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"There is no evil in the human heart so all-encompassing that it leaves no room for the seeds of good."

Redeemed Sinners were once the worst of the worst, the evillest, vilest, most foul practitioners of unholy worship and rights. They were not merely those who had performed deeds of great evil but had done so willfully and knowingly in the sworn service of darkness. Even so Redeemed Sinners are those who have turned away from their own darkness, have shunned the powers they once wielded, and chosen to embrace that light they once fought against.


To become a Redeemed Sinner one must once have been a sinner, but having tasted of evil they must have since recanted their ways and made heartfelt attempts at amends and then they must seek out the forces of Good and plead for a chance at redemption, a chance to through good acts to repair the damage they have done or to at least hope to reverse their overall effect on the cosmos. They must develop a basic knowledge of these forces and a basic skill that allows them to at least live and contribute without violence, even if they intend to swear themselves to fighting evil with force of arms.

Alignment: Any non-evil.
Character Level: 5 plus. Yeah I know Savage Species says not to do this, but itís the least unnatural way I can think of that doesnít cut off characters that arenít intended to be cut off.
Skills: Craft or Profession (any) 3 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks.
Special: Must have levels in Blackguard, Paladin of Tyranny or Slaughter, possess at least 1 Vile feat that you no longer benefit from due to your alignment change, or have the Evil subtype (if your base race has the Evil subtype and you somehow lost it it still qualifies). If these levels are later replaced (such as by Path of Redemption) you do not lose access to Redeemed Sinner.
Special: Must seek out a Good aligned Outsider or a cleric of a Good aligned god to sponsor your redemption and must undergone an atonement spell to change your alignment to Good and swear to maintain and exalted standard of behavior.

Class Skills
The Redeemed Sinner's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Autohypnosis (Wis), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Knowledge (the planes) (Int), Profession (Wis), and Sense Motive (Wis).
Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int

Hit Dice: d8

LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecial
Spells per Day


+2Path of Redemption, Guidance of Heaven, Sacred Vow, Subduing Smite1----
+3Bonus Exalted Feat, Shoulder Burden211--
+4Reject Evil, Turned from Darkness2211-
+4Glimpse of Goodness, Greater Guidance of Heaven, Weight of Misdeeds32221

Weapon Proficiencies: A redeemed sinner gains no new armor or weapon proficiencies.

Path of Redemption: A redeemed sinner is on the path to redemption and must stay there. A redeemed sinner who ceases to maintain an exalted way of life loses all class features until they atone if atonement is possible. In addition a redeemed sinner must perform an act of charity or heroism between each time they gain a level in redeemed sinner, this must be an action to help others with no expectation of reward that also incurs noticeable personal cost or risk (giving a beggar a gold piece does not count, spending 1,000 gold building them a house at 8th level counts, spending 1,000 gold building them a house at 20th level would not; fighting a vampire to save the beggar they were about to kill counts).

Whenever you gain a level in redeemed sinner (including your first) you make headway upon this path. If you have vile feats you no longer benefit from due to a good alignment you gain a bonus Exalted feat up to the number of Vile feats you formerly possessed (but only 1/level). If you have levels in a class which required a non-Good alignment you may replace 1 level in it with another class each time you level in Redeemed Sinner, this cannot be a second level in Redeemed Sinner however.

Guidance of Heaven (Su): A redeemed sinner is aided and guided by the forces of Good. If an effect would compel the redeemed sinner to commit an act which would in any way violate the tenants of their exalted status or any exalted feat they possess they gain a second saving throw against that effect with a bonus equal to their Wisdom modifier if positive (in the case of dominate and similar effects which allow a second save at a bonus for uncharacteristic behavior they do not make 2 additional saves, but one with the combined bonuses), this guidance also provides them information as a phylactery of faithfulness. In addition this guidance grants a redeemed sinner an inherent bonus to Wisdom equal to their class level and a redeemed sinner adds their Wisdom modifier to Intelligence and Charisma based skills.

Sacred Vow (Su): A redeemed sinner has made a sacred vow of redemption, and gains the Sacred Vow feat as a bonus feat.

Subduing Smite (Su): A redeemed sinner is able to channel the might of good to bring low foes without slaying them. Once per day per redeemed sinner level a redeemed sinner may add their Wisdom modifier to an attack roll and their character level to their damage with a single attack or spell (if the spell does not include an attack roll it does not gain the Wisdom modifier to hit but is still applicable) against Evil creatures and any damage from the attack or spell becomes nonlethal. While the attack and damage bonus applies only against Evil creatures, this ability can still be used to make normally lethal damage nonlethal against Good and Neutral creatures.

Spellcasting: A redeemed sinner casts spells from the spell list below. They are divine spells with save DC and bonus spells based off of the redeemed sinner's Wisdom and a required Wisdom of 10 + spell level to cast. They cast spells spontaneously and know all spells on the Redeemed Sinner spell list as soon as they gain access to that level of spellcasting.

1st: Bless Water, Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Evil, Vision of HeavenBoED.

2nd: Consecrate, Cure Moderate Wounds, Ease PainBoED, Lesser Restoration, Remove AddictionBoED.

3rd: Cure Serious Wounds, Magic Circle against Evil, RefreshmentBoED, Remove Curse, Remove Disease.

4th: Cure Critical Wounds, Neutralize Poison, Restoration.

5th: Atonement, Hallow, Mass Cure Light Wounds, Raise Dead, RevivifySpC

Zeal (Ex): Few have greater zeal in the cause than the convert, or in life than one who once devalued it and has repented their depravity. Beginning at 2nd level a redeemed sinner is able to use relics of any Good aligned deity as if they had the True Believer feat for that god. In addition whenever they receive a morale bonus that bonus is increased by +1.

Bonus Exalted Feat (Su): A redeemed sinner has gone some way on the path to redemption and their acts of Good are rewarded. At 3rd level a redeemed sinner gains a single Exalted feat they qualify for.

Shoulder Burden (Su): A redeemed sinner knows that there is more to Good than the defeat of Evil, and sometimes it is more important to help one in suffering than to avenge them. They learn to take the suffering of another upon themselves with a touch. Beginning at 3rd level as a standard action a redeemed sinner may remove ability damage, ability drain, negative levels, exhaustion/fatigue, diseases, and poisons from a creature, however they immediately suffer all the removed ability damage, ability drain, negative levels, exhaustion/fatigue, diseases, and poisons; a redeemed sinner's immunities and resistances do not apply to effects taken upon themselves this way and they may not cure a creature of a disease they themselves are currently suffering. A redeemed sinner can take on hp damage this way as well, suffering damage equal to the amount removed from the target, again damage reduction and resistances do not apply, and regeneration will not change lethal damage taken this way to nonlethal; if you remove a creature's vile damage you receive it as vile damage. Finally you may remove a creature's taint taking it upon yourself, but you cannot reduce a creature's taint to a lower threshold this way unless they gained the current threshold of taint within the last 24 hours.

Reject Evil (Sp): A redeemed sinner has rejected evil in their hearts and rejects its supernatural power over reality. Beginning at 4th level a redeemed sinner can perform a touch that banishes evil. This functions as one of the following ways. In the first use it emulates a targeted greater dispel magic with a Caster Level equal to the redeemed sinner's character level but it can only dispel spell effects cast (or used as spell-like abilities) by creatures of the evil alignment, with the Evil subtype, through the use of an evil magic item, or spell effects of spells with the evil descriptor. In the second use it banishes a touched Evil aligned extraplanar creature, or expels a possessing creature with the Evil alignment; a Will save (DC 10 + class level + Wis modifier) is allowed to resist this use. In the third use it destroys an evil magic item, this includes evil aligned intelligent items, unholy and profane weapons, any item that requires the user to be evil aligned, emulates an evil spell, or which requires an evil spell in its creation, as well as any item the DM decides is evil, the item is allowed a Will save (DC 10 + class level + Wis modifier) to resist this effect and an intelligent item or minor artifact which saves is immune to that redeemed sinner's reject evil until they gain a character level; major artifacts are unaffected. Regardless of the method of use this is the equivalent of a 6th level spell of the Abjuration school and Good descriptor.

Turned from Darkness (Ex): A redeemed sinner has well and truly turned from darkness and no magic nor force can tempt them back to its seductive embrace. Beginning at 4th level if a mind-affecting effect, or other ability that controls another creature's actions, would cause a redeemed sinner to commit an evil act it ends immediately before it can cause the redeemed sinner to commit such an act. If this effect was a possession effect the possessing creature is forced out of the redeemed sinner.

Glimpse of Goodness (Su): A redeemed sinner can grant a creature knowledge of what it is like to be good. Beginning at 5th level once per day a redeemed sinner may cause up to 5 creatures within 30-ft to make a Will save (DC 15 + Wisdom modifier). If they fail their alignment temporarily becomes Good (retaining their Lawful/Chaotic aspect) for 1 minute/character level of the redeemed sinner. The subjects retains whatever outlooks, allegiances, and relationships it had previously as long as they do not conflict with its new alignment. Otherwise, they act with their new selfless, merciful, and kind outlook in all manners. A creature affected by this is unlikely to immediately betray its old companions, but is likely to try and find a peaceful solution to problems. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect, and Outsiders with the Evil subtype gain a +4 bonus to saves against it.

Greater Guidance of Heaven (Su): A redeemed sinner is able to tap more deeply into the guidance of heavenly forces as they finish their path to redemption. Beginning at 5th level once per day per Exalted feat they possess a redeemed sinner may add their Wisdom modifier to an attack roll, saving throw, ability check, spell resistance check, or their character level to a skill check. This is a free action and is part of the roll it modifies (and can be used outside of their turn).

Weight of Misdeeds (Su): A redeemed sinner may cause creatures to feel the symbolic weight of their actions upon the world, the crushing force of the sins they have committed. Beginning at 5th level once per day as a standard action a redeemed sinner may bring this metaphysical weight to bear on creatures within a 20 ft radius within 100 ft. Neutral (on the Good-Evil axis) creatures within this area must make a Will save (DC 15 + Wis modifier) or be fatigued. Evil creatures, and neutral aligned clerics of evil gods, within this area must make a Will save or be fatigued and suffer nonlethal damage equal to 1d4 per hit die they possess. Particularly depraved evil creatures such as rapists, cold-blooded murderers, serial killers, evil aligned undead, and clerics of evil gods that fail their Will save take 1d8 nonlethal damage per hit die they possess and are exhausted, even on a successful saving throw they take half this damage (but are not exhausted). Truly vile evil creatures such as evil creatures possessing vile feats, paladins of tyranny or slaughter, blackguards, and clerics of archfiends/elder evils/ancient ones take 1d10 nonlethal damage per hit die and are exhausted if they fail their save, even on a successful save they take half this damage and are fatigued. Creatures with the Evil descriptor suffer no ill-effect from this ability regardless of alignment, worship of archfiends, vile feats, and whether they are not in the middle of serial killing orphans to summon a dark god, the cosmic weight of guilt is light as a feather to the hearts of beings literally made of Evil. Creatures with Intelligence of 2 or less are likewise immune (even if evil undead) as they are incapable of true evil or of feeling the metaphysical weight of good and evil.


A redeemed sinner is above all else repentant. They have done deeds of great evil which they now regret and they seek through doing good in the world to make amends. They know they have harmed others, and where possible they will put a personal end to the ongoing ripples of that harm. Typically redeemed sinners combine guilt with zeal, driven by their twin lashes, guilt making them seek to undo what harm they can and zeal to help others find the proper path as they have.

Combat: A redeemed sinner possesses all around decent to good chassis, with full BAB and all good saves, however they merely have d8 hit dice and few of their class features directly aid in combat. Still their abilities can help keep allies alive, remove the effects of evil, and even to work better alongside bards and clerics.

Resources: Redeemed sinners usually lack the resources they once had as villains, but they have the help of heavenly forces even if not always the full trust of them. In addition they may make excellent use of various good aligned relics.


"Don't let him fool you! A monster like that could never truly change!"

Redeemed sinners must live with their misdeeds and a world that includes those who rightfully hate them for their actions. While their acts of charity can win them forgiveness at times, it is still a simple fact that they hurt others before and the after effects will be felt. As such many redeemed sinners know, and accept, that they will be hated and even despised by many, yet it is their duty to not yield to the darkness they once embraced and rain fire and destruction upon those who hate them and take up arms to cast down their arrows and slings!!!! No, they must through good deeds and noble acts show the world that even monsters can change.

Daily Life: Most redeemed sinners live near ascetic lives now, wracked by guilt for their former misdeeds they devote themselves to a selfless and penitent life. Of course this phase eventually passes, the guilt fades, and the good they have done piles up, but even then redeemed sinners know they must never forget their zeal. For most redeemed sinners the first thought on their mind in the morning is not my bladder is full but 'what good can I work in the world today?'

Organizations: Redeemed sinners can be found in many organizations. Either churches or other organizations for the redemption of those who have fallen onto a dark path are natural places for redeemed sinners to congregate. While few others in them will have sunk to the depths that a redeemed sinner had, few others will strive to climb to the heights that they do as well.