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2016-07-11, 10:53 PM
Hit Points-1d12 Per Ork Level

Armor-Light and Medium, but not shields
Weapons-All Weapons
Saves-Strength, Constitution
Skills-Choose two from Athletics, Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Animal Handling, Survival, and Intimidation


Green Skin, WAAAAGH!

Color, Fighting Style

Orky Nature

Ability Score Improvement

Extra Attack

Orky Nature Feature

Color Improvement

Ability Score Improvement

Improved Critical

Orky Nature Feature

WAAAAGH! Improvement

Ability Score Improvement

Improveder Critical

Orky Nature Feature

Master of Color

Ability Score Improvement

Bestest Color

Orky Nature Feature

Ability Score Improvement

Da Biggest And Da Best

Green Skin-At level one, your tough, Orky skin gives you supernatural durability. Your AC equals 10+your Strength Modifier+your Constitution Modifier.

WAAAAGH!-Also at level one, you learn to tap into a psychic gestalt field known as the WAAAAGH! You tap into this by screaming WAAAAGH! at the top of your lungs. When you do so, you are able to convert defense into offense. You may, as a bonus action, convert AC into damage, lasting until the start of your next turn. For each point you decrease your AC by, each attack increases its damage by one, to a max of half your level, rounded up. (For instance, at level 1, you may trade one point of AC for one point of damage, increasing your damage on all attacks by one but reducing your AC by one (from 16 to 15, and from 1d6+3 to 1d6+4.) In addition, you may always use your Strength modifier for weapons-even Ranged weapons.

Color-At level two, you must decide. Are you red? Or purple?

Da Red Wunz Go Faster!-If you are red, your speed increases by 5'. This increases by another 5' at levels 7, 13, 15, and 17.

Da Purple Wunz Are Sneaky-Have you ever seen a purple Ork? No? That's because they're stealthier than you. You gain a +1 bonus to Stealth, which increases by 1 at levels 7, 13, 15, and 17.

Fighting Style-At level two, you may select any fighting style.

Orky Nature-At level three, you must decide again. Are you a Painboy, Weirdboy, or Warboss?

Improved Critical-At level 9, your critical threat range improves by 1.

WAAAGH! Improvement-At level 11, your connection to the WAAAAGH! is so powerful, it lets you wield weapons that should not exist and even if they did exist, do not work.

Big Choppa-Light, Finesse, 1d10 slashing damage.

Powerclaw-Heavy, Two-Handed, 2d12 slashing and bludgeoning damage

Big Shoota-Ranged 100'/400', 2d6 piercing damage

Skorcha-Ranged Special (it fires in a 30' cone, and all enemies must make a Dexterity save against DC 8+your proficiency modifier+your Strength modifier or take 1d6 fire damage (half on a success).

Improveder Critical-At level 13, your critical threat range increases by 1 again.

Da Biggest And Da Best-At level 20, you are Da Biggest And Da Best. You are permanently under the effects of an Enlarge spell, your Strength increases by 4 (to a max of 24), and your Constitution increases by 2 (to max of 22).

Orky Nature


Dok-At level three, you learn the Spare the Dying Cantrip. In addition, once per short rest, you may cast either Cure Wounds or Healing Word, with Strength as your spellcasting modifier. Finally, you gain proficiency in Medicine. (If you are already proficient, gain proficiency in another skill of your choice.)

DokTor-At level six, you may now cast Cure Wounds or Healing Word twice per short rest, at spell level 3. In addition, you're able to grant a measure of anesthesia to your allies. As an action, you may club an ally soundly over the head, dulling their senses. This grants advantage on Concentration saving throws, but disadvantage on Perception, Insight, and Investigation checks for the next hour.

Mad Dok-At level 10, you gain Expertise in Medicine, and may cast Cure Wounds or Healing Word three times per short rest, at spell level 5. In addition, your biological tinkering with yourself has resulted in a greatly increased healing factor. So long as you're above zero hit points, you regain one hit point each minute.

Sane(?) Dok-At level 14, you may now cast Cure Wounds or Healing Word four times per short rest, at spell level 7. In addition, you can tinker with your allies, providing one of the following advantages:

Regen-As your Mad Dok ability.

Fury-Minus 2 penalty to AC, but +4 bonus to all damage.

These advantages last for 8 hours, and it takes one hour to implement the needed changes.

Medic-At level 18, you may now cast Cure Wounds or Healing Word five times per short rest, at spell level 9, as well as tripling your proficiency in Medicine. In addition, your Mad Dok regeneration now applies each round.


Spellcasting-At level three, you gain spellcasting as an Eldritch Knight would. Your spells are drawn from the Sorcerer spell list, and your spellcasting ability is Charisma.

WAAAGH! Conduit-At level six, you gain the ability to tap into the energies of your allies. If your allies are within 60' and use their bonus action to grant you some energy, you may upcast a spell without expending a higher level spell slot. It costs one person giving energy, plus one per level after that. (So, upscaling one level costs one person, two levels cost three allies (1+2), three costs six (1+2+3), etc.)

Cast And Smash-At level 10, you may make a single attack as a bonus action after casting any spell.

Gork's (Or Mork's) Disciple-At level 14, you are the true prophet of Mork (or maybe Gork). This grants you a single 5th level spell slot and a single 5th level spell known.

WAAAGH! Energy-At level 18, you tap into the energy of the WAAAGH! whenever you cast a spell. After casting a spell, till the end of your next turn, you regain HP equal to three times the spell level and gain a bonus to damage on all attacks equal to the spell level. (Cantrips cannot be used with this.)


Cunnin' But Brutal-You may decrease the AC penalty of WAAAGH! by 1, to a minimum of zero at level three.

Brutal But Cunnin'-At level six, you may increase the total WAAAGH! penalty and bonus to three fourths of your level (rounded up) instead of half.

WAAAAGH! For All-At level 10, you may call a WAAAAAGH! as a bonus action. Either all creatures or all allies within 120' now benefit from the maximum possible bonuses and penalties of your WAAAGH! for one minute. Anyone subjected to this may make a saving throw equal to 8+your proficiency bonus+your Strength modifier to resist its effects. You may not WAAAGH! again until the minute passes.

Siege Monster-At level 14, you deal double damage to all unattended objects, and may sunder an item instead of making an attack. Most weapons have around 10 HP and 5 damage threshold, 20 for two-handed weapons. Light armor typically has 4 damage threshold and 15 HP, medium armor 8 damage threshold and 30 HP, heavy armor 12 and 45. Mage Armor has damage threshold 15, but only 10 HP. Magic items increase the durability of the equipment by doubling the HP and increasing the damage threshold by two for each level of rarity past uncommon.

True WAAAAGH!-At level 18, your WAAAGH! improves to your whole level, rather than three fourths, you reduce the AC penalty by 3 (minimum zero), and, if any creatures are affected by your WAAAGH! For All ability, you may not die. However, you still take damage, so keep track of your negative HP, and most likely die the instant your WAAAAGH! runs out.

2016-07-12, 12:04 AM
I must preface this by saying that I know basically nothing about WH40K lore, so my opinion on this class is purely about balance.

Base Chassis

HD, skill list, weapon proficiencies, saves...all comparable to the Barbarian, so that's cool.

Green Skin

Hrm...definitely makes the class less MAD, but that's one of the things that helps balance the Barbarian's AC (that they can't just tie everything to Str and Con, dumping Dex). Something to keep in mind.


Seems appropriately thematic, but I'm not sure about balance. At the low end, it seems like a reasonable trade-off, but at the higher levels, getting tons of extra damage to dump your AC into the sea is...questionable. Beyond how a the general advice of RPGs for awhile has been "a killer offense is the best defense" (aka "the best way to make sure the enemy doesn't kill you is to kill them first"), 5e isn't balanced around this kind of thing: my understanding of how bounded accuracy applies to combat is that a characters ability to take down a creature isn't measured by their ability to hit the creature (which should be solid even against powerful foes), but rather is measured by their ability to deal enough damage to take out a non-neglible number of another creature's HP; similarly, defensive capabilities are not primarily measured by being impossible to hit, but by how much punishment you can take. Giving up points of AC (a secondary defensive aspect by designer intention) to increase damage (a primary offensive aspect by designer intention) feels...off. I'm not sure if this is a huge balance problem, but it's the best I can think of to articulate why it comes across as potentially problematic, especially at the higher levels. If nothing else, past a certain level, you're either going to only do a small dump, or you're going to do a full dump; if you're an Ork 20, and you're facing something that can hit you no matter what, there's no reason to only dump 10 points of AC when you can dump 20. Oh yeah, and it also further reduces your need for Dex; that you get features that replace Dex for to-hit and AC boosting at level 1 seems iffy.

Beyond the potential balance issue, how long does the trade-off last? One attack, one round, until you use the ability again to change the trade-off level?


These both seem fine, balance-wise; that said, the stacking +1s to Stealth don't really fit with the idea 5e has of avoiding stacking a bunch of numerical bonuses...but the game doesn't exactly do that everywhere, especially when it comes to Stealth.

Fighting Style

Seems appropriate enough, and balanced enough.

Extra Attack

Seems appropriate/balanced enough.

Improved Critical

This seems fine; little iffy on giving this to anybody other than the Champion, but I guess it's not a huge issue, especially since it comes on so much later. Plus, at least Champion upgrades it at level 15...

WAAAGH!!! Improvement

Super-weapons only you can wield? Not sure how to feel about this, personally, but I guess Paladin gets both a constant extra die and smiting, so it's not too much more than that.

Improveder Critical

...and yet Ork gets the improvement earlier than Champion does? I mean, okay, I'm not even entirely against them getting it, but at level 13? This should probably be delayed to 15 or 17, IMO.

Da Biggest And Da Best

Comparable to the Barbarian capstone; you give up +2 to Con/Con max, in exchange for a constant Enlarge effect (advantage on Str checks, +1d4 weapon damage, AFAICT). Seems balanced enough...well, on its own. Pairing it with other things (Green Skin, for example) is potentially OP, but that's only if Green Skin itself is OP.


"Dok" seems appropriate without being too powerful.

"DokTor" seems like a good upgrade, and the anti-pain option is amusing. I think "advantage on Con saves" is significant enough that the number of skills with disadvantage should be more extensive; my gut says "all Int/Wis/Cha checks, but not saves", but that seems like it might be going a bit too far.

"Mad Dok" gives an assigned expertise, which keeps it from being a bit questionable, and the healing rate is slow enough and limited enough that it too is balanced.

"Sane(?) Doc" seems fun, although a couple more effects would be appreciated. Also, while it seems heavily implied to me, I could definitely see somebody arguing that you should be able to give yourself Fury to stack with your WAAAGH!!!, which I feel plays into that "may as well keep dumping AC" problem that WAAAGH!!! already has at the high levels, so specifying that you can't use "Sane(?) Doc" on yourself would be helpful.

"Medic" is fine as far as the increase in healing magic goes. But triple proficiency for Medicine? If it were any other skill, I'd put my foot down; that it's Medicine just means that I'm only extremely uncomfortable with it. And making your "Mad Dok" regen 1 HP/round seems slow enough that it's still not a huge issue, although I should make sure to ask if this also upgrades the "Sane(?) Doc" ability that grants your "Mad Dok" regen to a party member.

Can't judge the other sub-types yet. Overall, a couple definitely questionable things, but I don't think taking Painboy from 1 to 20 in a real game would prove too problematic; sure, it doesn't get a ton of healing magic, but at the same time, it would be similar to a Barbarian with a healing twist.

2016-07-12, 12:07 AM
Sane(?) Dok Regen is always the same as base Mad Dok regen, never gets better.

What if WAAAAGH! was limited to max of your proficiency bonus, rather than your level? Bit better at level 1, same at 2, and worse thereafter.

2016-07-12, 12:22 AM
Sane(?) Dok Regen is always the same as base Mad Dok regen, never gets better.

What if WAAAAGH! was limited to max of your proficiency bonus, rather than your level? Bit better at level 1, same at 2, and worse thereafter.

The clarification is helpful, thanks. Proficiency bonus would probably be more balanced, although honestly I feel it could use some extra oomph...and it means that the feature gets better even if you multiclass out immediately following lvl 1. Maybe instead of Max=Ork Level or Max=Proficiency Bonus, Max=Half Orc Level (Round Up)? It would mean a full trade-off is still a significant portion of your AC, but it's not gonna send you into single digit/negative territory unless your AC was already terrible, and the DPR bonus would range from 20-40 instead of 40-80 or 12-24. 20-40 bonus damage at 20th level feels appropriate enough (note: these ranges assume attack+extra attack as a base, and attack+extra attack+bonus action+haste as a possible maximum).

2016-07-12, 02:15 AM
One random idea: Change Green Skin's AC to 10 + Proficiency + Stat, and then have WAAAAGH!!! swap your Proficiency Bonus from your AC to your damage. Then boost the damage a bit over the course of your career.

The important bit is that you need to be benefiting from Green Skin to use WAAAAGH!!! - otherwise, doing it that way is toothless.

Heck, you could go for adding a Proficiency Die to damage instead. So if your Proficiency Bonus was +4, you'd go from 14+Dex AC to 10+Dex AC in exchange for adding a d8 to your melee damage. Heck, improve it later by letting you add another Proficiency Die.

A 20th level Ork would be trading a -6 to AC for +2d12 damage.


I might do something with this myself. Maybe a Fighter archetype?

2016-07-12, 03:05 AM
I really want to now whats next in your mind a class that creates your own nids or tau chaste wariors maybe we get eldar as next piece
but I realy want to see create your own nid class with evolutions

2016-07-12, 03:36 AM
Very Very cool. ..

But you are missing some
Crucial odd boyz. For example you
Should add these..

Mekboy/evil sunz (steampunk?)
Runtherd or herda/feral/snakebites
Kommando/blood axe
Mad boyz/pirates (otoh Mad boyz are weird Boyz that went nuts)
Brew boyz?

And then there are all the clans and the various
alternate gang types (ie. Bad ork bike Boyz could ride some kind of steam powered horrors on 2 or 3 wheels)

I would love to see something like this for 3.5

2017-03-15, 10:52 AM
Added Weirdboy and Warboss.

2017-12-14, 09:11 PM
Surely the ability to use your Strength mod instead of Dex would make a one-level dip in this incredibly useful to decrease other multiclassed builds' MADness?