View Full Version : The story you've been waiting to tell

2016-06-20, 04:02 PM
You have a story, or an anecdote if you will.
You've been waiting for the opportunity to tell it, since a good story needs the right time to tell it.
What's the story that you have been waiting to tell people about?

Christopher K.
2016-06-20, 05:17 PM
Well, not so much a story as an overarching campaign. The high level pitch is it's a long-term Underdark game, heavily borrowing thematic elements from Star Trek Voyager - a group of explorers who are just trying to get home, and along the way encounter new and strange races that have never encountered surface dwellers, monsters which exist merely as rumors topside, and bizarre societies with whom they must make nice to resupply, sometimes facing drastically different morals than their own.