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Battle Ranger

A ranger that dedicates himself to battling the undead to free the land of there blight. One must have either trained or take 6 months to train under a druidic order to the north of fearun at the spine of the world. A battle ranger is used to the harsh conditions of battling the undead and any force that is a threat to the lands of fearun. Through vigorous training and researching of how to kill the undead he gains the knowledge and reflexes to kill all types of undead including the ability to track the essence of undead who use phylacteries to resurrect themselves and destroy those abominations of the land. They learn the ways of prayer and for an entire month of there training they pray along with every night before bed to gain the favor of their god and be blessed with powers to aid them against the undead.

Hd.8. Skills:same as core ranger
Battle ranger starts with a fav. Enemy undead and fav. Terrain forest as a bonus feats.

Lvl. Bab. Saves. Pray kn./xday

1. +1. +2/0/2. 0. 0.

2. +2. +3/0/3. 0. 0.

3. +3. +3/1/3. 1. 0.

4. +4. +4/1/4. 1. 1.

5. +5. +4/1/4 1. 1.

6. +6/+1. +5/2/5 1. 1.

7. +7/+2. +5/2/5. 2. 1.

8. +8/+3. +6/2/6. 2. 2.

9. +9/+4. +6/3/6. 2. 2.

10. +10/+5. +7/3/7. 2. 2.

11. +11/+6/+1. +7/3/7. 3. 2.

12. +12/+7/+2. +8/4/8. 3.3.

13. +13/+8/+3. +8/4/8. 3.3

14. +14/+9/+4. +9/4/9. 3.3.

15. +15/+10/+5. +9/5/9. 4.3

16.+16/+11/+6/+1, +10/5/10. 4. 4

17.+17/+12/+7/+2, +10/5/10. 4. 4.

18.+18/+13/+8/+3, +11/6/11. 4.4

19.+19/+14/+9/+4, +11/6/11. 5.4

20.+20/+15/+10/+5, +12/6/12. 5.5

Lvl. Feats

Lvl. Feats
1. Combat style, track.
2. Bonus feat
3. evasion
4. hunter's bond
5. bonus feat
6. improved combat style
7. Track undead energy.
8. Uncanny dodge
9. Stride of a battle ranger
10. Combat masteries
11. Fav enemy necromancer.
12. None. (pathfinder, quarry.)
13. Improved uncanny dodge
14. None. ( pathfinder, bonus feat.)
15. Critical undead
16. None. (pathfinder, bonus feat.)
17. hide in plain sight
18. Improved evasion
19. None. (pathfinder, Improved quarry)
20. battle rage.

Track undead energy
Gain +5 bonus to tracking undead and the ability to track the essence of life to its source. Ex. Dracolichs die and their life essence gos to phylacteries.

Stride of a battle ranger
In any terrain while tracking undead you and your party take no penalties to difficult terrains.

Critical undead: you may now hit undead with critical hits due to your extensive research on how to kill the undead and gain a +0.5 to your critical multiplier vs undead types.

Gain companion (lvls as druid)
You gain a companion that levels just as it would on a druid.

Battle rage: 3/day: gain a +4 to strength and dexterity and +4 to your critical threat range +0.5 to your critical multiplier. This last for 2 turns.


Prayer to Silvanus
+2 to wisdom
Gain a +1 to all saves and +2 to all damage resistances.

Prayer to Tempus
Gain +1 to attack and damage. +1 to ac and +2 to all damage resistances.

Prayer of Wild Wind
Causes a wind storm
Heals all allies in sight for 1d12+1/lvl. Causes all enemies in it to make a dc=10+wis+1/lvl. Or can not move from there spot.

Prayer of flame
Grant all allies in sight 1d6 fire damage and a 20 fire resistance.

Prayer of the wild
For 3 turns you have the power of the wild on your side. Any beast type creature is now on your side and attacks your enemy.

Prayer of the hunt
All allies in sight gain +2 to attack and +1 to damage. Gain +5 to checks on survival, hide, and move silently against a target creature. Choose target upon prayer activation.

Prayer of cooling breeze
Heals all allies in sight for 2d8+4 health. Removes all negative effects.

Prayer of the shield
Give +10 to all resistances. While shielded by prayer you gain cover 100%.

Prayer to the Earth
The ground beneath your enemies grabs them and makes them immobile. Dc=spell save dc.

Prayer of growth
Acts as entangle with a dc +2 to your spell dc. Damages for 1d4 per turn.

Prayer of winding strikes
Gives all allies 1d6 force damage and 1 extra attack.

Prayer of frost
Gain 1d6 frost damage and on hit chance of freezing. Dc=spell dc.

Prayer of the Battle ranger
Gain +2 to hit and damage. Gain +2 to all saves. +10 to all damage resistances.

Prayer for aid against undead
All allies gain +2 to str and dex. Gain 5dr&sr against undead types. Deal an extra 1d8 holy damage to undead.

Prayer of Godly Power
Lvl. 20 requirement
Gain +2 to all stats, +4 to all saves, and +6 to all skills. Gain a +2 to attack and +4 to damage.
Deal 2d12+wis upon prayer activation to a target of your choice.

Prayer ruling: prayers act as spells and take up a full action. You can move then cast prayers. All prayers only last until the players next turn. After that turn the effects were off.

Epic levels.

Lvl. praykn./xday

21. 5.5

22. 5.5

23. 6.5

24. 6.6

25. 6.6

26. 6.6

27. 7.6

28. 7.7

29. 7.7

30. 7.7


21.none. (pathfinder, combat style.)

22. bonus feat

23. None. (pathfinder, slayer's knack.)

24. Bonus feat

25. None. (pathfinder, bless blade 1.)

26. Bonus feat

27. none. ( pathfinder, bless blade 2.)

28. Bonus feat

29. None. (pathfinder, bless blade 3.)

30. Master ranger


bless blade:

Keen Blessing: +6 to critical threat range +3 to Critical multiplier.

Forest Blessing: grants a +8 to attack rolls and a extra 4d8 piercing damage.

Battle Blessing: Grants A +8 to attack rolls and an extra 6d6 fire damage.

blessing of bane: +10 to attack rolls and damage roll and a extra 3d12 damage to target enemy types. must declare enemy type before blessing will work. example. human, orc, goblin, dragon, and undead.

Master ranger.
You gain +5 to all survival, spot, search, and knowledge nature checks. You take no penalties for traveling in rough terrains. And while using your choice of combat style gain a +5 to attacks and +10 to damage. Ex. Twf or archery, while using a bow for archery gain these benefits.

This build is not complete and im looking for advice and i wish to make this a balanced class. I didnt put the d&d 3.5 feats in just ones that i created dude to its alot of righting and im to lazy to do all that and you can easily just search the ones you dont know. So tell me what you think. Thank you.