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2016-06-28, 10:51 AM
Dragon Quest IX 5e

This is going to be an attempt to make a system that has Dragon Quest spells, monsters, and abilities, but is still fast-paced and playable. Thus, I'm adapting 5e to fit it.

First of all I'm going to address global rule changes that aren't individual to one class.

Whenever anything with class levels is hit with a critical hit or loses 75% or more of their hit points to one attack, there's a 50% chance they get their Coup de Grāce, which is a special class-specific ability that can be used once the character has gained it in this way. Coup de Grāces are lost if they're not used within d4+2 rounds.
There are 5 levels of tension: 0, 5, 20, 50, and 100. At 0 tension, a creature adds 0 extra weapon-specific dice of damage to their next attack, at 5 they add 1, 20 they add 2, etc. If a creature with tension doesn't attack, they lose their tension if they cast a spell, disengage, or dash.
Two-handing weapons provides no benefit, and there's no versatile or light properties in weapons. The people in DQ find it far more effective to always use shields instead. Shields can be worn with any weapon or even unarmed.
Ditching spell slots for MP needs to be done.
Equipment is different in the world of Dragon Quest.
Shortsword, Very Rare (requires attunement)
If the wielder makes an attack with this weapon, they may make an extra attack with this weapon (this doesn't stack with class-given extra attacks).
Shortsword (no light property)
Spear (no thrown property)
Dagger (no thrown or light property)
Wand (10 GP, 1d4 B, 6 Ibs, Heavy)
Whip (as per usual)
Stave (Quarterstaff)
Claws (treat as unarmed attack, but slashing)
Fan (1 SP, 1d4 S, 1 Ibs, Finesse)
Axe (Handaxe without thrown and light)
Hammer (Mace)
Boomerang (2 SP, 1d4 B, 1 Ibs, Range (Comes back to you) 20/80)
Bow (Shortbow)
This may take a while...
Tiny Ooze, CG
AC 10
HP 2 (1+1)
Speed 20 feet
STR - 8 DEX - 12 Con - 12 INT - 5 WIS - 8 CHA - 8
Damage Resistances - Acid, Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing
Senses - Passive Perception 9
Challenge - 0 (10 XP)
Actions - Slam (+2, 1d4+2 Acid)