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2016-07-21, 11:40 PM
So I love the idea of the weapon speed factors from The Player's Guide to Fighters and Barbarians from the Scarred Lands campaign setting. With that in I have that I have recently added new weapons to these groups and would like some feedback to where you guys think they belong.

Speed Factor 4 (secondary attacks start at -4 from BAB)
Simple Weapons Melee: Finger Razor, Tamo Dagger
Martial Weapons Melee: Deer Horn Knife
Exotic Weapons Melee: Assassin Beads, Emei Piercer, Prayer Beads

Speed Factor 5
Simple Weapons Melee: Iron Staff, Two-Headed Spear, Two-Section Staff
Martial Weapons Melee: Butterfly Sword
Exotic Weapons Melee: Bull's Head, Gold Coin Spade, Iron Fan, Meteor Hammer, Snake Spear, Three-Section Staff, Whip Chain

Speed Factor 6
Martial Weapons Melee: Kwan Dao
Exotic Weapons Melee: Bagua Dao, Dragon Bench, Flying Guillotine, Monk's Spade, Tiger Fork, Wolf's Head Club