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2016-09-16, 03:19 PM
Hello again. I have had an idea to stat up the Efreet Sultan, and came up with a few custom artifacts I want him to have. Just want to see what other people think of these.

Nightsaber (Major Artifact)
The Efreet Sultan wields a huge +2 Flaming Burst Scimtar with some unique properties. The blade of the weapon under the flaming wreath is solid black and only slightly curved. This is balanced by the elaborately worked handle, which symbolically depicts some god or other. The pomel of the blade glows a shining white which hurts to focus on. If the blade damages an enemy (not with fire damage) the victim must make a DC 30 fortitude save or be annihilated along with their soul. Constructs and the Undead are not immune to this effect as it is not a true death effect. Characters under the protection of a death ward recieve a +5 bonus to their saving throws against this effect. In addition to this. Once per round if the blade strikes someones touch armor class the wielder make make a free sunder attempt against that character ignoring all hardness.

Ioun Stone- Black Cabochon (Lesser Artifact)
Little is known about the origins of these rare gems. Supposedly the Sultan returned from his voyages with four of these stones. One was given as a marriage gift to his wife, and the other was given to some undecided ally. Rumors however say that a few of these have been found by other great explorers, but their location is a closely kept secret. The Sultans stones are kept with him at all times, however he often stows them on his person rather than leaving such disruptive objects awake.

Once per 1d4+1 rounds when a character other than the user would cast a spell the Black Cabochon will attempt to counter that spell as a greater dispel magic. The Stone gets a +35 bonus to the dispel check.