View Full Version : DM Help Severing the tie between vampire thrall and master(Legend in Rovaan stay out please)

Magic Myrmidon
2016-09-12, 11:37 AM
Hi, all,

Through a really long story that I'd be happy to tell if people are REALLY interested, we have a vampire/cyborg PC who accidentally obtained about 100 thralls. In this case, their thrallhood is more like Ghouls in WoD, in that they basically place their master highest on their priority, and will do anything for him, but have free will otherwise. One of them is his love interest, so he's seeking a way to sever the tie between him and his thralls, so that they'll be completely independent again.

He's sought the help of the best necromancer in the world, a 1500 year old elven lich. This lich actually created vampires (again, accidentally), and feels guilty about it (my setting is far from the traditional setting). So he wants to help.

So what I need is a suitable process for disentangling the groups. So far, my ideas are for the character to become entirely robotic, which will mean there is nothing vampiric left. That would mean giving up what little is left of his humanity, but would be otherwise a clean cut. Otherwise, the gods are beginning to return in the setting, so I could use this chance to have the players meet one of them, and have the god try to remove the vampirism from the PC. This would involve various tasks such as retrieving an artifact, cleansing a spring, etc. But I don't know whether the god should be benevolent, selfish, or what. Finally, there's the options of ordering his thralls to kill him. In doing so, they wouldn't technically be free, but there wouldn't be any more orders, and the thralls would be happy knowing that they gave him his last wish.

I definitely would like alternatives, too. I want the player to be able to choose their path, but I want each path to involve some sort of sacrifice. He got himself into this situation, and vampiric stuff is rarely all sunshine and rainbows. Especially with the problems with sunlight.

So. Any ideas?