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2016-06-30, 01:16 PM
This race was created by myself and one of my players(Mostly him), whom despises small, good creatures that prioritize diplomacy. So he(mostly) and I created a new race that would be the absolute antithesis of his typical character type; A small, good, diplomatic race of cute pig-men. Enjoy the end result.



The P'Orc race is found in wooded areas, and in spite of their Orcish cousin's reputations, P'Orcs are regarded as amazing diplomats and simple comrades whom only wish to help the common man. P'Orcs are a great and noble race, whom fear nothing when the common good is on the line.

Personality: P'Orcs are a fun loving race that seeks only to help whomever they can and resolve whatever situations they can. Being a community based society, P'Orcs are inquisitive towards their comrades, and often ask how they can help their friends through tough times or with just about anything. They constantly seek new ways to improve their environment whilst causing the fewest problems in the process.

Physical Description: P'Orcs are small, pig-like humanoids. On average, a P'Orc stands barely at Three-and-a-half feet tall, though weighing in at nearly 150 pounds. Determining a P'Orcs gender can be difficult, as unless a female is pregnant, male and female P'Orcs look remarkably similar; Short and Round, with pig-like eyes and ears.

Relations: P'Orcs are beloved by all races to an extent, though they are most loved by humans and elves. Humans adore P'Orcs due to their adorable appearance and spritely personalities, while elves love them because of their appreciation for nature and calm, diplomatic approach to situations. While Orcs do not hate their pig-like cousins, they generally have conflicting opinions about a P'Orcs more diplomatic approach to problems that could be just as easily solved by punching something. Additionally, P'Orcs occasionally butt heads with dwarves, who tend to not appreciate the P'Orcs friendly nature.

Alignment: P'Orcs are generally good, believing that there is always a way to help anyone and everyone. Evil P'Orcs generally aren't taken seriously by other races and are shunned by P'Orcs, so many choose to forgo being more selfish and cold. Most P'Orcs don't have any particular leaning towards Law or Chaos, understanding the benefits of having law and structure in ones life, but also enjoying personal freedoms and choice.

Religion: P'Orc clerics and paladins tend to worship Obad-Hai, while most others choose to simply follow the P'Orc code, "Be good, Be fair, Oink-Oink."

Language: Common and Orc. Bonus Languages: Goblin, Elvish, Sylvan, Halfling, Draconic

Adventurers: P'Orc adventurers seek to right the wrongs in the world, and often take up causes that will help the most people. They choose to help those they encounter and better those they meet, with a particular leaning towards helping friends of nature.

Aging: P'Orcs reach adulthood at 15, middle-age at 35, old age at 50, and venerable at 65. Max age is +1d6

P'Orc Racial Traits
Darkvision 60ft
Small Size
Base Speed 20ft
+4 CHA, -2 STR, -2 DEX
+2 racial bonus to diplomacy checks (P'Orcs treat Diplomacy as a class skill, regardless of class)
+2 racial circumstance bonus to survival checks in wooded regions
-3 racial penalty to intimidate checks
+2 racial circumstance bonus to spot/listen checks when in wooded regions
Racial Weapon Proficiency-Maul: P'Orcs whom have to fight generally use their mauls to break the enemies knees to bring them down to their height.
Favored Class-Druid

Extraordinary Ability-P'Orcish Combat Slam: A P'Orc that wields any two-handed weapon, or any weapon two-handed, puts their entire body into the attack. However, if a P'Orc critically fails an attack, this can send the P'Orc flying. On an attack roll of 1, roll a d%. The P'Orc has a 20% to slam into their target. If the P'Orc hits it target, the "slam" is treated as a Bull Rush, with the P'Orc being treated as a Medium Creature. Regardless of the success of the Bull Rush, the target takes 1d4 of damage(1d6 if P'Orc has spiked armor[If the P'Orc succeeds on the Bull Rush, both the P'Orc and the Creature are knocked Prone, if the P'Orc fails the Bull Rush, only the P'Orc falls prone.])
If the P'Orc does not succeed on the d% roll, roll a d8 to determine the direction in which the P'Orc flings itself. The P'Orc flies 5ft in that direction. If that square is occupied by a creature, apply the same rules as above. If the square is unoccupied, the P'Orc falls prone in its new square. If the Square is blocked or otherwise inaccessible, the P'Orc's slam is abruptly stopped, and the P'Orc takes 2d4 damage.

Racial Feats

P'Orcish Follow-through
Prerequisite: STR 14
Benefit: +1 to attack and damage rolls with two-handed weapons, triple damage/distance on P'Orcish combat stance slams.
Effect: A P'Orc with this feat throws even more strength into their attacks with heavy-weapons, and they throw themselves into their enemies with even greater gusto. Slams now deal 3d4 damage(3d6 if armor is spiked) and carry the P'Orc 15 ft.

Balanced Slam
Prerequisite: DEX 14, BAB +4, Improved Bull Rush
Benefit: P'Orc can make a REF save to land upright rather than prone when slamming.
Effect: Whenever a P'Orc slams, it can make a DC 15 Reflex save to land upright. The P'Orc uses its dexterity and experience in combat to use its gift more effectively.

Fearless Slam
Prerequisite: P'Orcish Follow-through, Balanced Slam, BAB +10
Benefit: P'Orc can choose to Slam at any time at greater distance, and can do it accurately.
Effect: A P'Orc with this feat can choose to swing his large weapon forward, bringing him with it. This slam is incredibly accurate, removing the d% roll to fly towards another location, and enables the P'Orc to Slam up to 25ft.

2016-06-30, 06:39 PM
The coolest part of that, in my opinion, is that in a lot of settings, Orcs are actually described as having pig-like features. Very good stuff.

Cute, too.

2016-07-03, 02:07 AM
Are you sure your player didn't know about Robert Moran's Porc race from Urealms?


2016-07-06, 03:26 AM
I Don't believe he knew about it, and even if he did, he made no inclinations of knowing about the lesser P'Orc

2016-07-06, 10:26 PM
Your flavor is also pretty different. If nothing else, its interesting that two people independently came up with Porcs.

2016-07-12, 05:02 AM
Very nice and useful. Could actually also work for both alternate ork versions and for the pig like race in star wars (can't remember their name atm).. might need a dm to refluff the race somewhat if used in that manner though.

I always felt that the "standard" half orc and orc races were nerfed pretty extremely in 3.5

2016-07-12, 02:31 PM
The bonuses to skill checks should be noted as racial bonuses; also you should state that P'orcs always have these skills regardless of class.