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2016-06-06, 01:02 PM
Inspired by this (http://www.darthsanddroids.net/episodes/1362.html) Darths & Droids installment, what are the worst, least-competently executed traps you've actually seen (or created) in a game?

Mine: A low-level evil Sorcerer made a trap in his abandoned house. It was intended to alert him to intruders more than deal actual damage. With an embarrassingly-failed pair of untrained Craft (Trapmaking) (result of 1) and Wisdom (result of -1) checks, his idea was to prop the door open a little, and balance a bucket of nails on top. When the heroes enter, it would make a big noise. With that, he placed the trap right over the front door. The door opened outward.

The players looted the bucket and nails, and sold them back to the general store in town.

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That reminds me of something I thought up a while back.
(I think I mentioned this in a "things I may no longer do while playing" thread or the "most paranoia-inducing dungeon" thread.)

In the empty foyer of the dungeon, or on the ground just outside the entrance, leave a business card that reads:

Castle, Keep, Donjon, Temple & Tomb Design & Defense
Castle Greyhawk, Ste. 756, City of Greyhawk
Ask about our "ACERERAK SPECIAL" package!

Watch the old grognards in the group turn into paranoid nutcases and break out the 10ft poles.

Jay R
2016-06-07, 09:09 AM
I was walking up to a Y-intersection in a dungeon hallway. The DM announced that there was a lot of blood splashed all over the floor, as well as on the wall, centered at about waist height. Evidently, this had confused earlier parties.

In my best Maxwell Smart voice, I said, "It's the old whirling-blades-from-out-of-the-walls trick," and calmly crawled through the intersection on my hands and knees.