View Full Version : Dungeon building help

2016-11-09, 01:04 AM
Anyone who has had interest in being a DM/GM generally reads the game specific guide on it.

I'm sure the information is there and ocd read the DMG and PHB. While it gives a great amount of information, what I really need is some kind of step by step guide with explanations and more.

When building a dungeon some things are obvious.

Monsters that are well below the party ECL are pointless. To high and they are too hard to beat.

Repetition is bad. Don't use equal cr to the ECL over and over. It's both boring and to simplistic. Vary the monsters cr.

Everything is considered an encounter. Combat and traps have a specific cr. Conversations and puzzles do not.

The dungeon itself has an overall cr. I assume this is an average of all the cr in the dungeon.

I guess what I need is something like a math out point buy system so I understand how much to put in. I can ad lib fairly well and just record along the way but prepping a dungeon leaves me confused.

I don't know how many fights or encounters to include. How to manage treasure from all these. Proper packing and pacing.