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purple gelatinous cube o' Doom
2007-06-22, 10:28 PM
I was thinking of what school of magic a spell in a tome that allowed oneself to travel back in time would be. My original though would be transmutation (I'm basing this off of time stop), but I'd like some other input on the subject.

2007-06-22, 10:35 PM
Conjuration is the school for travel though... And really time stop is transmutation because it speeds up the user, not because it stops time.

I think Time Travel is beyond the scope of mortal magic... But if I were to assign it a scool, I'd go Conjuration.

2007-06-22, 10:36 PM
I was thinking of what school of magic a spell in a tome that allowed oneself to travel back in time would be. My original though would be transmutation (I'm basing this off of time stop), but I'd like some other input on the subject.

A case could be made for Conjuration, due to the teleportation spells, but Time Stop and Temporal Stasis are both major time-based spells, and are both in Transmutation. I'd stick with that precedent.

2007-06-22, 11:08 PM

Wish is the only thing close (with the "undoing one recent event" bit), but take a close look at how limited that is as a 9th lvl spell.

2007-06-23, 12:06 AM
A case could be made for Conjuration, due to the teleportation spells, but Time Stop and Temporal Stasis are both major time-based spells, and are both in Transmutation. I'd stick with that precedent.

Nither time stop nor temporal stasis have anything to do with time travel. Time stop is simply a haste effect on steroids, it makes you super super fast. Temporal stasis, despite its name, just holds the creature in place.

2007-06-23, 12:12 AM
It depends on how the spell works. If you are transporting the targets to another time, it is a conjuration (teleportation) effect that works across time rather than distance and/or planar barriers. If you are altering the flow of time, speeding it up or slowing it down to reach a desired destination, it is transmutation.

2007-06-23, 12:17 AM
I'd go with Conjuration.

If nothing else you could conjure up something that CAN time travel.

2007-06-23, 12:36 AM
I would say it is beyond the existing schools of magic, and have its own school of temporal magic.

2007-06-23, 11:56 AM
Can you spell "Chronomancy"?
See Dragon #350, pp76-79 for spells, campaign advice, thoughts on causality in D&D and the like.
See also the 2nd ED "Chronomancer" sourcebook, probably available for next-to-nowt at the paizo.com site.

As for the school of a time travel spell. If not 'epic' then probably Conjuration (moving a thing from one place in the time-stream to another).

Iku Rex
2007-06-23, 12:12 PM
In psionics, time related powers (temporal acceleration, time hop, time regression (http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/psionicPowers.htm)) are from the Psychoportation (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/psionicPowersOverview.htm#psychoportation) discipline. There's no equivalent school of magic, so you're left with Universal. If I had to pick a school I'd go with Conjuration, since Psychoportation is the discipline for Teleportation spells.

2007-06-23, 12:17 PM
I never played with it, but the 2nd edition chronomancy book was pretty comprehensive. I'd recommend it.

I recall there was a time stream that you could slip into, and it was like a flowing space, and you could see the lives of creatures as lines in that flow. It had its own monsters, and guardians. It had ways that anomolies were prevented. I've got to look that book up.

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-23, 12:26 PM
In psionics, time related powers (temporal acceleration, time hop, time regression (http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/psionicPowers.htm)) are from the Psychoportation (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/psionicPowersOverview.htm#psychoportation) discipline. There's no equivalent school of magic, so you're left with Universal. If I had to pick a school I'd go with Conjuration, since Psychoportation is the discipline for Teleportation spells.

Psychoportation is basically the (Teleportation) subschool of Conjuration, with Time Stop thrown in for good measure.

2007-06-23, 02:57 PM
Temporal is what the arcane spellcasters could used to heal the wounds. Basically it's reversing the wounds time wise. It's just not as effective as the divine spellcasters.

2007-06-23, 03:09 PM
Are you sure you want to get in to time travel? That can be a nasty business.

Just think, the PCs go back in time, find their parents or grandparents, and due to the fact that they are PCs, they raze the entire town. Yay. Wait, whats that you hear? The ripping of the time/space continuum? Whoops!

Time travel + PCs = not good for the universe

In any event, I'd say it needs its own school. While conjuration is good and all, it is pretty much just spacial teleportation, not movement through time.

Iku Rex
2007-06-23, 03:18 PM
The ripping of the time/space continuum? Whoops!This is why I hate time travel. It always leads to absurdity. The solution is to make it planar/reality travel instead. You travel to a different reality that's completely identical the reality you're currently in X years ago.

2007-06-23, 04:43 PM
Ooooh. What school is a Time-Travel spell. Let's ask Paradox:

Originally posted by Kain Darkwind at http://community.dicefreaks.com :

35th level Enforcer
Large Outsider (Extraplanar, Lawful)

Hit Dice: 50d8+35d10+1105 (1855 hp)
Initiative: +23
Speed: 200 ft., fly 300 ft. (perfect)
AC: 81 (-1 size, +15 Dexterity, +28 natural, +17 deflection, +2 insight, +10 axiomatic), touch 53, flat-footed 81
Base Attack/Grapple: +67/+91
Attack: Temperditor (+6 keen longsword of extreme speed) +93/+93 melee (2d6+26+2d6 (lawful) 17-20/x2); or wing slam +87 melee (3d6+30); or Gravitational Blast + 82 ranged (10d6 plus throw)
Full Attack: Temperditor (+6 keen longsword of extreme speed) +93/+93/+93/+88/+82/+78 melee (2d6+26+2d6 (lawful) 17-20/x2) and 2 wing slams +82 melee (3d6+30); or Gravitational Blasts + 82/+77/+72/+67 ranged touch (10d6 plus throw)
Face/Reach: 10 ft./ 10 ft.
Special Attacks: Blast from the Past, Call/Dispatch Creatures, Call Inevitable Host, Call Phane, Purge Chaos, Rebuke Undead/ Outsider (32nd level), Smite Chaos (8/day, +105 damage) Spell-like abilities, spells, subdue, Temporal Shift, Terminal Velocity, Velocitize
Special Qualities: Axiom Traits, Aura of Courage, detect chaos, Divine Grace, DR 30/epic, chaotic and mithral, Sonic Aura, Scorn Death, Spurn Anarchy, Fast Heal 13, Regeneration 13, SR 77, Temporal Leap, Temporal Mastery, Uncanny Dodge.
Saves: Fort +74, Ref +74, Will +75
Abilities: Str 51, Dex 41, Con 36, Int 32, Wis 38, Cha 44
Skills: Bluff +85, Concentration +101, Diplomacy +123, Disguise +70 (+78 acting), Escape Artist +103, Hide +68, Intimidate +113, Knowledge (Arcana) +64, Knowledge (History) +99, Knowledge (Nature) +17, Knowledge (Religion) +99, Knowledge (The Planes) +64, Knowledge (Temporal) +99, Listen +77, Move Silently +68, Search +65, Sense Motive +102, Spellcraft +87, Spot +77, Survival +67 (+73 on planes, +73 tracking), Use Rope +11 (+21 bindings)
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Deflect Arrows, Fly By Attack, Great Fly By Attack, Improved Initiative, Leadership, Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Quicken Spell like ability (time stop), Silent Spell, Still Spell
Epic Feats: Automatic Quicken Spell x3, Automatic Silent Spell x3, Automatic Still Spell x3, Dire Charge, Exceptional Deflection, Great Smiting x2, Infinite Deflection, Multispell x3, Planar Turning, Reflect Arrows, Righteous Strike, Spectral Strike, Spell Stowaway (Time Stop), Spontaneous Domain Access (Time, Law) Superior Initiative
Climate/Terrain: Any land and underground
Organization: Solitary (Unique) or with retinue (Paradox and 1-4 advanced Quaruts)
Challenge Rating: 64
Treasure: Temperditor
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Advancement: N/A

Paradox is the last surviving High Guardian, those mighty leaders of the Protectors who were wiped out in the Formian Purge. He is now the Defender of Temporalis Procellos, or the Time Storm.

Not many understand the nature of the Time Stream. Time flows as a river, through the ages, never ending. However, there are differing flows, and even ways to step outside the flow itself. This art, usually involving arcane energies, is called chronomancy. Chronomancers constantly meddle in the ways of time, seeking to use their limited understanding to change the course of history, or move to other points in the stream. Sometimes, their meddling attempts the impossible, such as meeting one’s past self. This creates a force called paradox. Chronomancers use this term to describe the dangerous flow that will shred a mortal very essence when their actions overstep their bounds. Very few realize that Paradox is an actual sentient being, and it is he who strikes down those fools who would undo reality with their ignorance.

In order to understand Paradox, one must first understand chronomancy and the nature of the Temporalis Procellos. Time is very alterable, and not fixed at all. However, the stability of reality requires that time be not altered in ways too great, or all will tear itself apart. Paradox’s archenemy, the Scion of Anarchy Xestomul is the prime nemesis of this ideal. He gives mortals the capabilities to step outside time and wreck their thoughtless desires on the fabric of reality. While Paradox presents a set fate and course of time, Xestomul wishes all possibilities to take place and see realization. Their constant struggle creates the semi stable nature of time. So, Paradox must watch the stream constantly, but pick and choose his battles. The use of time duplicate for example, causes problems with reality, but since the two versions are so close in time and nature, the disturbance is slight. When a chronomancer attempts to visit himself as a young man and pass along advice and power to the younger version, this creates a much large distortion in the flow of time. With the new knowledge, the man may take an entirely different path in life, perhaps not even becoming a chronomancer. This sets all kinds of backlash through the fabric of reality, as it tries to compensate for actions that happened but were never taken. In order to prevent this, such time travelers often find themselves facing the mighty Paradox on their way to subvert destiny. Not many are spared, for Paradox has little patience for those who draw his attentions away from Xestomul. The penalty for breaking the Temporal Code is death or eradication in most cases. Occasionally an alternative can be worked out, although this is unlikely.
Paradox is unique among the Axioms, because he does not deal with Mechanus directly, due to his greater concerns. However, he has many allies there, even among factions that are warring with each other. His duties are recognized as superceding their feuds, for should he fail, there will be no more Law. All factions of Mechanus that are aware of his existence are on friendly terms with him.

Besides Xestomul, Paradox counts the beings Demogorgon and Astaroth Diabolus as his most potent foes. Demogorgon’s corrupting of life and creation causes aberrations that possess reality altering power, which makes Paradox’s mission all the more difficult. Due to his unique nature, Astaroth is able to predict and circumvent Paradox’s power. The demon prince often has his hands meddling in the Temporalis Procellos, as he forms his prophecies and attempts to make them real. Were it not for his greater concerns, Paradox would descend into the Abyss to lay waste to the Lord of Lost Lore, but he cannot abandon his charge even for a minute amount of time, lest Xestomul strike in that lapse.

Paradox has the general appearance of a Planetar, with platinum skin and wings. His eyes are ever shifting, and appear as if the vastness of all time and space were contained within. Those who can resist its power still mention the awe at the vision. Paradox stands 15 feet tall, and has a heavily muscled torso. He wears a cloth around his loins, and a golden belt with his deadly sword Temperditor sheathed within.

When Paradox is within an area, oddities happen that can inform the observant of his presence. Such things include food going bad, falling items refusing to do so, or an occurrence happening again in déjà vu.


Paradox typically strikes swiftly, eliminating opponents with a Dire Charge before they can react. Other times, he will appear with his arms folded, launching spells through the force of his mighty will alone. This can be very unsettling to see him unflinchingly set eldritch energies into being without so much as a gesture. However, this usually means that he is not committed to destroying his opponents, so escape may be a possibility in that case.

Should Paradox feel he is in a real fight, he immediately shifts as many opponents into fast or slow time streams as he can. He will activate his terminal velocity if he is accosted by more than 5 opponents. Any martial melee characters are subjected to his Velocitize ability, while spellcasters are dealt with via Blast from the Past. He will summon in Phanes and Inevitables as necessary, but hesitates before bringing in his other allies via call/dispatch. In a bind however, he will do so, casting mass haste on them immediately following. Because many of his allies have Spell Stowaway (Time Stop) as well, he makes excessive use of that power in combat as well. Paradox has so many options to draw upon in combat that it is almost useless to try to state any definite tactics.

Axiom Qualities (Ex):
• Immunity to electricity, sonics and fire
• Cold and acid resistance 20.
• Telepathy: Paradox can communicate telepathically with any creature within 500 miles whom he is aware of.
• On Mechanus Paradox has regeneration 13, off Mechanus he has fast healing 13. Chaotic mithral weapons of at least +8 enhancement and chaotically aligned spells deal him normal damage. When he is in the Procellos Temporal, he has both of these qualities.
• Axiom Awareness: An Axiom can sense anything within one mile around the mentioning of its name, titles, or an item of importance to it for up to one hour after the event. This power is barred from places associated with beings with divine ranks or virtual divine ranks of 1 or higher.
• Divine Rank 0: As the defender of Time itself, Paradox gains a degree of might unknown to mortals and common outsiders. He possesses immunity to polymorphing, petrification, or any other attack that alters its form. He is not subject to energy drain, ability drain, or ability damage. He is immune to mind-affecting effects. He is immortal and cannot die from natural causes. He does not age, and he does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. They only way for Paradox to die is through special circumstances.

Axiomatic Strike (Su): 19/day as a standard action, Paradox can strike one creature that he can see with his own unaided vision with the full, calcifying force of law. This deals 19d12 points of damage, with a fortitude save (DC 52) for half damage. Any being slain by this strike suffers the effects of the Temporal Stasis spell, with no save or SR to avoid the effect, before their soul has time to leave their body. The corpse looks undamaged, but it is frozen in time, with the insensible soul of the dead creature trapped inside it, so the creature cannot be resurrected. The Temporal Stasis effect can be ended by the Alter Reality power of a god with the appropriate portfolio or by an appropriate special ability of a cosmic entity whose DvR/VDvR is greater than or equal to 15. Another Axiom can release a victim from this effect if their VDvR is greater than or equal to 15. Once the effect is removed, the spirit departs the corpse and can then be raised from the dead normally. Axiomatic Strike ignores mortal magic like anti-magic field, but may only remove one layer of prismatic per blast. Walls of force are not affected by Axiomatic Strike. Divine Shields always absorb the maximum possible damage (and often collapse after doing so).

Blast from the Past: 4/day Paradox may call a past version of any creature he encounters. This past version is immediately aware of the threat to time posed by his future self, and attacks it to the exclusion of all else. The past version is 2 levels lower than the opponent (maximum 84th level), and equipped with whatever gear the opponent has, with the exception of any major artifacts.

Call/Dispatch Creatures (Sp): Paradox has the ability to call creatures to his presence and to dispatch creatures to another location. This takes a quickened action and permits up to 128 HD of willing creatures to be called or dispatched per day. Dispatching a creature is equivalent to a combined planeshift and greater teleport, and can transport the creatures to any location that Paradox is familiar with. Paradox rarely uses this ability to summon help, as he possesses alternate means of summoning. However, in the eventuality that he requires aid, he has contracts with a Formian battalion, several gear spirits, the Parai and a Gith monastic order to help in his mission. Any of these creatures can be called to his side.

Call Inevitable Host (Sp): 4 times per day, Paradox may summon a host of Quaruts. He may summon up to 4 54HD versions, 8 36HD versions, and 16 standard 18HD versions. Not only can these Quaruts immediately act upon being summoned, they also arrive under the benefit of greater invisibility and haste as cast by a 46th level sorcerer. As a result of an agreement with the Vaati, Paradox does not suffer any repercussions for calling the constructs, however, their Court is allowed to deal with any transgressors captured by the Quaruts. This usually results in the same end, for the Vaati are no more forgiving of those who would tamper with the laws of the time stream than Paradox is.

Call Phane: 4/day, Paradox may summon an axiomatic Phane. Unlike regular Phanes, these have had their chaotic evil nature purged through a vicious combination of temporal energies and mind altering arcana. They serve the Defender of Time with their unique temporal abilities.

Gaze of Eternity: Those who meet Paradox’s eyes are shown the vast expanse that is time-space and subjected to its ravages. This ages or reduces in age (equal chance for either) the target by 1d8 years, Fortitude 52 for half. This is a gaze attack.

Gravitational Blast (Su): As a former High Guardian, Paradox can issue a blast of gravitational energies from each hand as a ranged touch attack. Dealing half force and half lawful aligned damage, the blast has a maximum 200 foot range. Any creature affected by the blast must make a fortitude save DC 48 or be thrown 20 feet in a direction of Paradox’s choosing. A thrown creature takes 2d6 points of damage, as well as any creatures struck by the thrown creature. A thrown creature is considered prone until his initiative action. Any creature who fails its fortitude save is also affected as if by dimensional anchor. A critical hit raises the DC to 54.

Purge Chaos (Su): As a former High Guardian, Paradox has the ability to force chaos from a location, from a possessed being, or from a possessed object. 3/day he can use his Purge Chaos ability in one of two ways. First, Paradox can cause himself or another location within sight to be surrounded by an aura similar to an antipathy spell as cast by a 46th level Sorcerer that affects all chaotic creatures; the Will save is DC 44. Secondly, Paradox can automatically exorcise a possessing intelligence from any non-sentient object or (unwilling) being or sentient object; if the possessing intelligence possesses fewer than 40 HD and class levels, it does not receive a save against this effect. Those with at least 40 HD and class levels receive a Will save DC 44.

Sonic Aura (Ex): As a former High Guardian, Paradox is surrounded by an ultrasonic hum at all times. This aura protects Paradox in a number of different ways. His aura acts as a constant purge invisibility spell and a catapsi power (which interferes with spells, spell like abilities and psionic manifestation) as though cast by a 46th level sorcerer. Paradox can alter this aura so that it does not adversely affect allies that he is aware of. Next, all allied beings within 20 feet of Paradox receive a +8 morale bonus on saving throws against all mind affecting spells and effects. Finally, Paradox is immune to all spells or spell-like abilities of fourth level or lower.

Chaotic creatures suffer even further from this aura. Any chaotic creature who comes within the aura’s effect must make a will save DC 44 or be deafened. Those who fail their saves by more than 10 are dominated as per dominate monster cast by a 46th level sorcerer, as their mind breaks under the adamant pressure of absolute law.

Spell-like Abilities: Always active – detect chaos, detect snares and pits, discern lies, freedom of movement, foresight, see invisibility, true seeing, zone of truth; at will – align weapon, blade barrier, blink, blur, calm emotions, commune, contingency, cure critical wounds, dictum, dimensional anchor, dispel chaos, dominate person, gentle repose, greater dispelling, hold monster, imprisonment, improved invisibility, magic circle against chaos, mass haste, neutralize poison, order’s wrath, permanency, protection from energy, protection from chaos, remove curse, remove disease, scrying, searing light, shield of law, slow, speak with the dead, sunbeam, telekinesis, temporal stasis, true strike; 6/day – Dominate monster, mass heal, resurrection, time stop; 3/day – greater restoration, power word blind, power word kill, power word stun, time duplicate; 1/day – nailed to the sky, wish. Caster level 46th; save DC 27 + spell level.

Spells: Paradox casts divine spells from the cleric list and from the Law, Time, and Celerity domains as a 60th level cleric. Note that if your campaign has any chronomancy spells or powers available, Paradox may prepare all these spells as well, even if they are not normally cleric spells. Paradox also casts spells as a 35th level enforcer. His spells have a DC 24 + spell level.
Cleric spells per day: 6/10/10/9/9/9/8/7/7/7
Enforcer spells per day: 7/7/6/6

Spurn Anarchy (Ex): As a former High Guardian, Paradox scoffs at those beings that believe their chaos can overcome his devotion to order. So strong is this conviction that he is extremely resistant against the powers of chaotic beings. When Paradox encounters any being, even those of Cosmic or Divine status, he gains a Will save equal to 20 + ½ creature’s HD + the creature’s Charisma + creature’s divine rank or virtual divine rank (if applicable). If he succeeds, he is utterly immune to any spell, spell-like ability, supernatural attack, psionic power, divine, or cosmic attack cast by that particular chaotic creature for a length of time depending on the creature’s status. For mortals, Paradox is immune to the attacks for 64 days; against quasi-divine beings, he is immune to the attacks for eight days; against lesser through intermediate cosmic entities and gods, he is immune for four days; against greater cosmic entities and gods, he is immune for one day. He is likewise resistant to similar attacks from chaotic major artifacts, although this immunity only lasts for one day. Paradox is still subject to extraordinary attacks, natural attacks and from weapons wielded by the being in question.

Temporal Leap: Paradox rides the waves of time as easily as another may ride a horse. At will, Paradox may move 1d100 years into the past or future. 4/ week he may move 1d6 months into the past or future. 4/year he may move to an exact point in time. This is conserved for the most dire situations that threaten to rip apart the time stream.

Temporal Mastery (Ex): As the supreme defender of time, Paradox’s actual essence makes him utterly immune to hostile temporal effects. Even more, spells such as haste, slow, temporal stasis, and time stop are unable to be cast within 128 feet of him, and their effects immediately end if they come within that range. Any spell or magical item that increases or decreases speed, age, or the flow of time suffers from this power. Even divine beings must succeed against his SR to use such effects in his presence. Only Divine or Cosmic beings with Time in their portfolio who have a higher DvR than Paradox do not suffer from this.

Further, Paradox is not required to abide by the usual restrictions of temporal energy. He may affect creatures during a time stop or temporal stasis, as long as he does not harm their physical being. For instance, while he could not tear the head off of an opponent, he could most certainly strip that opponent of all his weaponry and clothing. He may still leave spell effects to take place after the time stop has ended.

Temporal Shift (Su): The Master of the Temporal Stream has unparalleled ability with the flows of time. 8/day, he may shift a being into a different time stream. This has a variety of effects. A will save DC 52 negates the shift.

Fast Time: The being is aged 15d6 years, immediately applying the penalties for whatever age category this catapults them into. Should a being be aged past its maximum life span, it dies immediately of old age.

Slow Time: The being appears frozen, as though Temporal Stasis had been cast on it. The creature is placed in the slow time stream for 20 rounds of real time. However, the creature can be harmed, although this harm can also be undone through healing. The creature suffers the immediate sum of all effects affecting it as soon as it slips from the slow time stream. For example, if the creature was struck with a longsword for 8 points of damage, and then had cure light wounds cast on it for 4 points of healing, the creature would suffer only 4 points of damage after it came out of slow time. Death effects and coup de graces fail to function on a creature in slow time.

Reverse Time: The creature is regressed in time 15d6 years, immediately losing the penalties for age. It retains any mental bonuses it may have received. However, if this would put the creature at the age of a child, the creature has one half the average physical ability scores and racial HD for a member of its race. If it causes a creature to lose more years than the creature has actually lived, the creature is snuffed from existence immediately.

Alternating Times: This places parts of a creature in fast, slow, and reverse time streams. The creature is immediately torn apart from the alternating flows, dying. The creature gains a Fort Save to resist the effect, in which case it only suffers 20d6 points of damage as the conflicting time streams ravage its body.

Terminal Velocity: Paradox is insanely fast due to his mastery of the time stream. 8/day he may increase his speed to unheard of levels. This effect lasts for 1 combat round. His movement rate triples, and Paradox may take a standard or move action as a reaction to all creatures acting on their initiative for this round. This reaction actually takes place before the creature completes its action, so he may prevent the creature from taking that action. Any creature within the area looking at Paradox when he blurs into motion in this manner are subjected to a feeblemind spell unless they succeed at a Will save DC 52.

Ultimate Authority (Ex): Paradox is not a true god, but he possesses potentially greater, and certainly broader powers in regards to the Temporal Storm. This tremendous might arises from his mastery over the space time continuum, and the lawful energies concentrated there. He possesses CsR 15, and while he is in the actual Temporal Storm, he possesses CsR 20. Paradox may manipulate the Temporal Storm as if it were a Godly Realm, as if he were a greater god. This power is not limited by range like a normal Godly realm, it applies to the entire time stream. Although Paradox has the capacity to grant spells to clerics, it is unheard of him to do so.

Velocitize (Su): 4/ day, Paradox can increase the speed of another being drawing on his mastery of time. The victim gains a +1000’ bonus to his speed, a Fort save DC 52 negates. Although the victim has great speed, his perception has not been increased to match. The victim may only move in a straight line, and must move his full movement. If this is prevented by an object or being, both take 20d6 points of damage when they collide. The victim also takes 5d6 points of fire damage during his movement as the incredible heat from his speed sears his body, and 1 point of con damage from the physical strain the supersonic speeds inflict upon him. The victim does not realize the effects of failing his fortitude save until he makes his movement. This effect lasts for 8 rounds.

Zone of Mastery (Su): The area surrounding Paradox is suffused with a bright blue glow, as the energies of Law leak into the visible spectrum. He knows the destination and origin of any teleport effect which occurs within 256 feet, and any creature within 128 feet of him suffers the effects of a dictum cast by a 36th level caster. Paradox may activate or deactivate this ability as a free action.

Possessions: Paradox wields Temperditor, a +6 keen longsword of extreme speed. This major artifact also possesses the ability to form portals to different points in space and time. 1/year as a full round action the blade can cut a tear in the fabric of reality, forming a portal to a specific point in time and space. The portals act as a gate spell, except they are permanent, and travel to a different time rather than plane. However, since the sword cannot close the portals it creates with any semblance of preciseness, Paradox almost never uses this function. The sword can create up to 10 portals at one time, creating another one causes a random portal to explode, dealing 10d% points of damage to all objects and creatures within 600 feet.

"Enforcer" is a LN paladin variant found in Dragon Issue 310.

Kurald Galain
2007-06-23, 05:40 PM
Time travel is very hard to DM properly.

If you're serious about it, buy the GURPS time travel book. Even if you're not playing GURPS. It has tons of information about timelines, paradox solving, killing your own grandfather, loops, wipes and other neat stuff.

2007-06-23, 06:19 PM
Well, I suppose one way to solve paradoxes is to not allow them to happen. I personally thought paradoxes were cool, and then dumb. Dumb because how in hell would something as complicated as time/space have room in it for one idiot to destroy everything with a silly paradox.

It would be a challenge to DM such, but an interesting challenge.

Citizen Joe
2007-06-23, 06:36 PM
Would you believe Divination/Necromancy?

I've wanted to work out a ritual like this:
First you need to do some research about someone in the past, someone relativley close to the area and time you're interested in. Then you need to find some sort of bond to that person. When you perform the ritual, your soul goes back into and possesses said person and you get to live their life. If you go with the flow, there's no problems, essentially you just witness the events from their perspective. If you try to change the past, you have to make a will save with the DC based on how badly you're going to wreck the timestream. If you fail you get ripped out and cast back into your body suffering damage equal to the amount you failed the save by. You could send back others with you, but they need their own bonded person as well. Family bloodlines would count, but often it would be some treasured item.