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2016-08-24, 03:32 PM
I've noticed that there are a lot more people making builds to use shillelagh for bards, clerics, monks, paladins and warlock then there are for druids. So I've decided that it might be fun to have a circle based around it. But I found it difficult making a weapon focused druid without stepping on the rangers toes to much. But this is what I came up with, Though I'm not really pleased with the LVL 14 ability I thought of giving it Land Stride but I wanted to give this circle something on there own and I thought extra movement could be a nice feature for a subclass with a melee focus. Also if you can help me with a fitting name that would be great. Please tell me what you think.

Druid Circle of the opposable thumbs

Lvl 2 Improved shillelagh:
You have become more adapt in changing the sacred wood you use for you calling. You can let it grow in shapes that benefit you, even letting it use its vines, branches or roots grab a stone to use as hammer, spear or axe heads.
You learn the Shillelagh cantrip. If you already know this cantrip, you learn a different druid cantrip of your choice. The cantrip doesnít count against your number of cantrips known.
When you cast shillelagh you can chose to change the shape you club or staff giving it Piercing or Slashing damage appropriate to the shape you choose. If your weapon is under influence of shillelagh it now deals 1d10 damage instead of 1d8.

Lvl 2 living armor:
You can perform rituals to get rid of a wearable items impurities so that these do not interfere with your connection to the natural world.
You can perform a ritual on a piece of armor that takes 1 hour to compete, you need to be able to touch the armor, be near a large tree, and you need to be proficient in the armor. When you completed the ritual the armor has been purified and appears to have become wood or some fey metal but still has the same properties that the original armor had, but isnít counted as metal or cold iron. You can only alter one set of armor this way if you perform this ritual on another set of armor the previous one becomes as it was before you altered it. This also happens 1d4 days after you die. Only you can wear this armor you can don and doff it at the rate it would as if you were helped since the armor aids you when putting it on, also wearing this armor doesn't impose disadvantage on stealth checks.

Lvl 6 Extra Attack:
You can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn

Lvl 10 Elemental Shillelagh:
The mystical energies that fuel your magic now infuse your weapon with elemental energy.
As a bonus action you can expand one of your wild shapes to grand your weapon attacks an extra 1d6 cold, fire, or lightning damage (your choice) to the target. For 1 minute.

Lvl 14 Sacred Soil:
Your connection to the land helps you get to your destination sooner.
When walking on unmanufactured ground you can dash as a bonus action. And your travel speed and that of up to 10 friendly creatures is doubled.

2016-08-24, 05:27 PM
This actually seems pretty balanced and a cool gish concept.

2016-08-24, 07:04 PM
Level 20 Druid gets your lvl 20 feature basically permanently. Is that intended on your part?

2016-08-25, 12:28 AM
This actually seems pretty balanced and a cool gish concept.

thank you:smallbiggrin:

Level 20 Druid gets your lvl 20 feature basically permanently. Is that intended on your part?

Yes it is, I think that it is probably more flavourfull than the land druid who might rarely shape shifts to get unlimited shape shifts. And it is also probably less strong than the unlimited elemental form that the moon druid has. Its a bit like the divine smite of a paladin but it has a smaller die and cant be upgraded to do more damage.
The only thing I'm not shure about is if I need to put concentration on it since it is a bit like a new version of hunters mark, divine favour and hex. But then again it is gained later and it is also similar to the clerics divine strike and the paladins divine smite.