View Full Version : D&D 3.x Class Aspiring Lich Concept(W.I.P)

2016-10-16, 11:25 AM
So I recently started a necromancer who is kinda on a quest to achieve Lichdom, and I've taken a TON of inspiration from WOW and MTG,

What I want to do is be able to not only command/summon undead but also be able to control spirits, and "Customize" my servants via stitching, soul binding, rune engraving, etc.

How would I go about this?

A good example would be me attempting to create intelligent "Arcane Minions" As I would like to call them, my best example would be dominating a powerful spirit (of a former magic user), and then, taking a "Custom" skeleton that has a powerful runic inscription of telepathy and telekinesis, as well as armor infused to the bones (via breaking the bones, placing the armor, and healing the skeleton *with magic of course*) and binding the spirit to the skeleton to finish the minion's creation.

Potential uses of this arcane minion:
-Acting as one of my "Generals"
-Carrying out research for me
-Support caster
-Scrollmaking(if possible)

I feel like this could be an incredible idea, please help me develop this!

2016-10-16, 02:56 PM
For 3.5 or 5e?

2016-10-16, 06:02 PM
For 3.5 or 5e?

Hmmmmmm........ IDK, I'm still pretty new to D&D so either I guess... This is one of the reasons I need help.