View Full Version : Pathfinder 'Jack Marshal Archetype for a Ranger

2016-09-03, 07:14 PM
I'm looking to start a game in the near future as our current campaign is coming to a close. The setting I have in mind is a homebrew based loosely on the Iron Kingdoms setting from Privateer Press that I ran back in college. I've converted most things from 3.5 to Pathfinder, but there are a few classes and such that would require extensive workarounds.

One of my players wants to play a ranger with a steamjack (think steampunk golem) companion instead of a normal animal companion. While I have converted a lot of the steamjack creation rules from the Iron Kingdoms books (and I'm pretty I might be in trouble if I post them here), I'm worried they might simply be hard to balance for a companion.

My current thought process is creating an archetype based on the 'Jack Marshal from Iron Kingdoms, which forms a bond with a single steamjack. I'm not sure how to balance the archetype. My question to you all is: how much should I take away to give a more powerful companion? I don't think there is any specific abilities that would be missed, and I think losing spells would fit mechanically.

Thank you for reading!