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2016-05-13, 12:50 PM
I have this character, on this game that I play online, Loviatan. Painbringer.

Been having a hard time coming up with prayers she can say while she uses her blessings, though. On herself and others.

In order to receive a blessing, she asks that the recipient take a lash. Well, not everyone goes for that, almost never, but she still asks. So she never really gives out blessings.

Strengthening spell, "The Maiden grants you the strength to deliver painful blows." That's not what I'm looking for. I'm just not great with words, to be honest.

Endurance spell, "She grants you the endurance to longer be able to conquer the pain that is dealt to you."?

I'm not really sure what I'm looking for here, but I just need help. And this forum has not let me down before. Lots of smart cookies here.

Random prayer that I came up with.

I am your servant, discipline me.
I am your flesh, whip me.
I am your work, complete me.


2016-05-13, 04:30 PM
Can you give some details about your character? Judging from a quick wiki search, her diety is an evil God...so how does the character view her?

Depending on what the character is like, you could get prayers running the gamut from "Pain is weakness leaving the body", self-flagellation as an expression of detachment, or... more vaugely suggestive stuff.

So...what's your character like? What's her background, alignment, etc.

(Unless you wanted general setting prayers that all worshippers would use, in which case, I got nothin')

2016-05-14, 05:39 PM
For buff spells, you could set up a relatively generic template for them.

Something like this:

"I offer you my pain - give me ___!"

"I offer you my pain - give me might!"

"I offer you my pain - give me endurance!"

"I offer you my pain - give me speed!"

"Maiden, I offer you my suffering; grant them [might/endurance/speed]!"

"May the sting of this wound ease that of theirs" works as a healing or protective spell (the idea being that the caster inflicts pain on themselves in order to pay for the other's pain being reduced or avoided - I think it fits).

Then more advanced ones for rarer / stronger / more specific spells, perhaps following a theme like "[Painful stuff] on [my body / flesh /etc], [worse thing] on theirs".

"Stinging welts on my flesh, burning holes in theirs" - Fire or acid based attack spell.

"Searing pain on my flesh, panic in their minds" - Fear spell.

"Tears of pain from me, blood shed from them" - Bladed spell? Maybe a buff of some sort.

"Maiden, grant me your embrace" - Defensive buff. Potentially a neat idea to show it visibly hurting you while protecting you at the same time.

"Let them feel your lash, as I have" - Attack spell.

Side note: "This will hurt me more than it will hurt you. I will survive it, but you won't" sounds like a neat line you might hear from this type of caster, as a pre-fight boast.