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2016-06-26, 11:16 PM
I keep these open-ended, because you can't predict players.

Tears of Blood
The town temple is built of ancient stones. One has a little noticed carving of a distorted face. Coinciding with a lunar eclipse, the stone face has shed tears of blood and the temple's arch cleric has locked himself in his quarters.

Reward: Blood Ruby (Sell for 1 pp)

Unoriginal Material
Petey Half-Boot, the halfling comic, is quite annoyed that Johnny Muskrat, a goblin comic, is stealing his material.

Reward: Half-Boot's Gold Ring (+1 AC to Bards)

Pitpat, a towering half-orc, can't stop crying. Won't somebody help him?
If asked about his problem, Pitpat will explain that he is the son of the nearby bartender, Caleb. Caleb claims that he saw bright, neon-green, glowing goblins crawling in and out of the sewer drain, but nobody believes him. If taken a diplomatic approach to the goblins, they will say that they are searching for a cure for their glow. The cause of the glow is a curse, which can be broken by Dispel Curse. The problem is, nobody in town wants to help a goblin. If the goblins are helped, they will leave the area, and one will join you as a party NPC.

Reward: Glow Glob (Light Source)

Fresh Meat
The butcher in town has been selling something called "Wonder Meat". Which seems to be produced at an alarming, never-ending rate. Something is off. If investigated, the source is a cleric constantly regenerating a troll's limbs, which are being cut off by a dull knife.

Reward: Troll Party NPC

Porkins, a local villager, is stuck in a tree stump. On a somewhat related note, a tree ent is choking to death on a local villager.

Reward: Smashy Stick