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2016-04-06, 08:24 AM
So, I'm playing Star Wars Saga last Friday. First time playing the game, and it's off to a great start.

I'm playing a wookie, and at one point, a colossal hide check (with assistance) and a royally flubbed spot check resulted in a bunch of hired goons some how NOT seeing the giant hairy alien on a rather cramped space ship.

Jokes were made, including one about "He's just got a lampshade on his head, and is pretending to be a stuffed Wookie lamp". At that, I go over to one of my buddies lamps, take off the shade and stick it on my head for emphasis. Among the immediate reactions was "That's what you're wearing to Gencon! Chebacca costume with a lampshade on it's head!"

And as a bonus, the lampshade was square-shaped instead of round, which means each side of the lamp will have things written on it, such as
[DC 23 Spot Check]
[This is not the wookie your looking for]
[Pay no attention to the Bowcaster]
[*Gggrrrrrwwwggggg (Heeeerrreeee rabbit rabbit rabbit....)]

And that has lead me to the creation of this thread.

For those of you who dress up as memorable PC's from games you've played (For any reason), or those who've wanted to dress up as PC's you were particularly attached to; what do you dress as or what would you dress as?

Darth Tom
2016-04-06, 10:24 AM
You knew what they say, lampshading it can be better than a bare bulb.

2016-04-06, 10:34 AM
Last "character" I dressed up as was a Team Rocket grunt from the Pokémon games (I miss the hat). If I could pull off a flaming sword I'd attempt the Witch-king of Angmar, but otherwise I'm stuck with characters with glasses (Kagato? Vash the Stampede?).

In a somewhat similar note I joined a campaign with a higher-than-normal level character who was temporarily weakened to match the group; my in-game explanation was that she went to a party (dressed in a very particular costume (http://forums.schadenfreudestudios.com/quintessaXXX.png)) and drank burbon that was literally "the Devil's Cut." I'd imagine such liquor would throw anyone for a loop and inflict negative levels. :smalltongue:

2016-04-06, 06:58 PM
Ignoring the fact that I wouldn't do any of my characters justice...

Bright red, gold trimmed robes. Short cut, straight black hair. Pasty skin. Gold rimmed, ruby-tinted glasses. Prism on a chord wrapped around his neck. On one hip, mahogany wand case with four wands. On the other, several rolls of cloth, plus gold hourglass with red sand. Quick draw devices up both sleeves (dagger and very custom hand crossbow). Screw-apart iron quarter staff with V-like top.

Feel of the character: verbose absent-minded academic with too much bling.

Mottled grey skin, long white hair, elf ears. Looks like he has a fresh coat of sunscreen on. Rather well worn clothes: dark brown cloak, dark green shirt, light brown tunic and trousers, brown leather boots. Snake skin belt, off of which are hanging a pair of well made swords. Slung across his back are a wooden bow, and a quiver of grey-fetched arrows. Sometimes wears white gloves. Probably fidgeting with a translucent red dodecahedron. fifty forty OK, a few feet of rope, one end tired around his waist, the other around a seemingly forgotten walking stick. Several nondescript sacks.

Feel of the character: soulful moody teen with trust issues

That's probably some other details I'm forgetting.

Joe the Rat
2016-04-08, 11:16 PM
Awesome wookie story. Wear that costume with pride.

I've done the opposite. Wore my Black Highwayman to a FATE game at a con, and made that the aesthetic for my Fae Cool Kid Slacker.

Who I then turned into a deal-brokering Faerie NPC in my home game: Black Jack, The Prince of Tarnished Silver.