a critical, free AoO against opponents charging you, auto trip if successful attack against charging opponent.)
so long as this weapon has one charge remaining, it's wielder projects a flying companion, it's choice of griffon, pegasus, wyvern, dragon, giant eagle, or simply a cloud. this summoned creature understands it's weilder, but cannot speak, and will follow it's orders unquestioningly. it comes with a saddle or harness to be ridden. this creature fights as a hippogriff, and if killed or destroyed, reforms in 1d4+1 rounds.
activating a charge is a standard action.
1 charges: bolt: charge forwards, dealing 5d6 electricty damage in a 120 line and attacking each creature in this line once, as if you were charging. a reflex save allows half damage from both the lightning and the attack. you do not provoke attacks of opportunity from this movement, and can pass through squares occupied by enemies and allies.
2 charges: control weather: create storms, tornados, and hurricanes, as control weather, CL 20. lasts for concentraiton.
3 charges: let go your earthly tether: create a one mile emanation around you. gravity is turned off in this area for all creatures, save you, and those you specify at the time of activation. this power can lift buildings not anchored into the ground well into the air, dropping them later for 10D6 damage per stronghold space. anything stuck in the gravity field can then be moved about at 60 FT a second as per your will, every round on your turn. lasts 1 minute.
backstory: the bird tribes, falcons, raven, eagle, and heron alike, agreed that controlling the skies mattered more than anything. They had their best warriors track down and slay an elderworm blue dragon, and had thier best smiths fashion the bow into a solid, unbreakable lance. The matching set of blue dragon platemail has been lost to time. Their greatest skymovers came together, imbuing the lance with the power of the storms, of flight, and devastation.
forestory: currently held by elder mctavish of the brotherhood of steel. they travel around in zeplins, putting up magical defenses, and hiding powerful magical and technological artifacts, so they can't be used for evil.

Staff of draconic Might
Blackmithril quartz sizing staff
(simple two handed, 3d6 20X3, 10 FT reach, can channel touch attacks, weighs normal amount, adjacent enemies have 5 DC harder concentration checks to maintain spells. 5/5 charges daily)(blackmirror steel+mithril+blended quartz)
so long as this weapon has one charge remaining, it's wielder counts as having arcane thesis for every spell they cast.
activating a charge requires a swift action.
1 charges: Siphon Mana: creature within 100 FT loses 5d4 mana per round, while you gain the same amount. this effect lasts until the creature is more than 100 FT away from you.
2 charges: Mana void: all creatures within 100 FT, save for those you designate when activating the spell, lose 5d4 mana per round. this effect continues until all affected creatures are no longer within 100 FT of you.
3 charges: Mana Overflow: instantly gain mana, up to 150% of your maximum mana. each turn you have more than your maximum mana, you take 1d4 damage. this damage increases by 1 die each round until you have less than your maximum mana.
backstory: the dragons, kobolds, and lizardfolk all felt that battlefield victory laid in the arcane arts, those they had mastered over the thousands of years the other races were inventing fire and building pitiful huts. their smiths melted and forged mithril, blended quartz, and blackmirror steel, using naught but their own breath and magic, never touching the metal, The sorcerers and wizards and elder dragons came together in what is thought to have been the largest magical circle ever created, imbuing the staff with the sheer, unadulterated power of their kind.

2016-04-05, 02:46 AM
Funny. . It seems that when people write peach to get feedback they get none and when they do not then they get feedback. .. hm..

Anyway I think your relics are very cool but some of them should not be in the hands of a PC before that PC is very high level...

But hey these weapons are artifacts so that's totally fine

I wonder if you should consider doing some "sets" of relics... like sword of x + armor of x + helm of x + shield of x etc..?

Consider making one of more of the weapons sentient and able to speak

2016-04-23, 09:42 AM
The problem with relics and peaching is that if people are like me, these will never be used in game. Also TL:DR is a factor. It's a lot easier to comment on an item when there isn't a big block of text. To me, a relic has a religious connotation; these are just artifacts.

So you have 7 groups competing to make a weapon for what purpose? Was there a prize. Who was going to use these weapons? That's missing from your rather meager backstory. It could use some relevance to why these would be allowed in the PCs hands at all.

What is the hardness of elfox alloy and how many hit points does it have per inch?

What is meant by 5/5 charges per day?

How does a greatclub attack in a 25-foot cone? Do you mean you get a 25-foot reach with it as well? Does it suddenly grow in length or something? That's just weird.

Not a fan of Changling since you have to keep track of DR and Resistance for it. I'm a fan of adding things that require me to keep track of what the last types were. I'd rather see this as DR 10/epic and a sonic or electricity resistance since those tend to be rarer to come by.

The weapons are fairly straightforward so not much commentary is needed. I'd be more interested in what you are planning to do with them.