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2016-09-26, 07:30 PM
Hello. This is my first time making a homebrew race and class. If possible could people please help me with looking over the class and race and making sure that they are balanced.

Here is the class. I have yet to name it so if possible could someone give me a name for it

Hit dice 1d10
First level 10 plus con
Hit dice after first level 1d10 or 6
Armors light medium
Weapon proficiency simple martial
Saving throws. Strength Wisdom

At level one you gain the ability to cast misty steps without somatic or component equal times the wisdom modifier. You regain the uses after a long rest

At level two you gain a fighting bonus
Two hand-When you engage in two weapon fighting, you can add your ability modifier to the damage of the second attack.
Great Weapon Fighting-When you roll 1 or 2 on a damage die for an attack you make a with a melee attack that are you are wielding with two hands, you can reroll the dice and must use the new roll, even if the new roll is a 1 or 2
Defense-While wearing Armor you gain a +1 to AC

At level three you can choice an archetype. Either way of the knight or way of the berserker

At level 5 you can attack twice per turn instead of once. This is increases to three at level 12

At level 9 your training as allowed you to misty step double the times of your wisdom modifier. You can expend a use to allow one of your allies to misty step.

At level 11 you can cast teleport once per long rest and at level 14 you can cast gate once per long rest.

At level 17 you can cast misty step an unlimited amount of times. You can cast teleport five times a day and cast Gate 2 times a day.

Way of the knight.
Upon selecting this at level 3 you gain 4d8 superiority die. You can select 3 maneuvers from the phb

At level three you can bond one weapon to your body after an hour ritual.

At level 7 you gain the ability to teleport to an ally that is getting attacked. Your opponent will then target you instead of your ally

At level 10 you gain the ability to teleport 30 feet and make a melee attack after the teleport is made. You can not throw the weapon and use this ability. It may be used once per turn.

At level 15 you gain the ability to teleport you and your allies out of harms way of a fire ball or aoe attack.

At level 17 you gain the ability to banish or send creatures or ships of your choice to an area or plane of existence. If it is an unwilling the creature must make a wisdom save against your maneuver dc.

Path of the Berserker

Starting at level three you enter a berserkers state. This causes you to become resistant to one type of damage being piercing bludgeoning or slashing. You can change this after three rounds of combat

At level three you gain the ability to heal yourself in combat. You heal 1d10x your level

At level 7 you gain the ability to further your berserker state. You can use a reaction to caught an enemy missile and you now gain resistance to either slashing piercing or bludgeoning.

At level ten you gain the ability to deal an extra damage based on your wisdom modifier when you attack.
At level 15 you gain the ability to chain several attacks of enemies that are less then 30 feet away. Each attack takes a negative 2 to each attack. This attack will use your actions this turn and you can only use this once per long rest.

At level 17 you gain the ability to become immune to one damage type and also gain resistance to two other damage you can also negate one of the negative two attacks.

And Here is my home brew race

The Kami
Height: The shortest of the race stands at 6 ft and the tallest at 8 ft 5
Size:Your size is considered Medium
Ability Score:Increases Strength by 2
Age:This race matures as the same time as humans but will slow down their aging when reached physical maturity. There are some record of these creatures living to 600 years old.
Language: This race can speak both Common and Abyssal. As a member of this race you can speak telepathic for 30 feet.
Dark vision: this race has 60 feet of dark vision
SubRaces. There are two sub races for this race. The Warriors and the Darkened ones
The Warriors
Increase your constitution score by one.
When you are dropped to zero hit points you can choose to have one hit point instead.

The Darkened One
Increase your wisdom ability score by one
Inanate Magic. You can faerie fire at level one and at level 5 you can cast hold person

2016-09-26, 09:34 PM
The races look mostly fine, but I wouldn't give Faerie Fire or Hold Person; those are some extremely potent spells for a racial ability.

The class looks incomplete, and not just in the fact that it's missing a name. From a lore standpoint, what's the flavor? Who would take this class, and why? From a mechanics standpoint, many of the abilities lack an action requirement or list how many times they can be used per day. From a balance standpoint, here's what I find particularly egregious:

1. What level do you get things? You have the main class and the subclasses getting all their features at the same level, and no capstone.

2. Level 9 (esp. in conjunction with Level 17). Does it take an action to give your allie(s) Misty Step? How many people can you affect at once? By level 17, can I Misty Step my party, my party's family, the town they came from, and an army every round?

3. Extra Attack (2) shouldn't be on Level 12; that's an ASI level. 14 or 11 would work much better.

4. Knight 7. Is there a range limit? Doe it cost your reaction? How many times a day can you use this?

5. Knight 10. What is the action cost? How many times a day can I do this?

6. Knight 15. What does this do, mechanically? How do you teleport them out, and how does it help? How many times per day can you use this? What is the action cost? What is the range?

7. Knight 17. What. Seriously, what? What's the action cost? Which plane do you send things to; do you get to choose? What's the action cost? What's the range? How many times per day can you do this? How many things can you, for lack of a better word, planeshift at a time?

8. Berserker 3. What is the action cost to rage? How long does it last? Also, that heal is ridiculous. What's the action cost? How many times a day can you use it? 1d10xLevel is insanely strong; it would be better to follow in the footsteps of the fighter and make it 1d10+Level.

9. Berserker 10. How much extra damage? Is it straight Wisdom modifier?

10. Berserker 15. How many attacks can you make? Can I just keep swinging forever, until I only deal damage when I crit?

Right now, the class is missing so much, it's hard to judge just how strong it is, but from what I've seen, it looks overpowered.

2016-09-27, 08:48 AM
I will add the lore to the class at a later date. I was thinking that this is a group of monster hunters that each made a pact with an archfey long ago. The arch fey granted the ability to misty step to these monster hunters and over time it was found out that this ability would be passed down throughout the bloodline of the hunters. There was two schools that were made to help the new recruits and train them in the way of combat.

At level nine when you give your allies the ability to misty step it will cost a bonus action and the allies must be within ten feet of you.

For the level cap I have had it where your strength and wisdom increase by two. This can go over 20 and up to 22.

For the knight level 7. I have it where it is a reaction and it can be used twice per day. You regain the uses after a long rest.

For the knight level 10, you can use equal to your wisdom modifier up to five times a day and regain the uses after a long rest.

For the knight level 15, you roll a d20 and add your wisdom modifier. If you succeed a dc of 15 of higher you and allies that are within 30 feet of you are teleported 60 ft behind the enemy. You and your allies with take half damage. This can only be used once be long rest.

For the knight level 17, the ability to banish a creature that has to be 120 feet from you and you must have a clear line of sight on the creature that you are casting this on. This takes your full turn to do send the creature to a plane of your choice.

For the berserker level 3. Rage can be started as a bonus action and it lasts for a minute. You can use rage 3 times a day and it will increase to four at 7 and five at 10 and 6 at 15. The heal would be a full action to use and you regain 1d10 + level.

For the berserker level 10. You gain an additional 1d4 damage dice with a straight wisdom modifier.

For the berserker level 15. I changed it to the three attacks with a negative 2 after the first chain attack. The second attack would have a negative 2 and the last one would of be at a negative of 4.

2016-09-27, 11:15 AM
Aside from what was added above I have a few comments.

1) Level 1 is too early for a level 2 spell(misty step) usable multiple times per day.
2) I get the planeswalker vibe as far as flavor is concerned. Your main abilities are misty step, teleportation, and gate. Definetely something to do with the planes. I might focus in more on that with abilities.
3) Multiple extra attacks are kinda the fighters thing. Paladins have smite, Rangers have multiattack, rogues have sneak attack, fighters get lots of attacks. Your class needs it's own thing, dont steal from what makes the fighter class unique and viable.

Start with that and the details Rerem115 suggested.