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ES Curse
2016-08-14, 12:59 AM
Holy Avenger
Not all who answer to divine beings do so in the clear-cut manner of Clerics and Paladins. Sometimes, the gods must enact their will covertly. Other times, quiet footsteps and fast hands happen to be the best way to get something done. Enter the Holy Avenger: A killer who draws blood in the name of a god or ideology. Holy Avengers can take on a number of ventures in service of their god, such as protecting other clergy, killing monsters, reclaiming sacred ground, or the grisly work of eliminating heretics. Whatever the objective may be, Holy Avengers will complete their mission by any means necessary, barring any act abhorrent to the tenets of their faith.

L3: With guidance from your order, you learn how to invoke your god's power through divine magic. You gain spell slots and cantrips according to your level and the appropriate row of the Arcane Trickster's Spellcasting table. Your cantrips and spells come from the Cleric spell list (no school restriction), and you prepare a number of spells per day equal to your Wisdom modifier + your Rouge level divided by 3, rounded down (minimum one spell). Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for these spells. In addition, you also gain the Ritual Caster feature from the Cleric class.
L9: When you engage a target by making a weapon or spell attack focused on that creature on no others on your turn, you can choose to declare a Vow of Enmity as a free action. While you and the target are on the same plane of existence, you know their exact location unless they are subject to an effect that negates scrying or magical tracking. If the target is on a different plane, you know which plane they are on but not their exact location within that plane. Sneak Attack damage dealt to this target can be of the radiant type instead of its normal type at your choosing. You also have advantage on Perception, Insight, Survival, and Investigation checks intended to find or predict the target of your Vow of Enmity. (*could be worded better?*) This effect lasts until either the target dies or you have not made an attack roll against it for 24 hours.
L13: You have advantage on melee and spell attack rolls against a creature affected by your Vow of Enmity.
L17: When you deal Sneak Attack damage to the target of your Vow of Enmity, you may maximize all of your Sneak Attack damage die for that attack. This feature can only be used once per long rest.

Not all within the criminal underworld need rely on subtlety. In fact, no Thieves' Guild would ever be complete without some muscle to back up their demands. An Enforcer is a special kind of rouge, skilled in the kind of brute force a criminal organization needs while retaining the core features of a standard rouge to work alongside thieves if needed.

L3: Who needs all that fancy bladework when raw power gets the job done? Your Sneak Attack feature can be used with any one-handed melee weapon provided it meets the other requirements. Sneak Attack damage dealt in this way is reduced by one damage die (ex. 2d6 becomes 1d6) but retains all other properties. At 5th level, you can also Sneak Attack with 2-handed melee weapons, but your Sneak Attack damage is reduced by two damage die. In addition, you have advantage on Strength skill and ability checks to break objects, and may add your proficiency bonus to Strength skill or ability checks to forcefully break open a lock or container that could be unlocked with Thieves' Tools.
L9: Your brutality and menace can be used to win fights before a single attack is made! You may use your Strength modifier in place of your Charisma modifier for Intimidation skill checks. As an action, you can try to intimidate a single target. Make an opposed Intimidation check versus the target's Insight check roll. If your check wins, the target is frightened for one minute.
L13: Someone has to carry all that loot back to the fence, after all! Your carrying capacity (including maximum load and maximum lift) is doubled, and you have advantage on all Strength checks made to push, pull, lift, or break objects.
L17: Getting the jump on your mark can net "stunning" results! When you hit a creature that is surprised or roll a natural 20 on a melee attack roll using Strength, that creature becomes stunned (no save) until the end of your next turn.

I haven't put a whole lot of time on this, so if something feels too strong or too weak, please point it out.

2016-08-14, 01:37 AM
The spelling nazi in me cringes every time I see the word "Rouge" and not have it mean makeup. :smalltongue:

2016-08-14, 02:24 AM
Holy Avenger
Does Vow of Enmity apply before or after the triggering attack? If it's before, then it's broken. There is no limit on using Vow of Enmity except that you can't attack anyone else that turn, which is easy to fulfil because rogue doesn't have extra attack. Ergo, you will be able to apply Vow of Enmity every time you attack, and starting at level 13, have advantage on every attack you make.
Nitpick: There are no free actions in 5e. You can just leave "as a free action" out and people will assume that it has no action cost.

Unless I'm overlooking some synergy, there's no reason to reduce sneak attack damage when using a strength-based weapon. A two-handed longsword deals only 1 more damage than a rapier, so unless less than 1/3 of your attacks are sneak attacks, you're actually losing damage by using this. And finesse weapons can be wielded using strength anyways (which qualifies for Reckless Attack), so you're literally gaining nothing out of this.
At 5th level, you might get some actual benefit from using a 2d6 weapon, if not for the fact that sneak attack damage is further lowered to once again make it pointless. Also, rogues don't have proficiency in any 2d6 weapons.
And then there's the additional drawback that this is a strength-based character with only light armour proficiency.

To fix it: At level 3, give proficiency in martial weapons and medium armour, allow using one-handed strength-based weapons for sneak attack without penalty, and allow using two-handed weapons for sneak attack at a -1d6 sneak attack reduction. This way you'll deal slightly more damage than usual, which is good, because you're getting this ability in place of Fast Hands, Assassinate, or half-casting. You need to get some benefit out of it aside from the situational advantage on checks to break stuff.

Secondly, the level 9 feature should probably be modelled after the berserker's Intimidating Presence, with a wis saving throw instead of an opposed check. I've never played berserker, but I believe Intimidating Presence is generally considered crappy, so you could have the effect last one minute with a repeated saving throw instead of one round.