View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Purified Eye of Vecna

Blood of Gaea
2016-09-19, 03:58 PM
This is a relatively minor homebrew, but my players liked it enough I figured I would share.

In a high level campaign the party's Warlock had taken the Eye of Vecna awhile back, I later "offered" the Hand of Vecna (I.E. it showed up), he instead offered it to his patron as a sacrifice (the other plays had no interest in Vecna type stuff).

The patron rewarded him by destroying the Hand as a catalyst to "purify" the Eye.

-No longer effects alignment.
-Looses it's spell casting, instead it can store one 5th level or lower spell a day, that can be cast as an action (the spell must be cast while focusing on the eye) doing this does not use a spell slot for that spell, but the spell must be prepared.
-The X-ray vision no longer causes exhaustion.
-It is now permanently his left eye, if it's removed it losses all properties, and can be grown back as normal.
-It still takes an attunement slot.